Rose Yoga 🌹 Heart Opening Flow 🌹 Yoga With Adriene

Rose Yoga  🌹 Heart Opening Flow  🌹 Yoga With Adriene

– Hello my darling friends and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have a beautiful heart opening yoga practice. I’m also calling
this “Rose Yoga.” So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alrighty my darling
friends, welcome. Let’s begin in a
nice comfortable seat. Come on down to the ground. Sit up nice and tall. And we’ll begin today’s practice
with the hands lovingly pressing together, right in
the center of your chest, the center of your being,
your heart. Anjuli Mudra. Thank you so much for
committing to this practice, for sharing your
valuable time and energy, your story with Benji and I and
with all the beautiful people and pets around the world. Whenever thoughts or
distractions come up throughout your practice, just take this
time for yourself. Acknowledge them. You don’t have
to ignore anything. And do your best to stay present
with whatever’s going on in your body, in your mind. Whatever you’ve
got going on in your mind as well as in your heart today. Let’s just ride
the wave together. See what happens. As you’re ready we’re gonna
bring a little bit of energy to the arms here by sending
the elbows out left to right. Once you feel like
you have the shape, tuck your chin and send your
gaze towards your hands or if you’re comfortable, go ahead and
close your eyes and just allow the sound of my
voice to guide you. We’ll take a deep
breath in here together. Ready? Big inhale, press
the palms together, active arms as you breathe in. And then as your breathe out, slowly bring the
elbows together, lift your chin and
send your gaze or your third eye up
towards the sky. Good, inhale, press the
palms together actively. You might even
feel a little shake, a little prana,
a little stimulation. Hey yo! And then exhale,
bring the elbows together, lift your chibn,
lift your heart. Careful not to crunch
the back of the neck. Okay, inhale,
press the palms together, elbows left to right. Start to bring your
shoulder blades together. Inhale, press the
elbows in towards each other. Fingers get soft. One more time, inhale. Elbows left to right. And exhale, reel it in. Good, then allow
your hands to just soften, let it just be
natural and easy here, Anjuli Mudra at the heart. And we’re gonna bow
the head to the hands in this prayer mudra and there’s a little
invitation here to just set an intention. Or bring a focus to
someone or something. Maybe you dedicate this practice
to someone who could use a little extra good juju
or just someone you love. Maybe there’s something you’d
like to clearly state here, an intention. A word. And then as my mom always says and used to frequently say
to me as a young person, once you have that intention, or even if it’s just a feeling,
“I choose to be the best version of myself,” mom says, “Act as if it were already so.” And then let’s rock and roll. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, go ahead and
release the palms to the knees. We’re gonna take a deep
breath in and begin to drop the shoulders down as you lift
your chest up towards the sky. So big heart opener here. Heart opener doesn’t always
mean like big full wheel or big resurrection up to the clouds,
just allow your heart to lift and it’s a feeling,
a connection, it’s the intention behind the
movement or the gesture that really makes it
about heart for me. So feel the belly get long here. Think of that long puppy
belly like Benji’s belly here. Keep drawing your
shoulder blades together. Take one more inhale. And then, yep, you guessed it,
exhale, chin to chest. Rounding through,
think Cat Pose. Spinal flexion. Stay here for couple breaths. Feel the breath really
stretch the upper back body. This is that Mr. Burns shape. This is really a true
embracing of the shoulders kind of coming forward. You’re doing great.
Soften the skin of the forehead. Alright now
let’s flow with that. Nice and easy.
Inhale to lift the heart. Drop a little
weight in your elbows here. And then exhale to round
through, chin to chest. And since you
know our structure now, go ahead and soften
your gaze again or close your eyes
so you can really feel it out. Inhaling to lift. And exhaling to round. Benji’s so cute. He’s using me as
a footstool here, putting his feet on me. And start to sync up
with a deeper breath. Best you can here right away. Allowing the breath, not just
our physical practice today but allowing the breath to blossom with each gesture. Alright, and wherever you
are go ahead and wrap it up. Finish it up and then
bring the head over the heart. Take a deep breath
in as you squeeze the shoulders up to the ear lobes. Then take the elbows back
and down as you breathe out. Twice more.
Inhale, squeeze and lift. Lift, lift, lift. And then exhale.
Shoulder blades draw together. Imagine you’re
pinching a pencil between your two shoulder blades
