100 Replies to “Strzok hearing erupts: You need your medication!”


  2. Gohmert is a joke.!! He does not wish to hear the truth. Like Jordan he Gohmert is so into protecting crooked Donny he is blinded by lies and hate.

  3. Peter Strzok sits there smirking, looking pure evil! So, that is the face of the FBI, I see. We see how those democrats acts when one of their's is caught in dishonest acts. He sounds disgusting when he talks. Drain the swamp and the scum can be seen! Hillary had the same smirk when she sat before Congress, disgusting!!!

  4. Gohmert is a psychopath. I hate how Republicans try to keep people from responding and will rudely interrupt a man who is defending himself.


  6. Strzok is a joke! His future was written when he and little Lisa had drunk night texting…and whoa! Got caught! Then claims he couldn't remember texting! Well, it's called being drunk and drunk texting jackass!

  7. You're such a liar Strzok! You have no accountability…and this is just the beginning Strzok!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. "you need your medication"

    all congress parasites get free medication.
    you need to be fired and find a new way to be a parasite on the taxpayer. even cnn wont have you.

  9. This is the asst. director of the FBI with a smirk on his face. FBI has gone to shit after Waco, Ruby Ridge and now this. Vote of no confidence in the FBI.

  10. Yes I cheated on my wife, yes I looked her in the face and lied to her about where I was and who I was with but no no I have integrity I'm honest you can believe me… What a joke!

  11. That was a great comment by Gohmert in regards to Strzok's blatant lying to Congress, AG Horowitz and to his own wife. Awesome.

  12. Where Is America ?

    I don't recognize this country.
    The America I knew stood for Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.
    I am 60+ years old. I have seen certain points in history, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the legalization of integration, the march on Washington, Roe v Wade, the moon walk, race riots, the assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King .
    We are the nation that was a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. Now we are a joke.
    We came from other countries and fought for the right to be free slavery, religious persecution, and unjust political and social policies. We fought for freedom of speech, racial equality, gender equality and the right to self identity.
    We fought to free ourselves and other countries from fascist dictators. And now we embrace one.
    Donald Trump is the very type of man that people fought and died to get away from and keep out of power. And now, for whatever reason, we defend his actions, believe his lies, embrace his corrupt morals and values to keep him in office. For whatever reasons people found to support people like him in the past, were wrong then and they are wrong now.
    We were looking for change a few years ago. We were tired of the status que and made a huge mistake electing Donald Trump. It's time we swallow our pride, admit we made a mistake, and correct it.
    We need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves,
    Who Are We

  13. LMFAOOOOOO Louie Gohmert was a fking savage!! Dems were whining their pansy asses off I fkn love it!! hhaahahahahahahhahahahah

  14. I love these Republican idiots… Strzok was no different than all of these stooges by being bias against Trump. All of these republican fools are grilling Strzok for doing the same thing they were doing months earlier. Everyone of them called Trump an idiot, a stooge or lunatic, etc. etc. They all were all saying Trump was unfit to be the President and his campaign for the Presidency was a joke and on and on, up until Trump won! Suddenly they all have become Trumpets and like good little soldiers, they jump at every stupid lie that Trump tweets and they defend Trump regardless of how Trump is destroying this country. I am sick of the GOP defending Trump and turning a blind eye to his lies and his criminal behavior and especially to the Russian interfering into our elections. This is a real threat to our country and we need these insane idiots to stop this partisan bickering and come up with a bipartisan solution to this crisis and make no mistake, it is a Crisis! Just today you have two bipartisan bills that were to strengthen our defenses against election interference by the Russians and any other foreign enemy but they were blocked by Mitch McConnell. What is wrong with these people and how much are we going to take before we finally have had enough and we get these Asses out of office?

  15. Believe me on this; corruption at this level of government has the potential of leading to scores of innocent deaths.
    Root them out.

  16. Strzok Is a Lying Shystain….Treason Death penalty for This piece of dog shyt which dog shyt should be Treated better …Lock him up and get out the ROPE…He needs his face beat in

  17. These m********** have no couth. they have more drive and animosity towards each other than we've ever had against a foreign power that wants to destroy us. we will implode as the world watches if this keeps up.

