What is Constipation? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. What is constipation? After much of the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The unwanted food or stool which is in a liquid state flows to the large intestine or colon. Here, by means…

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Acupressure. Exercises for Indigestion. Gastrointestinal disorders Useful tips for upset stomach, indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases Symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases include nausea, headache, dizziness, insomnia, chill over the body, etc. I’ll show you acupressure points, massage, exercises, and so on to relieve pain. The common acupressure points for gastrointestinal disorders are Zhongwan(中脘) and He Gu (合谷)….

Bloated? IBS? Bad Digestion? Try This!

– I think I have found the answers to all of our digestive problems. As many as you guys know, I suffer from bloating quite frequently, and I was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years back. Now, IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. And it’s common disorder that affects the large intestines and digestion….

How Wellness Works | Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

– The wide world of wellness. So many topics, so much information and sometimes misinformation. We’re going to explore the complicated and sometimes confusing trends in wellness. Welcome to How Wellness Works. (upbeat music) Today, we’ll be talking about leaky gut syndrome, what it is and how to address it. Leaky gut also known as…

$159 Device Detects Foods Causing Your Indigestion

Burping, farting, bloating, diarrhea: We all experience these things. Some may know exactly what foods are causing them these problems, but others may not. Sure, generic lists on Google may help, but they’re not personal or quantifiable enough. This device, called FoodMarble Aire, may give you a clearer idea of exactly what foods are causing…