100 Replies to “Tension at town hall meeting over deadly drug raid investigation”

  1. Chief has known all along what happened. He planned the hit to silence these American Patriots for complaining about they're neighborhood drug/sex trafficking house.

    We The People know what you did, why you did it & what you are trying to do to NNH for forcing YOU and the propaganda media to back track. Both you and your mockingbird media have betrayed yourselves as well as your oaths. TREASON is a public hanging offense. pinche pendejo

  2. Awfully convenient that they’re not using body cams for no knock warrant for any warrant really. If a police officer is not wearing a working body cam he should not be on duty if his camera shuts off he should be written up if not fired. We should not stand for this murder anymore they keep killing our kids and citizens. And then investigating themselves and finding they did nothing wrong go figure.

  3. Sadly none of the murderers died in their attack of this couple and their dog. Those 5 officers need to be in prison on murder charges.

  4. he is 99% sure they wont be using no knock warrants? same chief that said in first press conference after the raid that they "announced" themselves and used lights and sirens so they would know they are cops…which is it chief? cant be both

  5. Body cams should be MANDATORY for police. It's very telling that the chief doesn't "see the value in them"… And they will START wearing them only on no-knock raids… Are these people AFRAID of the truth?! Very telling indeed…

  6. Thank you to those who came to the meeting and defended the tuttles in doing so they must have been good people and didn't deserve to be murder in there own home if the people don't stop the cops none of us in America are safe from murderous cops

  7. why not let the FBI or Rangers take over the investigation?? If you have nothing to hide there should be no problem. That what police tell us citizens when we don't agree to a warrantless search

  8. They should have been wearing body cameras, so they need to be charged and fined for not keeping to policy standards in conducting as a police officer and I mean the whole department!!!

  9. kno-knock laws are state level laws, doubt ordinance will do it cause State Police do it. Drug war is a jobs program. Rather them be police or criminals?

  10. The only way that you can get rid of this chief is to get rid of Mayor Turner. Vote in a new Mayor, fire the chief and bring in a new chief, one who is not corrupted!

  11. It’s unacceptable to lie under oath? I like how he threw oath in there. Fuckers been lying the entire time

  12. This clown that thinks he is a police chief murders this family and then blames it on GUNS…he is mentally unstable to serve and is a threat to houston

  13. Why doesn't he want FBI involved?? Wouldn't that lighten his load? He doesn't want the truth to come out!! Why no one mentions the poor dog?

  14. Heads should roll across the board. This has been going on now for years. This just didn't start. The chief of police, judges and prosecutors should all be held accountable.


  16. intentional retardation, ideological subversion, chaos, normalization chaos normalization, demoralization. What U my dear fellow countrymen are witnessing, is guerrilla warfare. I need every single individual of good conscience who reads this comment to share the following statement with as many people as your human efforts alot: inside sources within HPD have confirmed that there were no firearms recovered from this home. there are no firearms in evidence or logged into evidence, or even recovered from this home. This could be related to Jade Helm, which may be an ongoing equivalent of tbe Night of the Long Knives… since Jade Helm operation was conducted, the first week black helicopters were harassing citizenry in the hours of 3 and 4 AM for 5 days straight… most likely CIA… unidentifiable black helicopters have been in operation throughout Houston during the middle of the night mostly confined to the CIA base West of Houston. the Life Flight helicopters may be implicated as these are private corporations… This is a corporate takeover, high treason with private paid to kill mercenaries running through our streets… this is piracy, this is privateering, this is racketeering… This is everything that United States Marine Corps was founded for, to protect and to serve our country, to preserve our posterity, to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. it is time now to erect auxiliary emergency response forces, civil defense and State Defense Forces to attach to the Texas State Guard Militia to maintain order.

  17. These cops probably shot each other and killed a dog murderer the 2 people . The cops committed the first time by lie on their paperwork for the da then commit another crime of murder all the cops should be charged who were there. They plan out execution of the warrant so there for it was planned. How about the people judge the cheif and the officers in the streets is that what they want . How would that go . The people taking action an judge the bad cops in the streets to get justice. How many cops would be judged by the people then .