Okay, one more time. Squeeze and lift
as you breathe in. And exhale, dropping the
elbows, dropping the shoulders. Awesome. Take a minute or two here to check in with
the head, the neck. Don’t forget the front of
the neck, too, the throat. Just some soft easy movement. If you need a structure, you can
draw small circles with the nose one way and then the other. Otherwise, get free. Improvise. Notice the sound
effects if there are any. Excellent. Now we’re going to take
the fingertips forward here. Take a deep breath in. And then on an exhale, cross
the right arm over the left and you’re just going to
send your fingertips in towards the center of your back.
Keep your elbows lifted. Lengthen through the side
body here giving yourself a beautiful loving embrace. Sit up nice and tall, beautiful and radiant
throughout the spine. Excellent and
then slowly release, send the fingertips forward. Inhale in.
Exhale, left arm over the right. Same thing.
Try not to collapse here. Stay lifted. Breathe in. Elbows lift, lift, lift. Breathe out, shoulders
ground, ground, ground. Close your eyes for a beat here. Feel your own hug,
your own embrace. Telling your brain
I’m safe, I’m here, I’m doing my yoga practice.
Life is good. I’m ready to tend to the soil so that my flowers can grow. Whatever it is.
Okay, take one more breath. And then exhale to release.
Awesome work. We’re gonna come to all fours
now and then you’re gonna make your way to Downward Dog but
take your time. There’s no rush. Enjoy the ride. So we already did our spinal
flexion so we’re gonna plant the palms with consciousness and when you’re ready
curl the toes under. Take a deep breath in. Elbow creases shining forward. Keep the knees bent as you
slowly peel the tailbone up towards the sky. Then pedal it out,
listen to your heart here. Big heart opener here as you
use your breath to slowly gain length in the
backs of the legs as you breathe in and then use your breath to really melt
the heart towards the thighs as you breathe out. And you don’t
always have to accept, you know, do my cues. I’m certainly not here to
dictate, just a guide. So maybe it’s not exactly what
I’m saying but you use that as an invitation to shine a little flashlight
around and see what’s up and respond to
whatever it is you find. Okey doke, baby
steps to the elevator, baby steps to the top
of the mat. Take your time. We’ll meet in Forward Fold
at the top of your mat. Yogi’s choice.
Nice conscious footing. Feet hip width
apart or flush together, you just got to decide. Okay. Bend your knees here. Let the weight of
your head gently fall down. Crown towards the floor. Then if you like here,
you can lift the toes, ground through all
four corners of the feet. Find your foundation and
then grab opposite elbow with opposite hand and
we’re gonna just take a couple gentle
little sways here. Nice and easy. Find your breath. Remember your intention. Try to give your thinking mind
a break here in this beautiful heart opening practice. Allow your body intelligence or
even your emotional intelligence today with the heart to have the head seat at the table. Sweet, release the fingertips. Bend your knees even more. Start to wake up through
your beautiful muscular legs. (chuckles) And
then nice and slow, listen to the sound of your
breath as you took your chin and slowly roll up to standing. And as you rise up, right away,
ground down through the feet and then continue that energy
from the soles of the feet all the way up through the shins,
the kneecaps, the quads. Start to lift up from the pelvic
floor and find this beautiful long spine as you lift your
heart all the way up and allow this energy in your
heart space, this opening, to effect the shoulders. So for me,
if I’m lifting the heart, I’m kind of coming
out of that collapse, very naturally kind of
invites my arms to open my shoulders to
kind of come into socket. So this is a great example of
kind of moving with the feeling. So it’s good to know the
alignment but then keep asking yourself where’s it coming from. Because sometimes the alignment
that’s right in my body is completely wrong
perhaps for your body. So stay present. This is a great practice to just
kind of help us remember those beautiful in-depth lessons that our practice, regular practice teaches us. To summarize,
you’re in charge, you know best and respect your body
by leading with your heart. Okay, let’s go. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch requires big breath. Exhale. Grab your left
wrist with your right arm. Take it up and over. Again really up and
over not just straight over. Feel that lift and then
slowly come back to center. Keep breathing here as
you take the opposite wrist. Think up and over. Excellent, then inhale,
release that. Come back to center and
exhale palms come together. Anjuli Mudura,
again we’re gonna slice it right down the
middle here as you bend your knees and take
