Still to Come on This Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta… | Bravo

Still to Come on This Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta… | Bravo

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  1. Nene really tried to accuse Kenya about lying that she spat on her but this footage is saying otherwise at 1:49 . Smh. She is a disgusting pathological liar.

  2. Nene needs real people to tell her she's out of control! Don't like the lady per say, but she is now attempting to spit on someone is low, she better be careful who she tries that too in real life!! Because god doesn't like ugly

  3. Prenups are necessary for all marriages. Man or woman its called protecting your investments. The people who typically have a problem with prenups are really getting married for the money and not really the love of the person.

  4. @Bravo! To whom this may concern,.
    I have been a supporter of Real Housewives of Atlanta since the trailer! The reality is you're going to have to bring Phaedra back, it's called reality TV.
    You all know that was part of the producer, who y'all let go, And the fact that y'all know that Todd and Kandi!: Have/Had a problem with him, so he came to Phaedra which is obvious to create the storyline. And let's be honest here it seems like Todd is still producing your show behind his wife. There's no doubt he did not want Phaedra on the show. so he push the narrative with his wife to get her off, if she was so offended by what she said! she wouldn't have never did anything to profit off of it, so what I'm saying here!
    y'all played yourself Bravo!
    They played you with the 48 Laws!
    The only people that profit out this whole situation is Kandi and Todd,, y'all lost money and views ratings!
    And someone that was more of a contributor than both of them!
    Y'all can bring Phaedra back if y'all wanted to,
    The simple fact that Qaud made allegations that Mariah was doing drugs and she still on the show.
    Lets me know that y'all can bring back Phaedra. Let's be clear I'm not a fan of Phaedra! however, I do recognize good television when I see it. Don't worry about Kandi and Todd,, they need to show! no one was checking for Them before the show!
    When Phaedra comes back! This will be the most highest rated season guarantee you.
    The fact that Kenya is married, and she did all those things when she was married to Apollo.
    the universe has shifted her story needs to be told, I/people want to hear it as well.
    I get paid from the Big N! Just to watch TV! I I said! they have about 2seasons left. because they let the fans RUN the show, and others, which that's not the way it's supposed to go!
    half of them don't even have cable anyway. that's talkin about they're not going to watch! Ratings went up because Nene back! Her fans wanted to see her so they showed supported for her, like me!! Also everybody that's a fan of Phaedra, will add your ratings!
    If y'all are still filming have her Nene meet up! Just to see what happens and go from there.
    Just some suggestions!

  5. Nene she's back..Kenya she's back.. I feel.for Porsha she could have done.better finding a baby daddy.. Dennis better watch him self because Porsha she has a temper..

  6. I can't believe Nene is at the point of spitting at people….absolutely disgusting. I have zero respect for people who spit at others… it's just so low.

  7. How can anyone trust Nene? She’s unstable and toxic and needs fr help. She needs to take accountability fr and not these empty apologies her and Marlo keep giving without changed behavior.

  8. I told everyone that NeNe was trash. Who spits on other women these days but tryfing trash. Shes so jealous of Kenya is a damn shame.

  9. All these women need to reevaluate their lives to find out where all the nasty comes from.The misplaced dirty lowdown anger, and take a high dosage of drink of class.

  10. Don't get hyped. Another creative editing. Another boring lackluster season. They just need to change it up. New cast. I'm over seeing the same people not get along it's just TIRED THROUGH AND DELAYED…. It's late gurrrrlllllll

  11. This is a sad representation of black women. Where is the positive representation of people of color? We are going backwards in life.