  19. Kim Ogg and Acevedo are both complicit in this police depts seizing and distributing narcotics. There's literally thousands of cases of illegally obtained warrants leading to drug arrests where 90% of the seized narcotics have disappeared. And the DA(Ogg) has signed off on many of them. This is a huge scale organized criminal conspiracy that could be traced as high as the mayor's office. The amount of narcotics that HPD has seized over time and been re distributed for a vast amount of clear profit is staggering in its implications. The city's hardworking taxpayers have
    have unwittingly funded the entire continuing criminal enterprise. This investigation should be handed to homeland security as HPDs actions are nothing short of domestic terrorism.
    Uniformed criminals with guns, backed by a co- conspiring DAs office.

  20. i was born in Houston in 1952. You cannot trust the Cops. Even as a little boy , they were nasty. They will beat you up and worse for no reason. I wish something could be done . They usually get away it. If this were the old west, i guarantee things would turn out differently. Back then, their was a little more honor among men. These are not men who killed this couple and their dog. They are cowards.

  21. Why the Prevalence of Lying by Police is a Problem for the Innocent By Innocence Staff
    The New York Times published an article yesterday that documents the persistence of lies told by police to gain a conviction. Through their investigation, the Times discovered that in more than 25 instances since 2015, judges or prosecutors concluded that a New York City police officer likely presented false testimony. Such cases—most of which are sealed—were identified through interviews with lawyers, police officers and current or former judges.
    The Times’ article highlights the common lies about which police testify, including: saying they saw a gun in a suspect’s hand or waistband when it was actually out of view; saying they witnessed an arrest for which they were not actually present; claiming they watched a drug deal occur, only to later recant or be proven to have lied. In two recent cases, officers appeared to have given false statements about eyewitness testimony. “These cases,” says the Times, “are particularly troubling because erroneous identifications by witnesses have been a leading cause of wrongful convictions.”
    “These cases are particularly troubling because erroneous identifications by witnesses have been a leading cause of wrongful convictions.”
    Why do police lie? According to the Times, in many circumstances, it’s to avoid restrictions against unconstitutional stop and frisks. In other cases, the motive is to convict someone, regardless of whether or not that person actually committed the crime. Some officers have stated they are pressured by their supervisors to write more tickets, to reach an arrest quota, or to close a case.
    The 25 cases identified by the Times are a small portion of those in which officers are believed to have lied. This is because a large majority of cases result in plea deals. With a plea deal, if an officer lies, it is unlikely to be exposed: it is rare for a case to progress to a hearing where a defendant can question an officer’s version of events.
    “There’s no fear of being caught,” a Brooklyn officer who has been on the force for almost a decade told the Times. “You’re not going to go to trial and nobody is going to be cross-examined.” The percentage of cases that progress to the cross-examination of an officer is quite small. According to the article, in 2016, for example, there were slightly more than 185 guilty pleas, dismissals, or other non-trial outcomes for each criminal case in New York City that went to trial and resulted in a verdict. There were 1,460 trial verdicts in criminal cases that year, while 270,304 criminal cases were resolved without a trial.
    “Police lying raises the likelihood that the innocent end up in jail – and that as juries and judges come to regard the police as less credible, or as cases are dismissed when the lies are discovered, the guilty will go free.”
    The persistence of lying by the police has inevitably become a contributing factor to wrongful convictions, in New York City and beyond. The Times writes: “Police lying raises the likelihood that the innocent end up in jail – and that as juries and judges come to regard the police as less credible, or as cases are dismissed when the lies are discovered, the guilty will go free.”
    In a 1996 article in the Los Angeles Times, "Has the Drug War Created an Officer Liars' Club?", Joseph D. McNamara, then chief of police of San Jose, said "Not many people took defense attorney Alan M. Dershowitz seriously when he charged that Los Angeles cops are taught to lie at the birth of their careers at the Police Academy. But as someone who spent 35 years wearing a police uniform, I've come to believe that hundreds of thousands of law-enforcement officers commit felony perjury every year testifying about drug arrests." He noted that "Within the last few years, police departments in Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver, New York and in other large cities have suffered scandals involving police personnel lying under oath about drug evidence."[7]
    In 2011, after finding a police officer, Jason Arbeeny, guilty of official misconduct for planting drugs on a suspect, Justice Gustin L. Reichbach of the New York Supreme Court wrote that he "thought [he] was not naïve, but even this court was shocked, not only by the seeming pervasive scope of misconduct but even more distressingly by the seeming casualness by which such conduct is employed".[8] The ex police detective was then sentenced to five years of probation and 300 hours of community service.[9] Also in 2011, former San Francisco Police Commissioner Peter Keane wrote that lying under oath was a "routine practice" for narcotics officers.