it all the way down. Awesome.
Inhale, halfway lift. Move nice and slow
here in this first one. Shoulder blades draw together,
heart nice and open. Exhale, soften and fold. Back up the way you came. Inhale, palms come together. We reach for the sky. And exhale, hands to heart. Try to get your
center right underneath you. Whatever that means to you. Okay, again, inhale
fingertips go down to come up. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, grab your left wrist,
take it over to the right. Dig into the heels, inhale,
come back up to center. Grab your right wrist. Exhale, take it
over to the left. Inhale, come up to center. Palms come together and exhale, slice it all the way down,
Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. This time take
your fingertips out, palms down towards the earth,
airplane arms. Draw your
shoulder blades together. Big breath in here as if
you’re looking into a pond. And then exhale
to slowly release. Good, dig into the heels.
Inhale, palms come together. Slide all the way back up. Reaching fingertips
towards the sky. Exhale, hands to heart. Take a deep breath
in here. Inhale. Exhale to relax
your shoulders, drop in. Good, inhale, reach for the sky.
Spread the fingertips. This time exhale
over to the right. You can grab the wrist or you can just keep
the fingertips lifted. Inhale, back to center. Exhale, over to the left. Inhale to center. Exhale, palms kiss together
and we slice it right down, Forward Fold. Inhale, airplane arms. Send the crown of your head
forward look out and then exhale fold it all the way down. Alright, adding on.
Plant the palms here. We’re going to step
the right foot back and then step
the left foot back. Sorry Benji. Watch out, bud.
Share the space. (laughs) Right away, you know your body
best so if you need to lower the knees here, please do but you
want to keep a nice long line from the crown to the tail. So no collapsing. Great, wherever you are,
we’re here for three, two. Everyone lower with love onto
the belly so nice and slow. Nice conscious movement. Then drag your hands
in line with your rib cage when you get down here. Press firmly
into the pubic bone. Tops of the feet
grounding down into the earth. Squeeze your elbows into your
side body and then inhale look forward as
you rise up, Baby Cobra. Pause here, breathe as
we strengthen the back body. Breathing mindfully,
foundation strong. No tension in the neck
soften through the face. Good, and then slowly release. Forehead kisses the mat. We’ll curl the toes under.
We’ll lift the kneecaps. Here we go, inhale in. Exhale, press up to Plank. Now lift your figurative
heart space up between your shoulder blades here. Strong and steady
building strength. We’re here for three.
Breathe deep. Two, nice long neck and on
the one send your hip points up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Now take some time here. Pedal it out.
Melt your heart back. Notice what’s
coming up in your mind. Or even in your body. Really stay present with whatever
sensation is coming your way and then you
use the breath to keep going. Alright, establish a
firm connection hand to earth. Fingertips clawing
into the mat as you anchor the left heel
down to the ground. Feel that generous
stretch in your left Achilles, calf, back of
the left hamstring. And then from there,
from that kind of tripod, that’s where we’ll inhale,
kick the right foot out. Imagine you’re sliding it
against an imaginary wall. Lift up to Three-Legged Dog. Then bend your right knee take
your right toes over towards the left side of your
mat and begin to stack. Right hip over the left as you
take your heart and spiral it looking underneath your
right arm, the armpit chest. Alright, stick
with your foundation. Here we go, big inhale to spiral
it back to Three-Legged Dog. Straighten your right leg. And then exhale to keep
it going all the way through, step it all the way
up into a nice low lunge. Gently lower your
back knee to the earth. Yogi’s choice, you can keep
those toes curled under or if it feels more rooted
just more grounded to bring the top of the foot
to the earth, do that. Inhale in. Exhale, squeeze the inner thighs
together and slowly rise up. So strong base here
as you bring the palms together at your heart. Now check it out. If this is too
crazy for you today, keep the hands on the waistline. Just gonna give you
a little better balance with your elbows
out left to right. So have a strong base here. I’m pulling my
right hip crease back. Here we go, inhale
long puppy belly again, think Benji’s belly,
as you slowly, so don’t force it,
don’t push it, be sweet, lift your
heart up towards the sky. Great. Stay here or hands
on waistline if you need it. Squeezing the inner
thighs in for stability. Or on an inhale we’re
gonna send the elbows out, Cactus Arms or, I’m from Texas
so football goalpost arms. Front knee is not going
beyond that front ankle here and we’re gonna open
