Diabetes – Retinal screening from BMJ Learning

Retinal screening is now done with digital photography, and all the images are stored electronically on a specific database, which has been purely designed just for diabetic eye-screening. The databases; they encompass absolutely everything, from a patientís demographics to when the last appointment was, to all the pre-screening assessments and the photos, and to the…

Heart Beats

That sound is why we fund life-saving science. That sound is why we push you to be healthier. That sound is why we have an unhealthy obsession with your health. That sounds is what it’s all about.

Tension Headache Relief: More Drills

Today we’re going to look at two interesting exercises for tension headache. I want to talk briefly today about tension headaches and some of things that you can actually do at home, at work to help relieve some of the maybe upper cervical, upper neck stress that you sometimes get that cause eventually tension headaches….