Self Massage Techniques to Relieve Headache Pain

Self Massage Techniques to Relieve Headache Pain

Headaches! If you get headaches then I might just have some help
for you. Stay right here your massage minute is coming up. Hi there, I’m Phil Mandley, licensed massage therapist here in the Nashville, Tennessee area. There are many different types of headaches and many different causes of headaches.
So before I go any further, here comes the disclaimer Many headaches are a result of what’s called “referred pain”. Meaning the pain you are feeling is actually coming from another area. The case in point, and for our discussion today, we’re
going to look at the tempromandibular joint, or TMJ. Running through the TMJ is a nerve called the trigeminal nerve. This nerve accounts for over forth percent of your brain’s processing. So at any given time, your brain is trying to figure
out the messages that the trigeminal nerve is sending Ok, so you say ‘I’ve got this joint and
this nerve, how is this causing a headache? Well, one possible way is that since the trigeminal nerve
is going through the joint, the tempromandibular joint, stresses in the joint can impact the nerve, sending pain messages up to other areas including
your head, so that could be one way you’re getting a headache. So a lot of my clients right now who have grinding teeth issues, what we do is we
do a real simple massage that you can do to help relieve a lot of stress here, therefore relieving some of the stress on the trigeminal nerve. Therefore, hopefully… helping to lessen the possibility of you getting a headache. Let me show you what to do. So right here is you TMJ. And what you want
to do is just find where the join is. Right in there. And just do little circles, little circle like this, around this area… you can even do little stars.. back and forth, just gently though, you don’t want to dig in… softly, just do this….do this…and do this… and what you can do is do this on just one side, and then not do it on the other side, and see
if you feel a difference, I bet you will. And just do this, you can do this at a traffic light, and just do this, while you’re waiting at a traffic
light, if you’re waiting, stressed in traffic, just get up there and jiggle this area here,
and helps free up this whole area, and that helps increase the blood flow, releases this tissue here, and hopefully, help alleviate headaches. For more information on all sorts of massage things, please visit my website, look me up on Facebook, and if you have a question or concern about massage, muscles, whatever, let me know. Email me and maybe I’ll be able
to make it a subject of my next video, that’d be great… So until the next time, take care and I’ll see you later. Bye.

7 Replies to “Self Massage Techniques to Relieve Headache Pain”

  1. @prakharbajpai08 Many people want to know the cause of their pain, so I include a description of the probable cause.

  2. I have Ehlers danlos syndrome, and often I'll get massive headaches from that jaw joint becoming hyperextended. This really helped to dull the pain! Thanks!!

  3. Glad to hear that it helped! Many people are surprised at how a little "jaw work" can help a headache. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hi Roger, glad the self massage helped you out. I use the jaw massage while I'm sitting in traffic…helps me take my mind off just sitting there.

    Take care, Phil Mandley, LMT

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