the palms super wide. Inhale in, exhale,
close them together. Palms kiss. Inhale to blossom.
Open your heart. Exhale palms kiss. One more time, inhale,
you got this. Strong legs, squeeze
the thighs to the midline, lift your chest up towards the
sky and then exhale palms come together and we’ll slice it
all the way right back down. Left hand to the earth,
just a nice easy twist here. Inhale right fingertips
to the sky nice and easy. Good, and then
slowly bring it back. Fingertips now come to the mat. Let’s reverse it. Take a little weight
out of that left hip by pulling the right
hip crease back. Breathe deep. Keep those right toes active,
best you can. Think about flexing your
right foot towards your face, towards your third eye. Gorgeous, now here we go. Dig into your right heel,
roll all the way through. We’re gonna
plant the palms here, lift the back knee up and
step it back, Plank Pose. Or Half Plank. Strong and steady,
inhale, shift forward. Exhale, squeeze the elbows
into the side body as you slowly lower down with control. And if you’re
new to the practice, trust me, belly flops
are totally welcome. You gotta start
somewhere, right? Be kind. Have fun. Inhale, Cobra. This time maybe we get a
little bit higher, maybe not. So holding onto that integrity. And then releasing
forehead kisses the mat. Good, curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps, tone your quads. So from your center,
whatever that means to you, inhale in. And then exhale,
navel draws up to the spine and that’s what lifts us up. Again, lift your heart space up
between your shoulder blades. Benji woke up, yay! Inhale in here.
We’re here for three. Two, hips up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Inhale lots of love in here. Exhale lots of love out. Reconnect with your
foundation strong and steady. And when you’re ready,
anchor the right heel down. Claw through the fingertips and
nice and slow we’ll slide the left foot as if it
were sliding up an imaginary wall all the way up. So slow and with control. Beautiful, then
bend your left knee. Take your left toes over towards
the right side of your mat. And allow your
heart to spiral open. You can look underneath
your left armpit chest. Right heel’s
still anchoring down. Pressing into both palms evenly. Good, then draw your center in. Slowly spiral it back. Inhale, send your
left foot out long. Three-Legged Dog,
exhale slowly reel it in. Beautiful controlled
movement here. Nice work. Gently lower the
right knee to the earth. Find your footing back there. Whatever feels good.
Experiment. Get to know your body
through your practice. Simply copying me or copying
a teacher’s not gonna do it. Ot it’s gonna do something
but it’s not gonna do it. The magic. The union. You know, the yoga. Okay, squeeze the inner
thighs together everybody. Inhale in from that
place of connection, that strong base, rise up. You’re gonna feel strong even
if you feel like you have a lot of strength to build. If you start to
energetically work, you’re going to be more
inspired to show up on your mat. ‘Cause you’ll feel supported
and you’ll start to notice all your amazing
potential to blossom. Just like that
of a beautiful rose. Okay. Hands,
Anjuli Mudra here again. If we want to
come to the waistline, again we can here, just gives
you a little more stability. It’s a great place to start. Breathing deep
and don’t be afraid to back pedal
a little bit, you know? Like sometimes we get
so far in all these poses it’s okay to come back. Come back to basics. Come back find something new. Go a little deeper. And make it more
sustainable and more enjoyable. Okay, pull the left hip crease
back if you’re not already. Hopefully by now we’re starting
to really feel that connection of the inner thighs hugging
in towards the midline which is going to inspire this. Here we go, big lift
all the way up in the heart. So send it way
beyond your physical body. Send that heart energy or
let it radiate way up and out. And then inhale
to open the elbows, open the palms,
lift your chest up high. And exhale to slowly
hold onto your balance as you bring them together. Move nice and slow here. Inhale, open the chest,
elbows go wide. And exhale, palms kiss. Bring the elbows together. One time, one more time, inhale. And exhale. Bring it together. Slow and with
control from center. Bring it back down,
nice easy slice. Right hand to the earth. Nice and easy,
inhale left fingertips reach up towards the sky. Big twist so bring
on a big ol’ breath. Good and then reeling
it down, nice and easy. Send the hips back. You can keep the back
foot exactly where it is. Allow your left
foot however to peel up. Again, flexing those chose
actively towards your face. So bend the knees
generously as you need to. I honestly really encourage
a good generous bend here. And then here we go,
digging into that left heel, slowly rolling through. Awesome work.
Plant the palms. We’ll lift the back knee,
