Should You Spend Money on Juice Cleanses? – Sharp Science

Should You Spend Money on Juice Cleanses? – Sharp Science

Juices! Okay now that I’ve got all of LA’s attention, I’m here to answer the burning question that all millennials have, do juices and cleanses work? And to give you all of the expert info, I’m joined by run-of-the-mill 68-year-old doctor from the Bronx, Dr. Saper… wait, you’re not Dr. Saperstein? – No, I’m Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, some people know me better as Dr. Mike. And today, I’m here to tell you all about juicing and detoxes. – Well, this isn’t threatening. For a little background, the idea of detoxing and cleansing has been around for millenia. Of course, the recent boom in juicing and tea cleanses has created a new market for companies to tout benefits like curing hangovers, making you skinny and even caring illnesses. Well since you’re here, tell me, what even are toxins? – Well, toxins are more of a philosophical term because toxins are substances that are bad for the body, right? But if you think about it, it’s even substances that you need to live every single day, if you have too much of those substances like take water for example, if you take too much water, you can actually harm yourself. And I think that the whole culture around the word toxins has been really formulated by marketers more than it has been shaped by doctors. – How does the body remove these philosophical toxins naturally? – Whenever your body wants to get rid of these, it focuses mainly on two organs. The liver and the kidney. Also, you have other systems in play like the lymphatic system. Even the skin does a great job at removing some of these toxins. The way that the liver and kidney work together in removing these toxins is by the liver working on the toxins to make them easily excretable through your urine and feces. Yeah, it’s not something most people think about. But it happens every single day, every single minute, your body is getting rid of those toxins. – Mmm, feces. What are these juices, or fastings, or enemas, or charcoal things even doing then? – There is some, some very light evidence showing that some of these supplements can assist your body in detoxing. But what that’s doing is it’s helping your body detox itself. Those supplements are not directly responsible for it. So if you’re eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and proteins, your body would already be doing a detox work. You don’t need those supplements to function. All of that is addition. All of that is unnecessary. And unless you’ve gotten a specific indication to take some of these things, they’re totally unnecessary. – A lot of people go on this to go and lose 10 pounds like you said. Is this possible and is it good for you? – There are certain benefits and I say that with a grain of salt but there are certain benefits to going on a juice cleanse. For example, if normally you are eating McDonald’s three times a day and you are eating fatty burgers, and then you suddenly stopped that, and eliminate that and just drink healthy vegetable juice. Yes, in a way, that’s healthier than eating the McDonald’s and you’ll probably lose some weight because you’re going to be eating less calories, but there’s a much better way to do that, a much healthier way. The key is to get on a sustainable diet with limited rules, limited regulations, one that you can try out certain foods, have a sweet here and there without compromising the totality of the diet. Crash diets do not work. – But Doctor Mike what about all those things that these juices tell me will happen to me? – Well, tell me what they say, maybe we can figure out together. – Okay, it says it will stimulate your digestive system and help flush out bacteria and toxins. – What the promise is there, the marketing behind that, that’s what kills me, because what they’re saying is it’ll start up your digestive system, well guess what? If you have any kind of food, that will start up your digestive system. Bacteria in your gut, it’s supposed to be there. So getting rid of all your bacteria and saying you’ll remove it is totally unnecessary. Marketing claim that it’s supposed to get you excited only if you don’t know the truth about medicine. – Well, what about this one? It says, this tonic is designed to hydrate skin, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and trigger new collagen production. – This drink here is clearly living in fantasy land. Because if that was the case, people wouldn’t be spending $100 on creams, thousands of dollars on medical procedures and surgical procedures to make their skin look good. But what the bottom line is of all of these things is, they try and take the supplements, they try and isolate the ingredients that your body uses for the repair, and says, if you have more, you’ll get more benefits. You’ll get better skin. But in reality, your body already probably has most of these nutrients at a normal level. More is not necessarily better. So drinking this will not have any effect on your skin outside of the fact that there’s water in there and it’ll hydrate you. And when your skin is well hydrated, it looks great. – You got it. Sorry for ruining your office. (Laugh) – Well, Dr. Mike, you have thoroughly ruined juices for me. What is the bottom line here? – The bottom line is that juices aren’t necessarily evil. Having a juice every now and then is perfectly fine. It’ll give you some vitamins. I’ll give you some minerals, that’s cool. But don’t expect it to do anything life changing. It’s not going to cure diseases, it’s not going to prevent you from feeling tired. It’s not going to help you in losing weight. The only way that it’ll do all those things is if you’re completely eating trash. Have a healthy relationship with your doctor, ask these questions, and make sure that you don’t subscribe to the marketing hype. – But will these juices help me get closer to my dad? – Unfortunately, no. – Aw, man. Thank you for being here and answering my juicy questions. – Of course. – Get it? This was Tony for all things science with Doctor Mike. See you all next time. Bye!

