Rest & Manage Stress | Elena Brower

Rest & Manage Stress | Elena Brower

Greetings dōTERRA family. My name is Elena Brower, and I’m here to present to you
a series of practices and oils to help you calibrate
emotionally during this time and create a feeling of steady
presence in your body and in your mind. The first oil I’d like to talk
about today is Arborvitae. And with this oil, I would like
for you—if you have it, or any tree oil for that matter— bring it right up to your nose
from the bottle and inhale. I’ll present you with some
diffuser options in a moment. This oil is here to
teach us how to stand strong, how to see resistance
as it comes towards us, and welcome it,
and work with it, and move to the side a little
bit as we see it come up within us and around us,
because it will come up. Many differing opinions exist
right now. This oil teaches us how not to
succumb to the distractions and how to remember ourselves
amidst this truly hectic moment in history. It also is a solid ally
for us as a diffuser oil. Think about it with Geranium,
Ylang Ylang, and Lemon. Those four oils together
are very, very delicious and also very grounding, create a feeling of
love in your home. The next oil I’d like to talk
about is Adaptiv because our adaptability is everything in
our household right now, everything for our community. Adaptiv has a blend of oils
that come together to create a body of what
I say is empowerment. I am empowered
to create my state. Adaptiv has Wild Orange,
Lavender, Copaiba, Spearmint, Rosemary, and Neroli. I’d also like to think about
how the Adaptiv, comes not just in a roller, which is the way
that I love to use it. I just roll it all over
my forearms, elbow creases, back of my neck, pulse points, but it also comes in a 15 mL. And it’s really nice to diffuse
around the house when things seem chaotic, let’s say. Steady is one
of the kids’ blends. It’s one of my favorites. It was my first favorite. It’s a roller, it’s diluted, so
it’s safe to use on everyone in your house. It has Amyris, Balsam
Fir—another beautiful, majestic tree—Coriander, and Magnolia. Again, it’s blended with
Fractionated Coconut Oil, so it’s diluted, and we
can use it anywhere. I want to encourage you to,
when you feel overwhelmed, roll it on your neck, your back of
your neck, your pulse points, even on your
chest, your solar plexus. It’s so helpful to me. I bring it on every trip, and
it’s always in my bag. Very reassuring. Next, Balance. We all know this blend. It was my very first with
dōTERRA that I truly fell in love. This blend is about harmony. Right now, everything feels
very discordant, disharmonious. How can I be
a force for harmony? How can you be a force for
harmony in your body, in your household, and
in your community? Even if we can’t see each
other physically, how can you be a force for harmony? This blend combines Spruce,
Ho Wood, Frankincense. Frankincense, oh Frankincense. It’s a deciduous tree, and it grows where
so many other things simply cannot grow. And the resin of this tree is
here to teach us about truth. When we smell this oil, we
actually feel a connection to something very ancient, something very
deeply healing-ly masculine. We need so badly to
heal the masculine right now. How do we soften this
very hard edge in our world? We use Frankincense. To smell it, to apply it,
it’s very, very mild so you can apply it to parts
of your body. Of course, if you’re sensitive,
patch test it on your forearm, but I use Frankincense on all
of my spinal applications with my family. I use it in diffusers all the
time with citrus, Lavender, gosh, almost
anything—any tree, and I find that it
takes me back to the truth, when I need to recalibrate, and
I need to feel into what’s really right for me right now, because there are
so many opinions. The next one
is Anchor, naturally. It’s one of the blends from the
Yoga Collection. It has Frankincense in it. It also has Lavender,
Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Black Pepper,
Cinnamon, and Patchouli. And yes, I had
a hand in creating it, so I am particularly
partial to this blend. But think about what an anchor
does and think about— let’s take a deep
breath all together here, all the way down into the
depths of your belly, and think about just rooting
down where you are, whether you’re sitting or
standing or lying down, rooting down where you are. Holding steady, that’s what
this blend does for me. It has a beautiful, very
sophisticated—I feel—blend of these different oils, and I find it to
be very useful in this time. I love blending it, of course,
with the other Yoga Collection oils. But on its own, truly, it’s
extraordinary for right now.

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  1. Love dōTERRA essential oils! I have these and I’m using them. So helpful during these stressful times. Thanks for this informative video.

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