we’ll step it back, Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward. Exhale, belly to Cobra or now
maybe you take a chaturanga to an Upward Facing Dog or
straight to Upward Facing Dog. Allow your heart to
lift as you breathe in. And then on your exhale, make
your way to Downward Facing Dog. Awesome work. Anchor the left heel, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. This time straight
into it, exhale, knee to nose round
through, step it up. Back knee lowers. Let the root of this posture
really be in that back foot. Inhale, reach for the sky. Both fingertips up high. Lift your heart. Exhale, moving through
that Cactus Arm pose. You’re gonna bend the elbows,
squeeze the shoulder blades together and then
release the fingertips all the way back like airplane. Inhale in here. Exhale, draw the
shoulder blades together. Option here now to interlace
the fingertips behind the tail, behind the back. If it doesn’t really feel
good in your body then just keep the arms
nice and wide. This is totally Kate Winslet
at the top of the boat here. Got to bring an image here. Bring an open mind,
an open heart, lift the corners of
your mouth just a bit. One more breath. Yes, and then
slowly release everything. Come back to
your nice low lunge. Good, left hand to the earth. This time instead of a twist,
we’re going to take the right fingertips all the way forward,
up and back and reach it towards the back edge of your mat. Stay here or option
to lift the hips up high, grab your left toes, so you’re
going to lift your left toes and then nice and steady,
and maybe even turning the right toes out
a bit if you like, you’re going to slowly
begin to keep that front knee over the front
ankle and lift your heart. So don’t let that
knee go too far ahead. Just check out
where you are today. Big breath in.
Lift the chest, side body long. And then slow and with control
just as you’ve been moving we’re gonna come out of it and come back
to our nice low lunge. Great. Pull the right
hip crease back. We come into this runner’s
stretch here just for a breath. Just to balance it out. Flex your right toes
towards your face and then roll on
through the right foot. Great, plant the palms,
step it back. You can take it straight to
Downward Dog here if you like or moving through a little vinyasa,
using your inhale to find that lift, that open heart.
Nice and easy. And then staying
connected to the breath, we’ll make our way
to Downward Dog. Take your time. Alright, second side. After this we’re gonna
take it down so stick with it. Move with your breath. Anchor the right heel, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Three-Legged Dog. Pressing into both palms evenly. Here we go, exhale,
shift forward, knee to nose. Light up your core. Then step the left foot forward. Lower the right
knee to the earth. You have a nice
strong base here. Once you feel
like you’ve found it, inhale reach the fingertips
all the way up towards the sky. Crescent Lunge,
squeeze the inner thighs. In particular if you’re really
flexible lift up from your pelvic floor just a bit. Stay connected. And then here we go,
big inhale to lift the heart. Long puppy belly, big
exhale to slow and with control, bend the elbows. Ooh, right shoulder and then
slowly coming through the Cactus Arms
to your airplane arms. Strong legs, strong breath. Feel that little bit of tapas,
that warmth forming around your neck and your forehead. And then option here to
interlace the fingertips. If you do, I invite you
to take the opposite bind. Lifting your chest. Going all in for love. Starting with yourself,
totally vulnerable shape here. Particularly when
you put your breath and your full awareness into it. When you connect. Alright, take one more breath. And then use your exhale. So actively use your
exhale to draw your navel in, release the arms slowly
and come all the way back to your nice low lunge. Good work. Left fingertips
reach forward, up, big circle and all the way back. You might just pause here. You might just open up
through the chest here, left pec, or in time we might
begin to bend that right knee, grab the left toes, and maybe
opening the left hip a bit here, opening the left
toes out if you need. Find that lift in the chest. As you lean back, chin up. Throat nice and open. Breathing deep. Hips and heart connecting. Yes, and then with control,
best you can, with control, we’ll release,
bring it all the way back through to your
runner’s stretch. Take your time.
Pull left hip crease back. One more nice awesome stretch before we bring it down low and close out this session. So keep breathing deep. Go inward. Coming back through. Awesome work.
Plant the palms, last Plank. So take it or leave
it if you don’t want it, then you can go Half Plank or
go straight to Child’s Pose. But here we go, Plank position. Gaze straight down, breathe. Alright, you’re doing awesome. Once again, bring your
