22 Replies to “Super hot tension | Forces and Newton’s laws of motion | Physics | Khan Academy”

  1. David, I followed your steps, but am confused about the results not equaling 30N…
    15N + 15 root3 N = 30N ?
    Where am I mistaken? (Also, sorry that I don't know how to type "root3" in proper symbols.)
    Thank you for these generous and skillful lessons!

  2. I honestly had to look up David in google just to see who he is because of how good a teacher I think he is, thanks again for the clear explanation of the subject!!!

  3. wow, but when i did it i just did T1=sin(60)x3 and T2=sin(30)x 3 and i compared my answer and i was off by a factor of 10.

  4. so is super hot tension an actual physics terms or it is just something you made up in order to make this lesson sounds more attractive?

  5. When you needed to get everything in terms of 2 variables, why can’t you express the y components in terms of the x components multiplied by tangent of angles? That way, everything is in terms t1x and t2x, but we know that they’re equal, so we have two equations and one variable, which should be easier.

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