Softly spoken Five Night’s at Freddy’s (Night 2) let’s play with Heartbeat

Lovely: “Hello everybody this is Lovely Lubdubs” Lovely:” and I’ll be doing Five Night’s at Freddy’s and this is night number two” Lovely: “of course this is also going to have heartbeat” Lovely: “to make it super spoopy!” Lovely: ” so I hope you’ll enjoy!” Lovely: “Let’s get started” Phone Guy – “Uhh, Hello? Hello? Uh, well, if you’re hearing this and you made it to day two, uh, congrats!” Lovely (thumbs up) Phone guy: “I-I won’t talk quite as long this time since Freddy” Phone guy: “and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses.” Phone guy: “Uhh, it might be a good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk just to make sure everyone’s in their proper place.” Lovely: “Okay, there’s a bunny, a chica” Phone guy: “You know…Uh… Interestingly enough, Freddy himself doesn’t come off stage very often.” Lovely: ” and Freddy” Phone guy:” I heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark though,” Phone guy: “so, hey, I guess that’s one more reason not to run out of power, right?” Lovely: “Okay” Phone guy: “I-I also want to emphasize the importance of using your door lights.” Phone guy: ” There are blind spots in your camera views, and those blind spots happen to be right outside of your doors” Phone guy: “So if-if you can’t find something, or someone, on your cameras, be sure to check the door lights.” Phone guy: “Uh, you might only have a few seconds to react… Uh, not that you would be in any danger, of course” Lovely: (stares into camera) Phone guy: ” I’m not implying that. Also, check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time.” Lovely: “Okay” Phone guy: “The character in there seems unique in that he becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time” Lovely (nods) Phone guy: ” I guess he doesn’t like being watched. I don’t know” Phone guy: ” Anyway, I’m sure you have everything under control! Uh, talk to you soon.” Lovely: ” Uh ha, what are they doing?” Lovely: ” Am I hearing things?” Lovely: “I think” Lovely: ” Oh, okay. Bonnie’s gone. Oh you’re there” Lovely: “Oooo hello” (giggles) Lovely: “what a beautiful face you have” Lovely: “ahh dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum” (singing silly) Lovely: “bum boo dum dum dum bummmmm” Lovely: “where’d he go” Lovely: ” ok he’s there” Lovely: “there’s chica, chica and freddy are there” Lovely: “he’s still there, and… boop boop boop” (laughs) (imitates silly clown) Lovely: “wonder if I can do it in time? boop….boop…boop” (giggles) Lovely: “alright.. still there.. they’re still there” Lovely: “okay” Lovely (listens intently) Lovely: “can you hear footsteps?” Lovely: “okay so Chica’s gone. Ooooo hello” Lovely: ” someone’s in the kitchen” Lovely: “you’re still there.” Lovely: ” Geez he’s messing up the kitchen. More work for me to do” Lovely: ” eeeee” Lovely: “okay let’s close the door.” Lovely (confused) Lovely: ” Ohhhhh… hello” Lovely: “OOOO shit” Lovely: “alright” Lovely: “Oh fuck” Lovely: “I was meant too… ” Lovely: ” he’s still there” Lovely: “Umm.. pirate cove” Lovely: “Still there” Lovely: “Still there” Lovely: ” he’s not there?” Lovely: ” I can hear him.” Lovely: ” you’re still there” Lovely: ” EEEEK” Lovely(giggles) Lovely: “Oh no!” Lovely ( I give up 🙁 ) Lovely: ” aaaaaaaa” Lovely: ” no power…. no power” Lovely: ” fingers crossed… that… it will be okay” Lovely: “it’s going to be fine” Lovely (exhales) Lovely: “maybe he’s gone?” Lovely: “are you gone?” Lovely: “why is it taking so much time?” Lovely: “if you’re going to scare me, just scare me already” Lovely (sighs) Lovely (waiting) Lovely: ” No, still can’t do it” Lovely: “Oh great, oh great …. oh great” Lovely: “Hrmmmmm” Lovely: “there’s nobody home. It’s okay. You can go away” Lovely: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” (gasps in Horror!) Lovely: ” Oh Jesus!” Lovely: ” okay… that was Foxy… meeeehh” Two Hours Later Lovely: “the lights flick them on, by like clicking like this.” Lovely:”Um.. which I didn’t know before. So that’s why it was so hard. Because each time I went to look I was using a lot of power” Lovely: “So. (giggles) hopefully…. you’re still there, you’re still there.” Lovely: “good” Lovely: “hopefully…..boop…boop..boop” Lovely: “it will be… all good this time” Lovely: “this time we’ll make it……ermmmm.. I can’t promise there’s any jumpscares or not. but we’ll see” Lovely (smiles) Lovely (big aggressive smile) Lovely: ” Eww” Lovely: “eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh” Lovely: ” I can hear something.. oh you’re already there…okay” Lovely: ” you’ve already moved” Lovely: “So I’ll just have to keep” Lovely: “think I might.. listen for the other guys. And look at foxy” Lovely: “it’s my plan. boop..boop..boop” Lovely: “and hopefully.. it works” Lovely: “still there” Lovely: “hopefully… we will be successful… OH” Lovely: “soooooo… there’s… your still there… ooooooo” Lovely: “okay you’re coming” Lovely: “okay… one am.. we can dot it!” Lovely: “woooooooba” Lovely: “go to Foxy again. Looking mighty fine with you’re smile” Lovely: “Foxy… yes.. there” Lovely (mumbles) Lovely: “hello again Sir. hello” Lovely: “Okay..okay… le…yeah” Lovely: “oh crap” Lovely: ” okay. You’re there…fuck” Lovely: “okay..alight.. I’m going to close the door” Lovely: “hopefully he’s away” Lovely: “don’t go running away” Lovely: “Eeeeeeee” Lovely (stares) Lovely: “OOfff … scared myself” Lovely (exhales) Lovely: “still there….. you’re there…still there” Lovely: “okay… hopefully.. we can do this” Lovely: “are you still there? hey! are you ?” Lovely: “he’s coming down” Lovely: “bonnie likes to use up my power” Lovely ( mumbles) Lovely: “alright… there’s that” Lovely (mumbles) Lovely: “still there… alright he’s gone” Lovely (mumbles) Lovely: “oh crap” Lovely: “still there, still there” Lovely: “okay…. let’s cross our fingers and maybe this time we’ll get through” Lovely: “still there, still there, you’re there, you’re still there.. okay” Lovely: ” at least Foxy hasn’t run on us yet. Thank God!” Lovely: “hearing pats again” Lovely (mumbles) Lovely: “okay cool” Lovely: “he’s run away again.. oh crap” Lovely: “yeeee… it’s time…. it’s time to party.. with my buddy” Lovely: “Okay… think.. we’re going to make it” Lovely: “oh no you’re still there, still there, gone away? nope” Lovely: “okay you’re closer….go away” Lovely: “oh my god.” Lovely: “oh.. he’s gone away” Lovely: “Hiiiiiiiiii…. that’s what the duckies saying.. Hiiiiiii” Lovely: ” Yesssss… we did it! Finally” Lovely: “So we finally made it past night two of five night’s at freddy’s.” Lovely: ” I hope you guys enjoyed. I’ll see you next time for night three and hopefully it won’t take me as long to bring out” Lovely: “We’ll just lock these doors, while we’re doing this” Lovely: “and make sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this put some comments down below” Lovely: “about what you thought. And I’ll see you guys next time. Love you lots. See you Lovlies”

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