figurative heart space, the center of your chest, bring
it all the way up towards the sky as you press
away from your yoga mat. Feel that hollow front body
as you reach the heels back. We’re building strength
here one breath at a time. You’re doing awesome.
Keep the neck nice and long and find your intention
again, your focus. Downward, inward, creating 100% full body
experience here for three, for two, and on the one let the
knees kiss the earth. Yay! Great work. Okay, you’re going to send
the legs to one side, any side. We’ll come up through
to a nice comfortable seat. Send the legs out long. Excellent.
Just take a beat here. Dundasana. Thigh bones ground down.
Toes flex up towards the face. Shoulder blades come together. We lift up through the spine. Notice how your
Planks can affect this pose. Sitting up tall. And if you’re struggling here,
you’re not alone. Remember I’ve been practicing
for years and I honestly think Dundasana is, this shape,
Stick Pose, is much more
challenging than an arm balance. Okay, send the
fingertips forward. On an exhale, slowly lower down. You can keep the feet flexed
or you can point the toes and you’re just going to
come all the way to the earth. Nice and slow. Fabulous and when you do go
ahead and bend your knees, snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. Walk the heels up
towards your hips. Palms come to the earth. Find your breath again. And when you’re ready,
press the feet, press the palms
into the earth and lift up from
the tail, nice and slow. Hip points up towards the sky,
shins forward. When you reach the top of
your inhale full capacity, exhale, slowly
lower down nice and easy. Twice more, inhale, lift it up. And exhale, slowly lower down. And really let this be soft. That soft, kind of
almost feminine energy here, that moon energy as
you press into the palms, ground through the feet and
slowly for our final round lift it up, Setu Bandhasana,
Bridge Pose. Now keep that squeezing
into the midline that you had in your lunges here. And if you like,
take the bind. Drawing the shoulder
blades a little closer together. Lifting the hips
up a little higher. Now lift your
heart towards your chin. And open your throat as you lift
your chin up towards the sky. Maybe part the lips.
Maybe close the eyes. Breathe like you love yourself. Inviting a willingness
in to blossom in new ways. To open. And radiate love. Stay here. Strong static hold. One more breath, you got it. And then with control,
same as we’ve been doing, nice and slow
and with control, release. Awesome. When the spine kisses
the mat again go ahead and bring the soles
of your feet together. Let the knees open wide. Reclined Cobbler’s Pose,
Supta Baddha Konasana. Take your hands to
the tops of the thighs. Just gently pet them. Just get the hip
creases a little bit of energy to soften here. And then bring your
hands to your belly. Close your eyes. Back to your intention
as you breathe in, fill the belly with air,
feel your hands rise. And then on the exhale,
yep, you guessed it, a gentle fall with the breath. So take a couple
moments here with the rise and the fall of your own breath. Feeling the belly
expand as you breathe in. And surrendering to
gravity as you breathe out. Then slowly we’ll begin
to bring the knees together. You can use your hands, your fingers to help
guide the thighs in. And nice and easy,
move slow here guys, move slow, hug the
knees into the chest. Last time Cactus Arms. You’re gonna bring
the elbows to the earth. Inhale in, exhale, take
your knees over to the right. Inhale, come into center. Exhale, take your
knees over to the left. And slowly back to center. One more time,
over to the right. Back to center. Over to the left. And this time,
bring your right, yeah, right elbow in
towards your left elbow. You’re gonna come into a fetal
position and just take a second here to rest your sweet,
precious heart. Close your eyes. Notice how you feel. And then when you’re ready,
we’ll begin to press the hands into sweet Mama Earth. This video is going
live out on Mother’s Day so also thank you, Mama Earth. Yoga works. I kind of got
emotional about Mother Earth. So, good stuff. And we’ll finish by
bringing the palms together. You’re just going to
create a little energy, a little friction. This is also something
my mom used to always do and something she
used to teach her students so we’re going
to close with this. Nice active gesture of love. Get a little heat going. Go a little faster. And then bring your
hands to your heart. Feel your hands on your chest. Feel that warmth. Give thanks for this time
that you’ve taken for yourself. You’re awesome. Namaste reminds us
that you’re awesome and that I’m awesome and that our togetherness
is awesome too. Let us know how you’re feelin’ in the comments
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who you think might benefit and we’ll see you next time. Namaste. (bright music)