    In a highly authoritarian polity, the regime tries to monopolize for itself all opportunities to engage in propaganda, and often it will stop at nothing to crush any kind of counterpropaganda. How long and how completely such a policy can be implemented depends, among other things, on the amount of force that the regime can muster, on the thoroughness of its police work, and, perhaps most of all, on the level, type, and distribution of secular higher education. Secular higher education invariably promotes skepticism about claims that sound dogmatic or are made without evidence; and if such education is of a type that emphasizes humane and universalistic values, an ignorant or unreasonable authoritarian regime is not likely to please the educated for very long. If the educated engage in discreet counterpropaganda, they may in the end modify the regime.

  23. `Ellul’s (1973) analysis of propaganda provides us with a model upon which to UNDERSTAND THE RISE OF AUTHORITARIAN PRACTICES TODAY. According to Ellul(1973), “Propaganda is a set of methods employed by an organized group that wants to bring about the active or passive participation in its actions of a mass of individuals, psychologically unified through psychological manipulations and incorporated in an organization” (p. 61). Accordingly, propaganda is non-deliberative because citizens are treated as passive vessels and it undermines reasoned discourse. Propaganda works because first, the structure of modern society results in certain sociological effects on the individual’s psychology; this then leads to the circumvention of critical thinking and desire for propaganda; finally, these elements combine with a society’s media ecology in disseminating and conditioning citizens to act and behave in ways counter to deliberative ideals and in support of authoritarian propaganda.`
    `In regards to child development, the formation of the authoritarian type occurs within the first few years of the person's life, strongly shaped by the parents and family structure. "Hierarchical, authoritarian, exploitative" parent-child relationships may result in this personality type (Adorno et al., 1950, pp. 482–484). Parents who have a need for domination, and who dominate and threaten the child harshly, and demand obedience to conventional behaviors with threats, foster the characteristics of this personality. In addition, the parents have a preoccupation with social status, and communicate this to the child in terms of rigid and externalized rules. The child then suffers from suppressed feelings of resentment and aggression towards the parents, who are instead, idealized with reverence.

  24. Chief singing a whole different song now as compared to right after the killings. Cops can't investigate themselves, call in the FBI. Also, that girlie-boy union spoksman needs to be arrested for threatening the public.

  25. This is the same chief who said they had a legitimate reason to be there AFTER it was proven that the offices lied to get the warrant, he needs to lose his job.

  26. Stop no knock raids unless laws are passed that 1. make the cops pay for damages done when they get the wrong house, not the family getting a lawyer and going to court for payment of damages, this happens automatically. 2. When a cop is killed by the home owner in a no knock raid done on the wrong house, the home owner is automatically immune from any actions or lawsuit from the police department. Then we will have balance back and we will see just how cocky the cops are when it comes to no knock raids.


  28. Everything Chief Acevedo THINKS he did for the city of Austin, went away the minute he left to go to Houston. The Police should NOT be allowed to investigate their own dept. EVER!

