Study Finds Millennials’ Health Plummets After Age 27

Study Finds Millennials’ Health Plummets After Age 27

Millennials are on track to be one of
the most obese generations in history which you might be surprised to learn
because when you think of Millennials your brain will normally go to avocado
toast student loan debt and being healthy right well studies also show
that Millennials health rapidly declines once you turn 27 but why is that before
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end there’s something called the 27 club in the world of music
Rolling Stone magazine calls it one of the most elusive and tragic coincidences
in rock and roll history it’s basically the strange phenomenon that many
prolific musicians all died at the age of 27
some just years apart musicians like Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix and more while we here at bestie don’t think this millennial trend
is necessarily as terminal as the 27 club was this particular age is quite
young for the overall health of this generation to start declining before we
get to the study if you’re wondering whether or not you might be a millennial
Millennials are defined as the population that was born between the
years of 1981 in 1996 although some stats show the cutoff closer to the year
2000 with a population of about 73 million in the United States
Millennials are usually thought of as fairly health-conscious well this may be
somewhat true according to a large study researchers found that older Millennials
above the ages of 34 to 36 have more severe versions of the same health
problems Gen Xers did during the same age period overall Millennials scored
fairly high as a healthy generation that is until after the age of 27 while some
health concerns like depression are not overly surprising to health care
professionals other conditions very much surprised doctors dr. Vincent Nelson
says that he did not expect to see such high rates of specific physical
conditions like hypertension and heart related illnesses as these types of
conditions too usually hit until a much later age some
of the most common health conditions this study found amongst Millennials
were major depression about a 31% increase in a three-year period
hyperactivity a 29% increase in type 2 diabetes a 22% increase while other
things like opioid crisis obesity and mental illnesses are certainly taking
their toll on this generation not only that but this same study shows high
cholesterol and blood pressure are up with this age group as well which
doesn’t bode well when it comes to longevity and living a long healthy life
in general but it’s not all bad this study and others do say we don’t smoke
as much as the rate of smoking in the United States has hit an all-time low
last year so yay for that if you’re millennial at this point you may be
thinking why me it seems we may have more access to information than ever
before so why is this generation on such a downward spiral after such a young age
well one of the main issues is obesity and being overweight according to
Professor Linda Bald the reputation Millennials have for being extremely
health-conscious may not be completely true according to the data from cancer
research UK carrying around an extra few pounds can put this generation at a
higher risk for developing 13 different types of cancer including but not
limited to kidney bowel and breast cancers Kate Allen of the world Cancer
Research Fund has said the increase in numbers over the past 40 years is truly
astronomical over a thousand percent in some cases and these numbers just cover
obesity we’ve discussed this before on our Channel but diets can sometimes be
misleading and you’re not always presented with all the information when
it comes to making healthy meal choices it’s not uncommon for Millennials to hop
on a diet that really has no scientific backing and end up not being as healthy
as they had hoped professor Linda bald also says that a diet consisting of
fruit veggies and foods full of fiber are always the best way to ensure a
healthy balanced diet I guess there’s never been a better time to check out
some of bessie’s health and nutrition videos on the health and nutrition
playlist on our Channel got some of those after this video if
you’re looking to get inspired when it comes to your diet another hot-button
issue with this study was the fact that hypertension is way way up amongst the
millennial generation first of all what is hypertension well it’s basically
another name for your blood pressure and it can lead to some pretty terrible
complications while increasing your risk of stroke heart disease and death
according to the World Health Organization processed food in the
amount of salt we eat has played a significant role in the rise of
hypertension but besides eating a healthy diet and getting regular
exercise how can someone really battle the onset
of hypertension well dr. Nelson once again says that
prevention is the best weapon against this type of illness nelson also says
that many young people don’t think of their blood pressure often enough and
don’t feel the need to get it checked however getting your blood pressure
checked out could make a real difference when it comes to how you feel and your
mood another one of the biggest factors in this study as to why millennials
health is taking a nosedive after the age of 27 is because of depression while
mental health has come to the foreground and is steadily losing the negative
stigma attached to it it’s still a major issue there have been many studies
diving into why millenials are so weighed down by depression and according
to Jessica Singh social media has a lot to do with it according to sing this
particular generation are the first to constantly compare themselves to their
peers which often leaves them feeling unaccomplished Millennials have a
constant flow of information at their fingertips and are overwhelmed with
details of other’s lives on a daily basis there’s a lot of pressure trying
to measure up to everyone’s standards and that can cause low self-esteem
anxiety and depression while social media may not be the only culprit when
it comes to depression the link does seem strong and depression does seem to
be at an all-time high when it comes to the Millennial Generation
dr. Nelson states that Millennials are more likely to reach out and ask for
help than previous generations however one in five still do not get treatment
dr. Aaron J Friedberg says that this is a very troubling trend and it’s
something everyone should be paying attention to he says if the data keeps
growing this way for Millennials and generations beyond
this could be the first time in recent history a generation will be less
healthy than the one that has come before it the good news is that this
study identifies an issue we still have time to solve while Millennials do seem
to care about their health more than ever
modern convenience in the lack of truthful factual information when it
comes to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle are proving to be a problem
but with studies like this we know that prevention like taking care of yourself
with a balanced diet and proper exercise seems to be the best way to combat this
ominous trend what did you think about this particular study
are you millennial what steps do you take to live a healthy balanced
lifestyle why not let us know in the comment section below
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17 Replies to “Study Finds Millennials’ Health Plummets After Age 27”

  1. You have to remember too, that the people that died before age 30, most of these had drug/alcohol problems.Also, depression ran in Kurt Cobain’s family, for example.So,it plays a part in it, too,family history.

  2. What did you think of this particular study? Are you a millennial? What steps do you take to live a healthy balanced lifestyle? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. It’s hard for someone with depression to be concerned about diet & exercise & wanting to be “healthy” in “the future”, when they’re in too much emotional pain to even be able to or want to care about what’s going on today. If we can do a better job of recognizing depression in younger people sooner*, not years down the road into high school… then maybe an earlier diagnosis & treatment can help them want to take up the effort to actually *want to live (a healthier lifestyle in those young years.) Also, social media is toxic!

  4. I can agree on mental issues with us wild millennials but everything else seems made up. I just turned 28 and ppl still think ima teen i wish i looked my age. And when i go out or online i see majority of healthy good looking millennials.

  5. This is directly related to the proliferation of cell phones and WiFi! Even obesity and diabetes is related to EMF's and the upregulation of your nervous systems (HYPERTENSION). Your heart is majorly affected as well.And lets not forget cancer, cancer, cancer…Not to mention they have been overly vaccinated with vaccines containing metals like aluminum and mercury that makes them an even BETTER antennae. IF they're lucky enough to not be as infertile as the rest of their peers, there kids will be the 2nd generation of kids exposed to microwave radiation at unprecedented levels starting in the womb. That generation will be building off of the broken DNA their millennial parents passed on to them and they will be having disease even earlier than 27. You're not getting cooked in 30 seconds (like you rionizing microwave) but you ARE getting cooked in 30 years. Get smart folks and clean up your energy environment! Do it now before it's too late.

  6. I blame the health issues on GMO foods. Canned and processed foods aren't helping much either. Also crippling debt with no way out doesn't bode well for millennials to NOT be depressed. Not only do we struggle to pay off debt, but we struggle to just pay our bills. Anyone would be depressed with these monetary obstacles to overcome.


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