100 Replies to “Rose Yoga 🌹 Heart Opening Flow 🌹 Yoga With Adriene”

  1. I dedicate today’s practice to my Mom, to Mama Earth and to you, because we are one.
    Who do you your practice to today?

  2. It’s not Mother’s Day but today But as I was laying in cobblers pose, I closed my eyes and saw heart shaped orbs and felt my Mum so near and said hello . My Mum passed in 2012 .Namaste 🙏🏻

  3. Just want to thank you so much for all your videos Adriene my buddy Benji both get our heart ❤❤ love always . PS Tell Chris and his wife I said thank you very much for doing a beautiful job for you

  4. Wow!!! 
    I woke up this morning with cold symptoms and it made me feel bad. I decided to meet you, Adriene to do some yoga because I couldn't get back to sleep. This Rose Yoga is not only opening my heart, it threw the cold away. Feeling much better now, can't wait to enjoy my rest of bright Sunday. Thank you so much, Adriene.. the beautiful rose is definitely you 🙂

  5. The gentle of the practice was healing for both my body – it eased some bad tension in my right shoulder – and my mind. Spirit and my soul. I honestly found my true self this morning through this practice. Thank you Adriene for helping me find ease and grace. Bless!

  6. Before reading the caption, I actually thought about my mother at the beginning of the practice. Thank you, teacher.

  7. So nice, just so nice. Thanks again for your ever sympathetic way of instructing yoga – and sharing a little emotion too.

  8. I’m not going to lie today I really didn’t want to get out of my bed early to do this longer yoga practice 😂😂 but I got my butt on that mat and honestly had such a great practice. Thank you Adrienne, Namaste 🙏 🌹

  9. Great stretch, great heart and mind opener, but still don't get to grab my foot. Only the second time I do this practice, I will get it someday, I'm sure of it.

  10. Thank you once again, feeling very low energy today so I spent a bit more time in childs pose 🙂 Thank you so much Day 16 #ywaEXPLORE ~Namaste

  11. I have no idea what it is but for some reason at the end of this practice I had this sort of anger and I don't even know why or what's it about but I just took a few deep breaths and tried to let it go, that was a first for me I never felt that before maybe I'm anger about some that I've bottled up and it's just coming to the surface or it could just be a bad mood situation, I enjoyed today's practice, taking each posture slow makes it's all the more yummy cause I feel it rather than just going through the motions so thank u Adriene for picking this one for today much love to u and benji and all the yogis practice this one today, Namaste 💕💞💓💗💖❤🙏🐶🙏

  12. I'm a massage therapist and a client of mine actually referred me to you. I have two little ones at home and even they stop and attempt to do yoga with me when they see you on my screen. Love love love the flow of your yoga. You take the time to really listen to the body and are a calm director. Keep it up! I will continue to refer your videos to my clients as well as doing them myself <3 <3 <3

  13. Today, I got an five months long internship in London – where I've wanted to live since I was a kid. So today's intention was "celebrate myself". Yep, you guessed right, I cried like a baby. It was great!

  14. This week's calendar has been perfect for me! I have had a cold and haven't felt like doing much, but these not-too-strenuous videos have been just what I needed to get my energy moving. Thanks, Adriene!

  15. Adriene! You are magical! Yoga is magical! I felt so much strength in my body, it scared me a little. Thank you for helping us realise our potential. Every day I see the transformations in my mind and body. Thank you! And thank you to me for sticking to my practise every day and for forgiving myself if I do miss a day.

  16. Ah yes wow, fantastic. Able to get to this today and it was a treat indeed. I feel amazing and I thank God. Thank you as well, my dear yogi. May we all be blessed with a week of ease, peace, safety, success, and joy. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽

  17. Benji always makes me smile 🙂 Thanks for another great practice. I find cobblers pose painful because I'm not flexible that way – what can I do to make it easier or is there a good alternative?

  18. worked up quite a sweat with this one. i have to admit that there were times when I kind of cut things off for myself a little early–you were in lunge and i was like "no mas" and just moved through the runner's pose into a vinyasa. i'm glad that you said that it was okay to move at our own pace in the beginning because it alleviated a lot of the guilt i might have felt in "giving up" too soon.

    it's funny that this is called rose yoga when i felt like i was making little hearts the entire time.

