This Teen Beat The Odds And Got Accepted Into Harvard

– Getting into Harvard is a big deal, obviously, for anyone, but especially for a Chicago teen named Amado. Raised by a single mother on the city’s south-west side, Amado never dreamed it could happen. Fortunately, a camera was rolling when he found out he was acccepted. – Okay so, I’m about to check my…

2D Glasses! Take the Headache out of 3D

Good morning John, so as you may have noticed, 3D movies are all the rage, and when I say rage, in some cases I mean actual, physical, literal RAGE. I mean really, isn’t there enough 3D in our lives already? Almost everything I have ever known has been 3-dimensional. Seeing a movie in 2D, that…


Finally you’re here. You took hours. Yes, I know. -Can you give me the glue? -No, I didn’t bring it. -And what’s in the bag? -Cigarretes. For whom did you buy cigarettes? For anyone who smokes, Fernanda! And that’s it. I don’t smoke, you don’t smoke. -I was taking a dump. -What? I have diarrhea,…

THREE OF THEM (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 69)

Aye, Kachi You’re getting fatter Me? Getting fat? How can you say that? I’m not getting fatter…. I said you are getting fat…. See! You better stop that. I said I’m not getting fat… Me that is tall and plumpy but you say I’m getting fat I don’t like that oh. You better stop that….

Listening To Our Baby’s Heartbeat

So, I have to give Mitzi – [Dog barking in distance] Ooh. We give Mitzi a bunch of pills twice a day because not too long ago, she was having seizures, and it was not good The pills seemed to work. Although she does shake a lot these days I don’t know what that’s about….


Attention this video contains shocking images that may offend the sensibilities of the young! hey, what did you expect! that’s what happens when you pour melted caraml into water!