Caring for someone with Heart failure

(gentle piano music) – My husband and I always assumed that I would die first and he would be my caregiver. Well, things don’t always work out the way you assume they’re going to. – So being a caregiver for my mother just is what you do. You know, it becomes part of your life….

Heart Transplant | Marion’s Story

(calm music)>>I had been feeling very sick for a long time. Finally I asked my parents if I could see their doctor and the minute that doctor looked at me, he said, he knew I was in heart failure and he wanted me to go into the hospital because they thought that I needed a…

What Causes a Heart Attack?

Atherosclerosis is not only a tongue twister; it’s the leading cause of heart attacks worldwide. Understanding how this disease can lead to an attack starts with knowing how your immune system works for and against you. The good news is that thanks to medical advancements, people are living longer and surviving in the face of…

Common Causes of Heart Failure | Nucleus Health

Any condition or disease that damages your heart’s ability to pump blood can cause heart failure. For example, the most common cause is coronary artery disease, in which blood vessels that supply your heart muscle, called coronary arteries, become blocked by a fatty substance called plaque. Other common causes of heart failure include: uncontrolled high…

“Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Heart Failure” by Christina Vanderpluym, MD, for OPENPediatrics

Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Heart Failure, by Dr. Christina VanderPluym. Hello. My name is Dr. Christina VanderPluym, and I am the Director of the Ventricular Assist Device Program in the Heart Transplant and Heart Function Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. And today, I’m going to discuss heart failure in children in this two-part part series….