Heartbeat of a Black Hole

All around the universe, energy roars out of cauldrons of matter… in the form of winds… jets… shock waves. While gravity… pulling matter in, smashes and pulverizes it. In the crucible of this epic conflict… our universe builds majestic galaxies…. stars that can shine for trillions of years… and planets that may well produce life….

Eyes on the Stars

♪♪ When he was nine years old, Ron, without my parents or myself knowing his whereabouts, decided to take a mile walk from our home down to the library, which was, of course, a public library, but not so public for black folks when you’re talking about 1959. So as he was walking in there,…

High Blood Pressure Solution

You have to know which way It’s not the same thing for everything. You can do, you got a high blood pressure You got a high blood pressure, Take… very, very easy; it’s so easy to do, Take the zinc, the water you made, The white one from the two zinc plates from the battery….

Research in space for health: growing blood vessels

Did you know that when cultured in microgravity, cells grow as 3D cell aggregates, which better mirror the shape and the environment cells experience in our bodies? Here on Earth, we have gravity, and that means that sedimentation and convection effects play a major role during cell culture. In space, on the other hand, these…