  18. CNN with 7.2 M subscribers? You are fake news. Is that in a year that someone has watched their videos? No fucking way they have that many subscribers. They don’t have that many in a week on TV!!!!

  19. I can see the Russian Bots have had their way with these comments….get a fucking life. Try fixing your own crumbling country and stop trying to undermine ours.

  20. Mr. Ghomert is great!
    Strozk is just another corrupt FBI Agent like all the rest of them.
    It's been despicable since J. Edgar Hoover was Director.
    We need to clean house on FBI and CIA clowns.
    Obama corrupted every level of government in DC.

  21. god bless , there comes a MOMENT IN MY LIFE! i am in a state i am in 100% state of truth and peace! that box. 6 wooden sides hammer to an box burried [email protected]! the whole problem of ourself is WE FACE GOOD /BAD INSIDE US SELF and strugling every day TO BE /ACT GOOD! when bad side leads! THAN MORAL LEGAL CORRUPTION WORK HARD , and its damn hard to proof that! i suggest NOT BRING TO MEDIA by thier owners of it (they onesided to) investigate and keep silence when LURE THEM INTO UR TRAP FOR THEM! than give them double the price they deserve ! without discussion how uncapable they are by …….thier own evil inside themself! i send all ♥ who is able to recieve ! and hope all humans win personal from thier own evil!

  22. What a smug smart assed bastard Strzok is, you wouldn't trust him to go to the store for you. FBI its a joke or was with him at the head of it.

  23. That point at which one of the members of Congress states 'you should not be casting aspersions on the character of a witness' is dumb..the witness himself casts such on President Trump..another member of congress states how President Trump is not fit to be president..and Hillary Clinton has such a reputation as to cause absolute disdain of her and her husband

  24. Strzok's ventriloquist dummy expression tells you all you need to know. He couldn't be any more slimy if he stood under a pouring vat of Nickelodeon green sludge. Within seconds, he goes from "I have always told the truth" to "a family member who I acknowledge hurting." What? Did he hurt his wife by telling an over abundance of truth? Absolutely comical.

  25. Whenever they start on talking and it's something that they're guilty of a leader wanna hear while the sudden there's a problem but then when it comes to Hillary nobody had a problem with that they were defending her but anybody else trump thinking add down in him and hes done more than Obama has ever done

  26. You heard it here first…
    on what will likely get Hillary and several others in the Obama Admin. executed for treason. Knowingly providing the Chinese govt. with classified (above top secret) documents for $, and the ensuing cover-up of it all! HEADS WILL ROLL!

  27. Every person in this vid is a child. This is seen around the world. No wonder we get no respect on the world stage. Everyone one of them are worthless. And should be ashamed of themselves

  28. I'm sure that this man's family has been telling him..GRANDPA, it's time to retire, and come home.
    You are EMBARRASSING US., yourself, and your country..

  29. The claim of "bias" made against people who are life long, party neutral professionals, by persons who display their loyalty as R or D in their titles…amazing. So, are we only to believe the accounts of person who have been republican all their life? Oh, obviously not cause they turn on their own too. Sorry but Trump is working too hard to keep any factual information from challenging his accounts. He is suspected of criminal and treasonous activity. There should be no saFE HIDING PLACE FOR HIM.

  30. Peter Strzok, you are a disgrace to this country, your service, and your family. David C. Chase Navy Vet (GM2) 2000-2004.

  31. Mr Gohmert is a real prick so that puts him in the correct political party. These people all seem like they enjoy the roll of having no-facts to use in Trumps defense. The most of them have an attitude like the cat getting ready to pounce on the canary. They have a smirk and a way of talking down to witnesses that makes them all so dis-likable

  32. Wake up folks!!! Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Brennan, Mueller, Valerie Jarrett and a bunch of other anti trumpers, are all FROM IRAN..Don't believe me look it up!! Peter Strokz Dad was in charge of the uranium in IRAN.. BOOM..

  33. Please if there's a God in Heaven get this scumbag FBI agent convicted. Then BRUTALLY RAPED THEN HIS LIEING THROAT CUT!!!

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