  19. Amazing, opening practice after working at a desk all morning. I felt tense physically and mentally before this; a little yoga makes a lot of difference. 🙂

  20. As I write this I'm in tears. I'm reminded of the unconditional love I felt from my mother. When I was small, fragile and in her arms. How I was the centre of her world and she was mine. And how this beautiful earth is her too. She gives me that same unconditional love everyday. Nourishing my body with her elements.

  21. I love how gentle your yoga is. I've tried many different kinds of yoga before, and I find that fast-paced calorie burning yoga really frustrates me because it moves too fast for me to sink into a pose and transition between poses easily. I feel like I don't get as much out of it when it's fast paced. I love your videos because even the more "fast paced " ones that I've done are still focused on gentle transitions, not pushing your body to a point where it hurts, and really developing self-love. It's exactly the type of yoga I love. thank you so much 🙂

  22. As soon as I saw the roses I thought of my mom. Didn't even know this was released on Mothers day. Thank you! My heart is open.

  23. Thanks Adrienne that did what it said on the tin and I dedicate this practice to myself and the experience of life
    Namaste 💞

  24. You are awesome, Adriene. I never thought I would enjoy yoga as much as I do now. This is my 40th session in a row, I love your calendars and you are an awesome instructor. Thank you.

  25. I just want to say thank you. I work with you everyday and today I felt like I needed love, compassion and forgiveness. Like I needed to cultivate more of these. Mid-practice, I burst into tears and had such a phenomenal release of stuck energy. Thank you so much. This practice and you—you’re amazing. As someone with ptsd, these practices really help me release trauma and I’m so grateful to have found you.

  26. Thank you. I had done this video back when it came out. Today is my Sister Trisha's Birthday. She and my Mother have both passed into the other side. Coming to this video again today I feel they (especially my Mom) are speaking to me. I had forgotten it was a Mother's day video so it was a very nice surprise. I appreciate you, and this community so much. I Love you all, and don't forget to hug your loved ones while they are still here on this Mama Earth. Heck, hug, and love your enemies too. <3<3<3

  27. Thank you so much. I've lost my track some time ago, today I decided to come back to yoga as a first baby step. I was feeling awful because I allowed me to achieve this point of nonsense in life, however, after this practise I feel kinda relieved and grateful because, yes, I'm quite lost now, but I can still make peace with myself and start to create a new, better and durable path
    It's a yoga practise, but it is not only a yoga practise

  28. Hi Adrienne! Your channel is wonderful I have been following for almost 3 years. Is this practice is suitable for heart disease as well? Thanks keep up the good work. 💕

  29. What stretches could I do to help me be able to grab my left foot. I can reach the other foot but can't seem to bend my left foot up high enough to reach. Anybody got some tips?

  30. Thank you ❤️ so much for your videos, your positive energy and your amazing spirit! I have used this video often recently, as I undergo breast cancer treatments. Perhaps you would consider this as a topic for a future video?

  31. beautiful practice – Had had a challenging year on loads of levels. Did it to let go – and for me – just me Thank you <3. Namaste

  32. I just want to start off by thanking you for taking your time to record yoga sessions and allowing everyone to have a free access to yoga. It is a great gift. I am most grateful for you and your videos and your benji. I also do yoga with my dog around and he likes to do similarly things that benji does.
    I just want to give constructive criticism. I don't post this with the intention to hurt your feelings or anything and I apologize. I just wanted to tell you that while I often do love your silliness and your commentary there are times where its a hair too much. I find that it disturbs the flow of your beautiful poses and sometimes it is hard for me to zone you out because don't stop talking. this is also only my perspective!! others might not feel this way. others might absolutely love it. I just wanted to voice my opinion with in no way telling you this as something negative. Thank you again for posting your videos and doing what you do.

  33. I got super angry in the middle of this practice, for the first time ever. Leave it to yoga to put me in touch with how I really feel😳

  34. You always help me in unimaginable ways. This practice made me feel full and loved again, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Thank you. I really needed this. I have been really sick for a month. I haven’t had any motivation to come to the mat and practice. I am teaching a heart opening class tomorrow and I said let me practice so I can hopefully find some inspiration to give to my students. Now I have! Thank you!

  36. such a lovely practice, i was feeling very irritated, sore, & angry & i decided to do this heart opening practice with the intention of feeling more at peace, & i do! thank you so much for everything you do.

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