Tension Rise : US Can Hit Iran With These Missiles

Tension Rise : US Can Hit Iran With These Missiles

In the case of any war, missiles are the most destructive weapons. That’s why, it can be said that the most deterrent weapons are the missile systems. The active missiles of the USA, the best army in the world, have extremely technological superiority and lethal effect. Air-to-Air Missiles are guided to heat or radar signals used to destroy enemy airborne elements of aircraft and helicopters. Air-to-Air Missiles in the American army are as follows: AIM-7 Sparrow AIM-9 Sidewinder AIM-120 AMRAAM Air-to-surface missiles are launched by bombers, fighter or attack aircrafts to destroy enemy land targets. Air-to-surface missiles in the American army are as follows: AGM-65 Maverick AGM-158 JASSM AGM-84 Harpoon AGM-114 Hellfire AGM-86 ALCM Surface-to-surface missiles are used to destroy enemy’s field or sea targets from land and sea combat vehicles Surface-to-surface missiles in the American army are as follows: FGM-148 Javelin BGM-71 TOW BGM-109 Tomahawk RGM-84 Harpoon Surface-to-air missiles are used to destroy enemy aircraft or enemy missiles launched from land. Surface-to-surface missiles in the American army are as follows: RIM-7 Sea Sparrow RIM-66 Standard FIM-92 Stinger MIM-104 Patriot RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile RIM-156A Standard RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow RIM-174 Standard ERAM ICBM are ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads with a minimum range of 5500 km and more. These missiles can also be equipped with chemical and biological weapon effects. The active ICBM in the American army is LGM- 30 Mýnuteman. SLBM are submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Modern variants of them can often carry nuclear hoods. These missiles are closely related to intercontinental ballistic missiles, and in many cases SLBMs and ICBMs can be part of the same weapon family. Let’s take a look at the SLBMs in the American army. UGM-133 Trident II BGM-109 Tomahawk RGM-84 Harpoon We’re at the end of our video that we introduce the active missiles of the American army. See you in our next military video.

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  1. Americans always show themselves as the strongest … in reality, in movies, in the media, and in games.

    They always show their enemy as the weakest, like Russia, China, North Korea, etc. … and if it wins in wars, it is treachery.

    The confrontation is always from the air or ships, but on land you cannot find them.

    Most American wars for the sake of plundering people's wealth, for example, as oil.

    Even their wars are as unfair as their war with Japan, they used nuclear weapons and this shows their weakness in the face of Japan.

    They always claim freedom and democracy and are far from them.

    Most countries of the world when America entered it under the pretext of protecting it, but it brings chaos and destruction to it.

    America, when any country violates it, will fight and besiege it and impose economic sanctions on it.

  2. We do not like wars, destruction, hatred, racism and sectarianism

    We love peace and avoid racism, sectarianism and the bloodshed of innocent people

  3. We wish peace on our planet Earth

    Enough wars, enough hatred, enough killing, enough displacement, enough injustice, enough racism, sectarianism, enough sedition

  4. Answering only one who said I only father is a own component answered me civil rights movement surname angle decided is moved on Three sixty

  5. And Iran going to destroy us by this:https://youtu.be/sOQ2Zqbe6Rs
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