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  1. You look retarded in that farmer's outfit, buddy, and you seem really effeminate. Taken as a whole, it's disgusting.

  2. I don't believe in these. I personally just make green smoothies but as meal replacements when I'm on the go and need something quick.

  3. Love this video! So happy Dr.Mike did this – he always has great advice. While I don't do a full "cleanse" I love drinking those healthy juices to get nutrients in my body when I haven't been eating enough of them. Also guilty 🙋 I'll drink juices for 3 days before vacation to flatten my tummy and it works 💁

  4. People really are desperate. Instant gratification and instant result -:) If you want a documentary about health look at bbc instead of commercialized usa news networks.

  5. I have a friend on the snake juice diet. She did lose a ton of weight. Is this safe??? I am worried she may become bulimic over time

  6. I started this video at work and then reloaded it at home later on a different machine to finish. BOTH times the algorithm, I guess based on the title, gave me pre-video ads for cleanses or some equally quacky trend. Also there's a bar of ads under the video that are all 'Shop "juice cleanse'" with link to various "Jus by Julie" products and other fake juice crap. Sigh.

  7. 2:38 with regards to a juice cleanse or fast to lose weight, people will sell you a 50 60 or whatever dollar cleanses supposed to make you lose weight. These diets are not proven and can be hazardous. If you were too fast entirely cutting out all foods but the juice cleanse you could be depriving your body of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients necessary for health.
    People wanting to sell you these are not interested in good science or proven methods they're interested in selling you something.
    Skip the expensive juice cleanse eat a proper diet throw some fruits and vegetables into a blender using the entire product without removing the fiber it's cheap something you can do at home and will be definitely good for you.


  9. drmike has a cool hairline. marketing, patents…etc cool, learning about all these mechanism behind everything.

  10. Juice makes from organic fruits not from the market . Fruits, Foods prevent disease , cancer not from pharmaceutical drugs and chemo

  11. I know this video is a bit old, so sorry for necro-posting. But I thought it was relevant to mention that I recently saw a nutritionest, who said pretty much exaclt the same as Dr Mike. She said that "liver cleansing diets" are pointless, because that's what your liver does – removes the "toxins" from your system. Just make sure you have a well rounded diet.

  12. As someone who has a severe auto-immune disease, juicing has definitely helped me. I think some of your comments are geared at someone hypothetically staying on a juice-only diet. Most people who juice do so for short periods of times. Not trying to rain on the parade here but I can't tell you how well juicing sprees have helped me.

    And it's different for everyone. If you live off of coffee, fast food, etc, you'll see a huge improvement in all sorts of areas. Finally giving your body what it needs goes a long way.

  13. I think smoothies are definitely better than juices! When you drink a smoothie, you’re at least getting all the fiber from the fruit and vegetables that you put in it. Where as in a juice where you’re just extracting all the sugar and drinking that. I avoid juices because I don’t think they taste as good and they’re a waste. But I love a smoothie every now and again… especially if it gets me my spinach!

  14. This dr is a complete moron, just like most docs, no intelligence, the books he learned from will always have a drug to recommend instead. Proof that he hasnt a clue what hes talking about, Fasting, the most powerful tool to detox the body, when fasting your body starts a deep clean and the liver and kidneys go into overdrive clearing toxins. Fasting is the best, if you cant take the time off work to fast, then juicing is next best, the bodys energy is not tied up digesting food, so it is in clean out mode. Juicing is highly effective. To think this moron actually said that if you are taking juice instead of macdonalds then it might be beneficial.. wow. Thats a new kind of stupid.

  15. My cat’s kidneys are shutting down

    In people with only one kidney they probably do need supplements. Or those with anemia, etc

  16. My friends’ mother drank too much water
    She actually died

    I’m not kidding. This actually happened. True story

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