Spread the Word this Diabetes Awareness Month

Hi guys! Happy Halloween. Enjoy your sweets in moderation. But tomorrow, November 1st, is the start of
National Diabetes Awareness Month. So this month is so important to those of
us that have diabetes in our households, or amongst our friends and family because we
really do need to raise awareness of the importance and hard work it takes to manage the disease. There are estimated over 30 million Americans
with diabetes, and that’s about 10% of the population. And about a quarter of those, don’t even
know they have diabetes, so they are undiagnosed. So talking about your diabetes, and the signs
and symptoms and how you manage the disease, whatever that entails – medication, your low
carb diet, your exercise, it’s really important that we talk about it. And if you want a door opener for that, wear
blue. Because I have been told that blue is the
official color for diabetes awareness and for National Diabetes Awareness Month. So I’m gonna wear a lot of blue and hopefully
someone will ask me, “Why are you wearing so much blue?” And we can engage in a conversation about
diabetes management and the importance of spreading awareness about this disease. So, have a great month and I look forward
to talking with you more about it.

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