89 Replies to “Tension Board Competition IFSC WorldCup Style – Geek Climber V.S. Jenn Sends!”

  1. I did another collab video with Jenn, so be sure to check it out here: https://youtu.be/8g5QARJHXvI! I am very impressed with how fast Jenn's YouTube channel grows, after checking out her videos, I immediately know why. If you haven't check out her videos yet, I highly recommend you to do so!

  2. I prefer same climbs, but then I guess the person not climbing would need to be looking away so that they don't see the beta before they do it.

  3. If you climb the same level why not climb the same problems. 2 picks each, with say the person picking having to go first on the problem, since you’ll be able to see each other’s beta.
    Edit – ah you asked this at the end, but yeah there’s my answer I guess

  4. The dream team!!
    Made my day to stumble upon my two favourite Youtubers!

    Please make another one where you guys are doing the same climbs 🙂

  5. Great comp guys. I would prefer same climb next time. Geek starts two first and Jenn starts two as well. Thanks for sharing…….

  6. Are you allowed to match on the tension board? I thought it wasn't allowed, or it's one of those "unspoken rules", does anyone know what's the real deal on that?

  7. Great video, I watch both channels, so it was great to see a collab, it would be cool to see you try the same problems but then you get the issue of seeing beta's, just do whatever is most fun for you both 😊

  8. Same climb would be better for actual comparison. You can still do a lot of problems if you do a video on your channel and one on Jenn's !
    We need more collabs !

  9. I think it would be really cool if you had the option to swap left vs. right on the tension board. I think it would be a nifty strategic element.

  10. What a great time!!
    Great collaboration of two inspirational individuals who’ve inspired myself and my friends. 😄
    Keep it up!

  11. Same climbs but need to have a way for the second climber not to see the first climber’s beta and still keep the production value of the video.

  12. Both inspiring to try the tension board. 😝 In the rematch, use same climb, and gym set climbs, but no beta cheating. 😁 Similar USA Climbing ABS format, climber faces away from wall while competitor climber is on the wall. Set your camera’s up ahead of time. My college daughter’s former climb coach did that format almost weekly (ABS format) and so helpful for instant problem solving. As a former dual judge for ABS youth Regionals, at Mesa Rim Academy, it definitely raises the stakes. Great vid as always and looking forward to rematch. 🙏🤘

  13. yeee go Jenn and GeekClimber, idk who to cheer for! :(. I think it would be cool to see a direct face-off on some the same climbs. Perhaps you can do a similar thing as the moonboard masters, where they each set a climb and climb each other's climbs!

  14. According to the IFSC Rules you aren't allowed to finish the climb if the time has already finished. So if you climb again the boulder and the time runs out whilst you are climbing you aren't allowed to finish the climb. Do you know what i mean?

  15. You can continue climbing diferent levels. But i would like to see if one of you can't pass one level then the other climber should try the same level out.

  16. You could do two climbs for each grade – each person picks one problem for each grade. Lets say Geek Climber picked the first v3, he would go first while Jenn sees the beta. Then Jenn goes on the same problem. After that problem is done for both people, Jenn does the second v3 (the one she selected) while Geek Climber sees the beta. Then Geek Climber tries the same problem. The only thing with doing this method is you'd need to take a break between problems so you don't do the problems back to back with no rest in between.

    You two are my favorite youtube climbers because we all climb around the same grade. Love the content, keep it up!

  17. Just to nitpick a little: If you look at the french grading scale, you can see that Geek Climber selected the harder boulders for Jenn (6b vs 6b+ and 6c vs 6c+), so it was not really a fair match. Under this circumstances i would give the victory to Jenn. 😛 Looking forward to the rematch!

  18. Great video! What angle is the tension board at this gym? Also Jenn's V5, Cube is one of the hardest 5s I've ever tried on the tension board.

  19. Hey 🙂
    For the rematch please try the same boulders, if you can find someone else to do the camera work for you guys 😄

  20. You should of kept an ohhhhhhhhh counter for this video haha! I really enjoyed this video and can’t wait to see if I can do the problems you can’t! Me and you are about at the same level so I’m excited to see how it goes!

  21. I'd love to see you compete on the same climbs, each of you picking one of the same level to play to your strengths or confound each other. Like, two V3, two V4 and a coin toss determining the final V5. I absolutely adore that my favorite climbers, you, Jenn, and Rockentry, climb together. ❤

  22. Since you guys climb at same level you should do same routes. Great channel. I just started my own climbing channel too! Maybe one day we can climb together!!!

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