Stress Therapy Madison WI

Stress Therapy  Madison WI

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Chiropractic and Acupuncture, I’m Dr David Dow, welcome to my exam room. And today we’re gonna talk about stress. Stress is the thing that most
of the people are feeling all the time, it’s taken
away your enjoyment of life. You may get a little bit stressed and then you’re just not as happy, or you may get more stressed. And usually happy children
are laughing and running around a room may make you feel good. But if it’s actually making
your stress level go up, then you may have a stress problem. So we’re gonna talk about stress. What can often happen
is stress can be linked to injuries that you
might have, pain issues, but actually can relate to damage to a part of your nervous system called the autonomic nervous system. And there’s a area in your nervous system that has a calming effect on the body and that’s gonna be in our upper neck, or in our lower back and those are where the strongest common nerves are. So I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about what can cause that kind of stress. So one of the things that can do that is called a subluxation. So subluxation is basically when you’ve got a bone that
shifts out of alignment, and starts to put pressure
against the nerves. Now the only place
that’s really gonna cause major issues for that, is if you have that happen in your upper neck. And those are the most common
nerves in your entire body. But what happens when we get that stress, and that bone shifts
out of place, is a lot of people will take medications, that sometimes works so well that the person never addresses
the cause of the problem. And if you never fix
that cause of the problem which could be a physical,
actual physical issue, then over time things
can get worse and worse. So as far as the spine
goes, we always start out with a nice healthy spine like this. We’ve got disc, bone, disc, bone. And the disc can act like a spacer and make lots of room
in there for the nerve. When the spine turns, we wanna make sure these surfaces are nice and smooth. That’s gonna keep this nerve
nice and healthy and fat. And it should be able to
move around nice and easily. And what can happen over time,
is the spine can degenerate, maybe over 10, 20, 30 years. You can lose that disc space. There’s not as much room for the nerve. We can have a herniated disc or a bulging disc putting
pressure on the nerve. With these pointy rough edges, can start to dig into the nerve and
the nerve can start to die. In those parasympathetic nerves that we were talking about, those are the common nerves in the body. Those are mostly coming
from the way upper neck, but they also can be coming from the lower back and the sacrum. So if you have neck
problems or low back issues, that could be part of where
your stress is coming from. Normally in the neck, this is the strongest common nerves in the body. What we want is a nice big
bucket of serotonin and dopamine hormone, to help you deal
with stress when it happens. Or what can happen is
when this gets injured, the bucket can start to empty out. We’re gonna compensate
by using your adrenaline and cortisone and we wanna
nice big bucket of that. So if the bear walks into the room, we have enough adrenaline
to get away from the bear. But what can happen is when your stress hormones get worse,
that bucket runs out. And then when the bear walks in the room, if you don’t have enough hormone to deal with the stress, you’re
just gonna shut down. And we call that stress overload syndrome. So that gives you some ideas of how we can help you with stress. Patients love however the
way we deal with that. Stay tuned for our next video. We’re gonna give you some tips and tricks on how to reduce your stress levels. And stay tuned and we can help
you get rid of those fast.

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