  12. Eva color dress throws the whole picture off. Her lip is too dark as well. Kandi and Cynthia need darker eyebrows it's washing their faces out

  13. Imagine if Kim, Shereé, & Pheadra all came back???

    Kandi, Cynthia, & Kenya vs Nene, Kim, & Pheadra would be something else

  14. I cried happy tears seeing Nene & Porsha turning a new leaf. Porsha is such a sweetie pie & a loyal friend💕

  15. My Dream Cast For Season 13:


    Friends of the show:

    Kim(Nene’s friend)
    Shereé(Kandi’s friend)
    Marlo(Nene’s friend)

  16. When someone drives you to the point you wanna spit on them it’s time to go, I’ve been guilty of it too 🤷🏾‍♂️ shit happens, rise above it NeNe, nobody is worth you getting out of character.

  17. Nene has been on the downward spiral since Kenya ran her off the show on season 7. Does her store even turn a profit?

  18. The way these women love and forgive each other is a true testament to friendship. Yes women need men but at the end of the day no one is going to wait or exhale with you the way a true sister would💕

  19. I was really rooting for Kenya but she brought the cookie lady to that lunch or whatever it is. That’s fucked up. I’m done with Kenya.

  20. Lol some of y'all keep forgetting about how kenya keeps poking at people and continue to poke and then when people get fed up with her bullshit she screams victim. (Well i didn't do anything Nene is the blame for everything ). Just like in the hotel room nene and Cynthia was trying to talk but here come old miserable screaming in nene ear and putting her hand in nene face like she did porsha .

  21. Let me this Nene is nasty and even if she didn't spit on Kenya just to attempt like she was going to was dead wrong. If it was me she did that to we would still be fighting now Everytime I see her, next Kenya should not say anything about nobody's relationship/ marriage what's so ever. Porsha I just love her as for Dennis I think she should just co-parent that's it that's all he's not ready for marriage, Tanya is a very nice person and should not be surrounding herself with drama. These ladies act like children all this drama and foolishness for a check not me..

  22. Nene is true to herself and is the only one that has been consistent since day one. Regardless of what some people say Nene has carried this show for year’s

  23. Look at Rapunzel with no edges, she's loud, angry, and bitter for no reasons. She poses a threat to the crew and her coworkers….as she called them. Love Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia. I'm starting to like Eva and Tanya. Tanya, just need to stop following in Neno directions. Porsha, I like but when she started crying to someone who talked down, dirty, and nasty to her and so willing to accept, her apology. WHICH WILL BE SHORT-LIVED! I will be looking at her side-👀. I see why she was so quick to get back with Dennis. She should listen to her sister, Lauryn. I will be checking to see how soon she's ready to attack, Kenya in order to stay on the good side of the puppet master. Just when I thought she was evolving…now that's she's a mother. SMH!

  24. I can see why everyone else comes at each other's throats. But why is Kenya going after Tanya? She doesn't have beef with anyone?

  25. Nene is so intimidated by Kenya, idk why she never goes so hard in arguments unless it’s towards her. She’s gonna break her hip

  26. Turn the RATCHET FACTOR up, up, up to keep the cheap celebrity. Anything goes in the desperate need for attention.

  27. Nene spit actually look like her teeth was bout to come out. Look like a mama dee moment. Spitting on someone is as low as it gets.

  28. There are very good reasons why God does not give anyone the power to control how others can breath the air and enjoy the sun. Can you imagine it human beings have that power? God is wonderful 🙏😍

  29. Porsha noooooo she just apologizing to keep money 💰 coming she crawfishing back to all the one she stated she didn’t need any of those lady ….NeNe will turn on you if you disagree with anything she say or can’t control

  30. The problem with nene is that with Kenya she meets her match. So then she gets so frustrated it’s all bullets after that…🤣

  31. Kenya shade cuts to the white meat because its always true tea, nene and marlo hate their pass and kenya makes sure those two dont forget their past and i find dat very funny and entertaining. Nene, marlo, and porsha will never like kenya because Kenya mouth is a weapon of mass destruction and those three cant

  32. Keyna just wants to get Under NeNe skin so she gets fired. Nene should pay no mine to her. Keyna just keeps on poking and I hope she gets hers it's called Karma. Marc see Kenya for who she really is but to bad he has to put up with her for his daughter.

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