Fighting Panleukopenia, a Deadly Cat Virus

Hank’s a survivor!!! I’m a survivor. I’m not gonna give up. I don’t know the words. She’s purring, she likes the song. On that note…hi, everyone! So this is Hank, and she just survived panleukopenia. One of the most deadly viruses that a kitten can get. So I wanted to make a video all about…

Bass boosted diarrhea sounds 3

*motorcycle diarrhea* *mom takes my nokia :(* *decorating the toilet seat…* :O ow *takes a break* *angry cat noises* *more than just a fart comes out…* *intimidating diarrhea* sorry i dropped my ball 🙂 too much krabby patties taco bell+kfc+mcdonalds=this :0 too much farts too lazyy *first tesla noises heard by human*

Tavžntroža – Diarrhea

You know that funny feeling down in your ass And you know that soon it’s gonna ask ‘Cos pissing through your ass is a real mess and the worst thing that happens that you’re out of toilet paper Stuck in a toilet and I can’t get out I don’t need it, I don’t want it…

Embarrassing Stories Animated – Food Poisoning Accident

hello everyone my name is Frank and I work in construction no not that kind of construction residential construction if I worked in commercial construction this story would have probably never happened because they always have access to the bathroom at their job sites but I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself so what…

Family Guy – Hey Lois… Diarrhea. (Doodie/Doody)

Alright now kids, I don’t want anyone swimming in this pool unless there’s a lifeguard on duty [Laughs] Duty [Laughs] Diarrhea Hey Lois What? Diarrhea [Laughter] Peter, I’m holding iced tea You know, honey, you don’t have to do this Maybe a pool is another one of those things our family doesn’t really need

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