Snake Diet Water Fasting Headache Tips | Weight Loss Journey [Day 85]

hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss
and I am so upset today it is Friday December 21st at 4:58
a.m. and I am here to give you snake diet results after one day this is
the worst results ever and I’m just really not happy I did great the only
bad thing I did I didn’t drink a lot yesterday that’s all I drink is this
this much spring water with the pink Himalayan salt no salt and baking soda
that’s my snake juice mixture that’s all I had oh and I work I had a little cup
of plain regular water now I did wake up with the headache and that’s probably
because I didn’t drink enough electrolytes I don’t know why else it
could be umm I didn’t eat anything yesterday at
all I didn’t have any diet soda I just don’t understand this let’s see
what else exercise post office job let’s say one hour of exercise and and I’m
sleepy I would like to sleep for another hour but I have to start early today at
the job um exercise also at the end of my day I did 30 minutes on the
elliptical where I burned about 200 calories so I should have lost weight
and I gained weight and I’m wondering is it my scale because this makes no sense
that’s all I’m gonna say today really oh I do want to say what to do if you get a
headache I would try all these things one I would soak if you’re if you’re at
home I would soak in in the tub and put epson salt and also
what works for me what headaches is hot run in the shower running hot water on
my head in my neck which I can’t do that right now which I need to go take a
shower and get dressed to leave but I can’t do that cuz I’m not trying to wet
my hair and do all that when I need to leave some next is a nap sleep that
could help and refresh you also if you’re weak I would do the epson salt
bath and naps is that it and then if push comes to
shove I will be taken a BC powder which is crushed aspirin so I might be having
that so yesterday I forgot to tell you guys I mean I forgot to write it down
so yesterday I was still 226.6 that was +3 pounds plus three
pounds today it’s weight I’m so not happy so it’s day it’s snake diet results
day 1 so oh my gosh I got three different things
I have weight loss journey day 85 and then I have 30 day challenge day 20 and then I have a snake diet results
Day 1 and today I am I need to move this over
today I am 228 8 how in the heck that is plus two point two thumbs alright
I’ve never gained weight on a fast like that’s crazy that is just beyond
disappointed if you watch my live stream yesterday you know I was expecting a
5 pound loss so maybe it’s my skill what the heck I don’t understand this
now I feel like I need to buy a new scale but this one is kind of new I
bought it like eighty I don’t like eighty five days ago so I don’t know if
discouraging things happen in your weight loss journey you can’t quit
you have to keep going that’s all I can say that is the worst ever and I don’t
feel sad because I did perfect like there’s nothing whoa
I didn’t do perfect but I didn’t eat so whatever and I did my 30 minutes of
exercise so do your best today my Energy’s low cuz it’s 4:00 in the
morning and I’m sleepy but if you have goals you got to do what
you got to do and this one month little job that I had is helping me towards my
goals and extra money to do my goals so that’s it have a good day work hard
comment below what you’re doing what day you’re on your starting weight the more
information you put there the better and that’s it right

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