Rise of Azshara: Heart of Azeroth Essences Tutorial

Rise of Azshara: Heart of Azeroth Essences Tutorial

Welcome to the World of Warcraft
Feature Preview for Essences, a major update to the Heart of Azeroth
system in Rise of Azshara. With Essences,
you’ll use your Heart of Azeroth to tap into the raw power of the titans. These grant powerful active
and passive abilities that allow you to customize
your play style. Each Essence has a Major Power, which is usually a new active ability, and a Minor Power,
which gives a passive benefit. As your Heart of Azeroth
increases in power, you’ll unlock 1 Major and 2 Minor slots. Placing an Essence into the Major slot will activate both its Major
and Minor powers, while a Minor slot
will only activate its Minor power. You can place them
or swap them out in rest areas, or by using items such as
the Tome of the Quiet Mind. You can earn Essences
by completing a variety of activities, including PvP, raiding, world quests, and more. Many Essences are specific
to your role as damage dealer, tank or healer, but some are usable by anyone. After earning an Essence, you can find information about
the next rank and how to acquire it in the user interface. Each Essence has 4 different ranks, with ranks 2 and 3
granting more powerful effects. Rank 4 adds an improved cosmetic effect to an Essence’s Major Power, making you stand out from the crowd. Before you can use Essences, you’ll need to establish
your new hub in Nazjatar, and respond to a summons
from Magni Bronzebeard to unlock the Heart Forge. Completing this questline
will unlock the Major slot and reward you with your first Essence. The 2 Minor slots will unlock separately at Heart of Azeroth Level 55 and 65. Along the way, you’ll unlock
4 small stamina buffs as well. The Essence system is now available in the latest update to World of Warcraft:
Rise of Azshara. Thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you on the front lines.

100 Replies to “Rise of Azshara: Heart of Azeroth Essences Tutorial”

  1. Yay for more UI clicking! Thank you Blizzard, I was scared you were bringing the MMORPG back from the dead, you know, since WoW has been basically just a Massive Online Game since WoD… Phew, close one, glad we can play with more menus and systems which will become redundand in a few months and replaced with new ones! Such immersion! We just love this novelty, keep surprising us!

  2. I hope classic doesn't get tutorial like this for everything in the game that's too complicated for a 3 years old kid to understand

  3. To be honest, this sounds pretty boring. But the reason for this may be the whole direction the game went and not just one feature.

  4. Blizzard please fix BFA For this:
    1. PvP Vendors
    2. Lessening of RNG
    3. Give us Class Tier sets
    4. Fix classes major update (buffs & nerfs)

    Like this comment so WoW Devs will see it

  5. Essences add very little and do not come close to fixing any of the issues with specs which make BFA a terrible expansion. It is hard to say how much time you spent developing essences, but if it took longer than a couple of man-weeks, it was not worth it. Fix specs in 9.0 or the game is going to die.

  6. why not put an animation that makes your character hold the necklace in their hand when swapping essences (Essence Menu Open) ?
    Similarly to the animation your char does when opening the map

  7. Hands down one of the best features of the expansion so far. Too bad it will likely become obsolete by the time 9.0 comes out 🙁

  8. Completely off-topic but at 0:13 a warlock is casting Incinerate. How on earth could anyone say that looks better than the original TBC animation? Sorry but this bugged me for years now.

  9. Can you just add new allied races already? I've been waiting for months now. Are the Zandalari and Kul Tirans the last we get? Disappointing

  10. Love being able to fly in a new zone with a little Aether Current legwork, and not being time gated for months before flying is grudgingly 'allowed'.

  11. Wouldn't it be easier for yall to just re-add glyphs? Would be less work for ya cause this is literally the same system as glyphs.

  12. remembering the last video of blizzard staff preview explaining new upcoming patch
    Blizzard: Dont worry you dont have to grind more azerite lvls to use the new gear azerite traits slots.*
    This video: u need to grind to lvl 55 and 65 to unlock new heart of azzeroth stuff….

  13. Huh. It's about time you added some engaging mechanics to the Heart of Azeroth toy. …Oh wait, this is a toy you took out back in Legion. I mean, not knocking glyphs, as I liked them, but come on. Just make the pendant explode or something and call it an opportunity. The HoA's an anchor around every character's neck.

  14. All of this garbage only proves that it's only worthwhile to play a WoW expansion during the last two months, lol.

  15. So much colors… when everyone stands out by spewing even more colors its just a big room of rainbow vomit and you cant see anything.

  16. Blizzard: Hey guys lets remove glyphs so we can add them back in as a gimped "feature" of a new expansion! It'll save us from coming up with fresh ideas.

  17. Please please please get your employees and voice actors to pronounce Nazjatar correctly. Na-zsha-taar. Not Naz-Ja-Tar. Azshara pronounces it correctly.

  18. All these "great" changes, yet you still didn't make fury warriors viable in modern wow. Get back to us when I can use one hander's again or equip a shield to switch to an off-tank if the main tank dies. Since we have no useful utility. Duel wielding two handers has never felt so weak in the game. You won't be getting my sub back.

  19. Blizzard: We're gonna give you all these new abilities and buffs with a new Heart of Azeroth system!
    Players: Pretty sure this is same idea as Legion artifacts….and since the salvation of Azeroth is focused around this necklace, we're gonna lose it in the end somehow. So basically a repeat of Legion…..is that all?

  20. Looks great to me. Having the list of essences in-game to reference alongside how to get them has me already seriously considering things I would usually run screaming from like rated PvP for the chance at obtaining one of the more powerful essences for my class. Motivation to do a variety of challenging content? Yes please. This was sorely missing. It has elements of the Legiondary system but without the over-focus on RNG.

  21. PvP vendors then a lot of ppl may think about coming back. I know you guys dont care about sub count anymore because your shop makes you a lot of money..but doesnt player morale mean anything? Its been asked for so long. Its a been a faction based Xpac..so pvp should get a little love dont you think?

  22. IDK but somehow I don't >SEE< any difference between WOW and any other crappy mmo anymore except that you have to pay way too much. Sad actual

  23. Thank you Blizzard, for making healers even more immortals and unbalanced in casual pvp, this is teh first time ever I am not subscribbing in 13 years.

  24. PvP vendors then a lot of ppl may think about coming back. I know you guys dont care about sub count anymore because your shop makes you a lot of money..but doesnt player morale mean anything? Its been asked for so long.Please remove those artiffact things its nonsence 1 of these things hits 81k healers gets huge absorb thats kills pve even pvp! pve players should do their pve pvp players should do pvp we know oldgods and the story of world of warcraft is fascinating but you guys cannot do that you guys nearly killed pvp and all hardcore players is gone just do us favour remove those arttifact things and bring our pvp vendors please thank you.

  25. ein weitterer schlag in die fresse danke blizzard team , bin fertig mit eurem pvp spiel dem lezten dreck !!!!!!!

  26. i want the old wow where there are more socials than these crappy updates but blizz decided to kill it during cataclysm.

  27. Imagine scrapping and readding content that was in the game years ago and call it content.

    You're not fooling me

  28. im at the infusion part of the quest for the heart of azeroth and cant find the first essense, the crucible of flame

  29. What I hoped they'd do is give a real tree like the artifact tree. I like 8.2, but this is liked having an extra trink.

  30. Another great video but no intell on how to acquire minor almost 56 and have looked everywhere no luck any help would be appreciated ty

  31. I've been having this essence problem for a while and have been trying to figure out how to get new ones. So, simply I need to spend more time in Naztajar and Mechagon!

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