28 Replies to “Tensions Flare At School Board Over Teacher’s ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ Slideshow”

  1. If hes been doing this for the past 10 yrs with all his students …..all he has to do is show some pictures to prove it …..if he does, then there should be no problem , if he doesnt , then i dont know what the hell he was thinking .

  2. Oh come on! That’s an old school saying and if that’s what the teacher usually does when he takes other students then what is the big deal? Let’s see the old photos of other kids?

  3. So even if the teacher called them monkeys, why would they be entitled to millions of taxpayer dollars?? I've been offended by my teachers before. Where's my millions?

  4. this teacher was not fucking thinking about race at all. that is the opposite of "racism". these idiots are crybabies and whiners. meanwhile black people are on street corners calling white people "devils". fuck black americans. you all are the biggest fucking bitches in the history of the world 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  5. Why do yall still getting mad at people calling yall names didnt yall mama and daddy tell you words dont hurt… Grow up on both parts

  6. These people are always looking for an excuse to cry racism and sue for money. Long Island use to be a safe place to live before these people started moving in.

  7. Even if it was an honest mistake, as an adult he should had relied on his intellect and use wisdom. He should have retained knowledge of the past and present lives of people of color, and make a righteous judgement not affiliate the four young men with an image which once was, and is, and even even now used to degrade people of color to this day. People, including this teacher, must think before they speak. Now due to his carelessness and lack of wisdom, this teacher must face the consequences of his actions.

  8. People need to look at this in context. Has the teacher showed a pattern of "racist" behavior or derogatory/ discriminatory behavior towards these or other students of color? If not then this needs to be thrown out and the teacher exonerated. Then when you look at the prospect of a multimillion dollar lawsuit then that's just silly.

  9. He does it every year, with he same photo and saying, except this year it was Black students so they are looking to sue. The parents of those kids saying it's racism are scum.

  10. Is the teacher a jew? I ask, because if he were white… let’s face it… there wouldn’t be news coverage of support for the teacher and the news would post the teacher’s name, a visit to his house, and labeled white supremacist.

  11. I hope this teacher countersues. He's got more of a case then these kids do. This isn't about racism. It's about USING racism as an excuse to get what they want – Jussie Smollett ring a bell? This teacher had been doing this for 10 years and now they cry racism because their feelings were hurt, and they want 12 million for their hurt feelings. Moreover, they want this teacher's reputation to be destroyed, and his position terminated. I hope he sues the hell out of these kids. Disgusting human beings they are.

  12. ~ Wow ~ The morbid obesity of the people I just saw must affect the thought process, access to history books, and just Plain Common Sense. The only way these days to get a mirror in front of racists and bigotry are lawsuits, the bigger the better. Sad but true. This is 2020, not 1820 for goodness' sake ~ Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  13. I say the teacher should be fired, but what good will a 12 million dollar lawsuit do, except to take taxpayer money away from all students in that district who need it?

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