  29. You have to remember the Police Chief just had a hot potato dump in his lap, people are dead and the reports he got and belive to 100% true are not, we have to give them time

    The people who live next door have a sold point it looks like murder

    Under cover video equment is so cheep and robust now days and if you can learn to cook with it you can wire up any thing from the dog to the toaster and use both wired and wireless receivers and can have more that one receiver in muil- places from the dog house to under a pile of what looks to be just trash or in a flower bed

    This was a sad day for the US just like Sandy Hook and a slap in the face of all hard working police officers for their are lots of good officers on the job

  30. Art A**holeEvade-O is a lying psychopathic thug. The Blue Thick Skulls NEVER LEARN until sued charged convicted and JAILED.

  31. Did anyone here the chief say he told his officers to not lie under oath. So it is OK for them to lie to get what they want?

  32. This is not good.
    The citizens he works for can’t fire him?
    Then ask yourself who does he really work for?
    What a joke. No wonder everyone hates cops right now.

  33. This pig is evil people the government workers are evil people they are organized crime people bracking the laws and are right burn the these government workers homes and feed the bugs this is war against evil government workers and there family and friends being the hunt on bring justice its Vigilante time people take down satan kingdom and workers make this pig take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports

  34. This pig is evil people God just open up the door s of darkness in justice on these cops that lie and distory people s lifes its big money for government workers so people stand up against satan workers thie pig cop is organized crime in the justice people

  35. Those cops are douchebags who have no empathy for their fellow countrymen. These no knock raids are patently absurd. If we cannot be safe from this dangerous, intrusive behavior by law enforcement in our own homes, we are not free.

  36. At least he acknowledged the absolute lunacy of conducting no-knock raids. The practice makes no sense regardless of who they think is inside the home and what they think they have done. It is especially asinine in states like Texas (where I was raised) and Arizona (where I live now) that allow civilians to protect their homes and families with deadly force if warranted. Someone busting through your door and shooting your dog would sure seem to qualify as an immediate threat to your life and the lives of your loved ones making the use of deadly force warranted to stop that threat.
    In my opinion, these no-knock raids are akin to the old trial-by-fire medieval reign of terror. The guilty will be less likely to be killed or injured as they will have some idea of who, what, and why when it occurs and will know to comply immediately to avoid getting shot. The innocent, are more likely to assume it is a home invasion and fight back instead of complying with shouted orders, after all, the last thing the average law-abiding citizen expects is that the bunch of armed men bursting into their home and shooting their dog are the "good guys" .

  37. They didn't collect "evidence" before the illegal raid, but they supposedly are doing it now? Well… how nice of them.
    Get this straight, no-knock is NOT going away, they will still use it, alot, they'll just call it something else. Bodycameras might be worn but they will all "malfunction". That will happen alot too.

  38. While there is progress being made in this case – the end of "no-knock warrants", body cams worn by all officers and criminal charges for the officers involved, I believe the most important issue has not been raised or discussed: That is, the lack of effective oversight of officers.

    Citizens should be asking about the processes and procedures put in place to ensure that these affidavits submitted by officers are credible, sound and valid. Are we to assume that just because an officers submits a "sworn" affidavit that it is valid and true? Yes, there are implications if a consciously false statement is made on an affidavit but over time, if there is no audit or review of these things, the "swearing" becomes virtually meaningless.

  39. It’s time for the community to ambush a few officers at stop lights and while they are eating. An eye for an eye needs to come back.

  40. This is one of many reasons why we need to keep our 2nd Amendment Rights when you have this kind of buII going on folks.

  41. I dont think I've ever seen a true word come out of that police chiefs mouth. Shame, shame on him. Hold him accountable before more of his officers pay with blue blood

  42. It takes innocent people getting killed, before the leaders put the leash back on their attack dogs and change their ways. You have to be a moron not to think that police don't care what their cops do as long as the end justifies the means. that's why this happened .no one took the time to investigate bad cops .that where doing what ever they wanted just to put more arrest on record to justify their job. then claim they are reducing crime.

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