Story Behind the Product | Focus & Energy

Story Behind the Product | Focus & Energy

>>Dr. Amen: Hi. I’m Dr. Daniel Amen, founder
of BrainMD. I’m here with my friend, Dr. Parris Kidd, who is the Chief Science Officer
for BrainMD. We have formulated this very special line to optimize your brain and your
body. Today, we’re going to talk about Focus & Energy. This is one of our most important, most popular products because focus and energy are just huge issues. I just read a study
that said the average attention span of humans now is 8 seconds where gold fish attention
span is 9 seconds and part of it is all the gadgets we have and the constant distractions.
What’s special about Focus & Energy like many of our products is that we really optimize
the brain through many different mechanisms. So let’s talk about that. I mean, I just
love this product and my patients love this product too. This is something that is really
helpful for them.>>Dr. Kidd: Well, I think the efficacy of
the product, the extent of benefit of the product is really reflected by the ingredients,
like 600 mg of decaffeinated green tea extract – that is really a very substantial amount
of green tea catechins and the green tea catechins are a huge story. They very definitely boost
circulation to the brain but they also have effects in our nerve cells all the way up
to the level of the genes. So these are very highly protective substances. They protect
the circulation and boost the circulation and they also improve the functioning of the
nerve cells in very direct ways and through multiple mechanisms alone from the green tea.
Then, there’s this extract of ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is a long established Ayurvedic
medicine in India. It’s like an everyday nostrum that people use in India and elsewhere
in the Far East. This is a standardized extract of ashwaganda called Sensoril and what this
means is that the ashwaganda was concentrated and all of the actives are more present in
any particular volume of extract. So it’s a much more powerful preparation than the
basic ashwaganda and this has been through a number of clinical trials and it works like
a charm for mood and to certain extent for occasional anxiety and it even also works
for memory, so, sharpening of attention, memory as well as mood with just the ashwaganda.
And then there are a number of adaptogenic plants that you are able to locate and adaptogens
are usually herbals that help us to better adapt to stress and to changing circumstances
and the ones in here are some of the best. In addition to the ashwaganda, there’s rhodiola
which is from Siberia and Points East and the panax ginseng which is the classic Korean
ginseng and that is a very highly concentrated extract that we managed to get. It’s much,
much more concentrated than other ginsengs that are on the market. And so these adaptogens,
the Sensoril, the rhodiola and the ginseng are very, very good to help us to deal with
everyday stresses and to raise our brain energy and to coordinate with a better circulation
coming from the green tea extract to really make for a very much sharper mental focus.
And last but not least, there’s some choline and choline is an important nutrient. It’s
essentially a vitamin now, it’s been reclassified as a vitamin and it’s important to make
acetylcholine as well as to make methyl groups which help to regulate the overall functioning
of the nerve cells. So this is a very, very powerful product, Focus & Energy.
>>Dr. Amen: So one of the reasons that we put rhodiola in this product is that we actually
studied rhodiola here and what we found is it significantly boost the blood flow to the
brain and I first got interested in rhodiola because I have read that they used it on the
Russian space station to help their cosmonauts with energy and focus and it decrease the
stress because obviously, you know, space stations can be very stressful for many people
and I just thought, how exciting, and so I worked with the scientists at UC Irvine and
we did before and after SPECT scans and showed increased blood flow, increased energy and
focus. So, Focus & Energy through multiple mechanisms. If you’re like many of us and
you have issues either with your energy or you’re needing to focus so you can perform
better, the Focus & Energy maybe for you.

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  1. I had my son scanned at Dr. Amen's clinic in Fairfield, CA in the year 2000. I appreciated the work he was doing but it wasn't possible for me to continue treatment with his clinic because of the distance. Well because of a doctor referral from Dr. Amen to Dr. Hugh Ridelheuber in the San Francisco Bay Area, I lost my job and everything I had. Dr. Ridelheuber prescribed 4 kinds of stimulants for my ADD until I was completely strung out. At the time I had completed 7 1/2 years of college and was a literacy coach (I taught my peer teachers) in a very nice public school district. Over the 1 1/2 years being treated by Dr. R I would tell him my obvious symtoms of being addicted to all the drugs he prescribed me (and my son.) Well in 2002, I lost my teaching job after realizing the extent of m y addiction to Dr. R's treatment. I changed my insurance to partially pay for the $175.00 an hour he was charging me and whenthe pharmacy couldn't fill my prescription until I got a new pre-authorization from my new insurance I REALIZED THAT HE HAD ME KNOWINGLY ADDICTED TO MANY STIMULANTS. I stopped immediately but didn't want to abandon my students because I was teaching in the classroom again and I was asked to resign or they wouldn't reccommend me for re-hire. I lost everything. I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GET TREATMENT FROM DR. AMEN BUT BECAUSE OF THE REFERRAL TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED HORRIBLE DOCTOR —— I HAVE NO MONEY.


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