S. Korea confirms 12th patient, with total cases surpassing 1,000 threshold

S. Korea confirms 12th patient, with total cases surpassing 1,000 threshold

South Korea reported another death on
Wednesday the number of kovat 19 cases has broken the 1000 mark now 37 days
since the first one was confirmed these are mostly in or near the southeastern
city of Daegu and are linked to a religious group called Shin Tongji for
the details we have our young moon on the line Youngman what’s the latest
death in South Korea has confirmed this 12 death from Cove in 1900 Wednesday the
men at 73 year old 73 year old from tako have been receiving respiratory
treatment in the cities Kim Young University tombs on hospital he also
reportedly had been suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and
hypertension is one of the members of the religious group Chi Cheng Zhi which
is at the center of the massive number of cases over the past couple of days
which began with a thirty first patient who was also from the particular group
and 253 more infections were confirmed in Tuesday which brings the total number
of cases to 1146 they 1,000 mark is said has been reached in 237 days since the
first case was confirmed on January 20th most of the cases are from tegu and the
southeast of the country that includes Pusan which has confirmed 50 cases so
far with a major cluster there linked to a local church and one nursing hospital
in Busan is currently under a so-called quarantine meaning it is not itself down
the major came after one of the staff Tara was infected and it was found today
that another medical worker was had contracted the virus from the hospital
no cases have been confirmed among patients but some 24 of them with
suspected symptoms are expected to be sent to Pusan Medical Center young and
obviously the situation is changing quickly day by day but there is is there
any pattern among the latest cases yes Devin the Korea Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention said that there are two normal trends first is that the
majority of the cases are coming from religious group and as we’ve seen with
the cases in pegue in Pusan second is their elderly people and those with
pre-existing conditions are more prone to contract the virus with that decay
CDC has highly advised people to refrain from engaging in group activities or
going to public places especially when they have some select suspected symptoms
like fever also it is delivering the entire
list of some 200 12,000 members of the Shin gender religious group to municipal
governments today for a thorough investigation that’s all I have for now
back to you Devon all right he got going reporting there
thank you for that

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  1. wait for Moon blaming japan.
    not china, not crazy cult, not communist party , nothing But JAPAN!
    click "view reply" to see what korean people think . LOL

  2. The tv announce didn't say that Seoul has 32 case . If they can fabricate the numbers in China, why can't they do it now

  3. WHO and CCP have lied to the world and are responsible for this pandemic. WHO is no better then the CCP they lie to the world now trying to blame the other countries. IF WHO original told the truth instead of saying don't worry China the best they lie about number of cases 5 million Chinese left there before they announced the virus.

  4. Thanks to China bioweapon…
    You stupid comunisme….
    You play fire you got burn…
    Also play deathly virus….
    This what happened..

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    Coronavirus Is…
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  6. 🙏 💝
    There will be a rainbow after heavy rain 🌈
    Keep love, joy ,peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness, and self control , in daily

  7. A created virus to eliminate the sick and the old… you know the ones that are a burden to those in global power.. a virus that only the strong will survive..

  8. South Korea needs to get rid of its 5G. Coronavirus is nothing more than a common cold.

    The 5G destroys the immune system. THAT IS WHAT IS KILLING THE PEOPLE. RESEARCH.

  9. The Church involved believes this as their motto
    Revelation 21:1 King James Version (KJV)

    21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    "Heaven on earth"

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