Aneroid Sphygmomanometer by Vive – Best Manual Blood Pressure Checker – Upper Arm Cuff BP Monitor

The aneroid sphygmomanometer by Vive provides reliable readings of blood pressure levels. Achieve accurate systolic blood pressure readings ranging from 0-300 millimeters of mercury. The double tube inflation bulb features a tapered end and spring air-release valve for easy and accurate self-measurements. A D-Ring and strong fasteners ensure the cuff will comfortably fit most adults….

Blood Pressure Monitor Carrying Case by Vive Precision – Hard Travel Case w/ Storage, Zipper, Strap

The Blood Pressure Monitor Carrying Case by Vive Precision safely stores your portable blood pressure monitor. The heart EVA case conveniently holds a blood pressure monito,r cuff, and power adapter. Use with the Vive Precision blood pressure monitor, Omron five blood pressure monitor, and similar models. The protective exterior is shockproof and semi waterproof while…