100 Replies to “Sarawat ✘ Tine ► In My Heart [BL]”

  1. Да это тот самый русский комент который ты искал(а)
    Лайк кто русский)

  2. Where can I watch the new episodes though cause at kissaisan.sh they only had four episodes until the part where they both hear to the song called everything with headphones

  3. Sarawat OMG..!! I think I fell in love with that boy, no mames is beautiful. I love this series, I need more like this can someone recommend me?

  4. I always died of curiosity to know which or which video editors are used for these effects, transitions, etc. specific… Somebody tell me? Please😐

  5. to anyone who want to watch the series: it's called 2gether the series, just search here in youtube: "2gether the series episode 1 [1/4]" , it's divided in 4 parts each episode, don't forget to turn on the subs in the 3 dots at the top right

  6. Русские, мать вашу вы где? Я ничего не понимаю здесь, ааааа😭

  7. Honestly, I just want Green to be mine. He is funny, sweet, feeds you, wipes your sweat off after your cheer practice, cooks for you, makes you smile, protects you from BULLIES, beats the living shit out of bullies, even when you hurt him…he takes it in good humour and gives you another chance. Honestly? Everyone deserves a Green in their life.

  8. Okay I’m sure even with context, “can I touch your nipples” would’ve still made me choke on my gum and gay

  9. Oh my Sarawat ❣ This video and the edit give me Goosebump. 💕 Another masterpiece. The transition fits in the beat. I really love this video. Transitions, Music, and the video itself are all great.

    Hoping that you will create a Tutorial Video soon. I will be one of your followers. ❤❤❤

    I am wondering what specific app or Video editor you used to this one? ☺☺

  10. Wait. I don't know if it is rude to ask but I just wanna know..are the actors here gay? Bright and win?

  11. thank you sm for doing this: im completely in love!! its just so perfect and beautiful and i lov my babies a lot!!! 💘💘💘 cant wait for next episode

  12. watching this series makes me fall inlove 🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣 wish I have someone like Sarawat 🤣 or Tine 🤣

  13. It's been a week i first saw this video and I come here to watch it everyday!😻 This video is just awesome! 😻😻😻😻😻

  14. At this point half of this videos views gotta be from me.
    I watch this 5 times a day minimum.
    And I never get tired of it.
    Genuinely the most well edited, best chosen song for this couple I've seen so far.
    It just makes my heart jump funnily.
    Thank you for this😍

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