Tension Headache Relieved in Minutes! (REAL RESULTS!!)

Tension Headache Relieved in Minutes! (REAL RESULTS!!)

0:05 Dr. Jacobs- Miko so tell me what is going
on with your jaw? Patient- Well this weekend I slept on a different
bed, and my I woke up in the morning with a lot of pain throughout my face. And all
in here and in here. 0:21 Dr. Jacobs- How much pain did you feel
from 0 to 10? 10 is emergency room. Patient- It was like a 6.
0:26 Dr. Jacobs- 6 out of 10? Patient- Yeah it gave me a really bad headache.
0:30 Dr. Jacobs- And how would you describe the pain?
Patient- Hmm tightness, like tightness all in my face, and then in my jaw when I open
up it was almost like, kind of like a crunching mainly in the muscles.
0:41 Dr. Jacobs- In the muscles, okay. Patient- And then I�ve always had little
popping on this side, and then maybe like 9 years ago I got hit on this side and it
popped, I don�t know if it popped out it just popped really hard and ever since then,
not often, but every once in awhile I get a really big click when I�m chewing on this
side. As if it�s like readjusting itself. 1:07 Dr. Jacobs- So it clicks now or what
symptoms do you feel right now? Patient- What�s weird is that this side
clicks or crunches kind of. This side doesn�t.� 1:14 Dr. Jacobs- Okay, alright so let me actually
check your range of motion see how you feel. 1:30- Yeah it�s a little bit tight. Lets
open it again slowly. 1:37- Dr. Jacobs- Okay so headaches today?
Like you said you feel tightness in the head. Patient- Yeah actually what�s weird is it�s
mainly like in my temples. Theres tension here, but it�s not the pain is not as bad
as it was before. 1:50- Dr Jacobs-How much is it now?
Patient- I want to say like a 3. Dr. Jacobs- 3, okay and the tightness?�
Patient- Yeah it�s just really really tight. 1:59 Dr. Jacobs- Alright so let�s lie on
your back. 2:11 Dr. Jacobs- Okay let me know if you feel
any discomfort okay? Patient- Okay
2:14 Dr. Jacobs- So you said the tightness is in here in this area
Patient- Yeah� 2:15 Dr. Jacobs- That�s really tight.
Patient- Yeah 2:22 Dr. Jacobs- And tightness when you open
your jaw yeah? Patient- Yeah
Dr. Jacobs- Okay 2:27 Dr. Jacobs- Is that too much or is that
okay? Patient- That�s okay
2:52 Dr. Jacobs- Any discomfort with that? Patient- No
3:11 Dr. Jacobs- Do you still feel this tightness or it�s gone now?
Patient- It does feel a lot loser. Dr. Jacob- A lot loser
3:14 Dr. Jacobs- And you said you felt it in here, you feel those knots it�s scar
tissue Patient- Yeah, it was actually like a little
bit tender kinda 3:24 Dr. Jacobs- Tender, do you feel all this
tightness here, do you feel tightness in this area too?
Patient- Yeah, I just my whole head to be honest. 3:45 Dr. Jacobs- Is it okay to work inside
your mouth? Patient- Mhmmm
Dr. Jacobs- Okay 3:58 Dr. Jacobs- Thumbs up if you feel anything.
Patient- Okay 4:03 Dr. Jacobs- So the tightness more on
this side yeah? 4:40- Dr. Jacobs- Scoot this way
Patient- This way? Okay
4:52 Dr. Jacobs- Is that too much or is it okay?
Patient- It�s okay 5:25- Dr. Jacobs- let me know if it�s too
much. Patient- Okay
6:28 Dr. Jacobs- Okay sit up for me. 6:33 Dr. Jacobs- So how is the tightness and
the pain from 0 to 10? Open your mouth, how is that?
Patient- I actually feel like I could go further. 6:45 Dr. Jacobs- You�re opening wider, a
lot wider. Is that your max? Patient- I think so. I still feel a little
bit right here. 6:53 Dr. Jacobs- A little bit tightness?
Patient- Yeah, like more kind of in this area. Dr. Jacobs- What about the head?
Patient- That�s pretty much, I mean my headache is gone. That tiny headache that I was having.
7:06 Dr. Jacobs- Okay so let�s lie on your back. So you feel it on the other side?
Patient- Yeah Dr. Jacobs- Yeah you have full range of motion
now. Is that too much or is it okay? Patient- Nope that�s okay.
7:19- Patient- How weird because it feels tense on this side for some reason.
Dr. Jacobs- Yeah, well you feel pain where you compensate.
8:30 Dr. Jacobs- Sit up for me. Okay, headache, jaw pain, open tell me how is that.
Patient- Oh wow, I feel like I can open way wider.
8:39 Dr. Jacobs- Any pain, discomfort, tightness? Patient- No, I still crunch a little bit,
it�s not like it was before. 8:50 Dr. Jacobs- Yeah that�s okay, but the
pain, the tightness that�s my concern. Patient- Yeah
Dr. Jacobs- It�s gone? Patient- It�s gone.
Dr. Jacobs- Alright, thank you so much.

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  1. How do more people not know/practice this type of approach towards physical therapy? Seems effective! Keep it up!

  2. Why doctor is not showing his face.Ot looks so unprofessional that way.
    Well I don't even know who he is.It just says his name and Zo don't know if he is a therapist or a doctor or what.I will never go to a place like that.Plus the patient seems works with him because she had the exact same color of uniform.

    This is unbelievable.A you tube video where the therapist or whoever he is doesn't show his face is unbelievable

  3. Hi , even Iam suffering with this jaw pain for 4 years.. whenever I get stressed , severe pain on my jaws.. previously there was a click sound but now it's not.. along with headache ( temporals).. I took some antidepressant after that it was better but I don't want to continue the tablets.. but again pain bcoz of stress.. what's the solution for this? I took X-rays for tmj but everything seems to be normal.. help plz

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