RELEASE Your Pain: Ep 18 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

RELEASE Your Pain: Ep 18 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. As usual I found something to read. It says – If you stay in a low state of consciousness For more than 3 months, you literally create disease in your body. Do not hold onto grief, it is not healthy. Our duty to ourselves Is to forgive, feel loved and let our loved ones forgive us, and let the grief go. So beautiful. This is what we have been talking about. Grief is here and disease is here. If you stay in a low state of consciousness for more than 3 months And it says you literally create a disease. It means the disease is sure to manifest if you are going through a sad state of mind for 3 months. 3 months – so how many days, how many parts and how many vibrations do we radiate to our body? It is becoming our reality. I did not say – let go of the grief to be happy. It said – let go of the grief to be healthy. Let go of the grief to be healthy. That might be an issue a challenge going on in life. It could be a very big issue. That could be such a situation that it does not have a solution. Sometimes we meet of your parents whose young children have died. This is not just a problem but it is a reality of their life. When the reality is so difficult to face and when there is so much pain When there is such a constant pain they believe that they need to live all their life with that pain. Missing that child and recalling his memories is one thing. Remaining in grief, remaining in pain and creating that same thought every moment, is another thing. The memories cannot be forgotten. The vacuum or the emptiness in life cannot also be filled. This is a reality. But every thought that we create after that tragedy Is our choice because many other realities are to be created after this. Just the other day I was talking to a couple. Their child had recently died. There is so much pain and tears. One of them said – I wake up so many times in the night and cry. I cannot imagine my life now without my child. As we kept speaking for a long time, I asked who else is at home. They said – There is another child, old parents, a brother, his wife and his two children. So there are about 10 to 12 people in that house living together. There is one emptiness. But the thought to create two words that Emptiness is our choice. One is to remember the child with a lot of love. And the other is to remember the child, grieving and crying. If we remember the child and cry, our thoughts will be – why did this happen with me, why did he leave me, I cannot live without him. When each of these thoughts radiate to the mind, body, to other people and to the house When they radiate all around us The line said – in 3 months you can literally create a disease. There is one very big situation to handle at home. Everybody at home is still learning to cope with that, and they have not yet been able to do so. If we take a little more care of our self We can stabilize the reality of our future. While talking to the couple, they mentioned that within the 6 months of the tragedy one of them has developed a particular illness. Now despite all these things we tend to tell ourselves – No, I cannot create the right thoughts. I cannot even think of anything else right now because that pain is so heavy. One child has left, and there are other people at home who need to be taken care of. When we did not take care of our self, one person has already developed an illness. There was one reality that got created, with the child’s death. Now what is the next reality that is getting created? Another disease. So now if we do not take care, another reality will get created. And the other people at home including the children They are getting influenced by your vibrations What if it negatively affects their mind and their body? Why we are discussing this is because this is the toughest thing that can happen in anyone’s life. Their other child and other people at home must have been absorbing so much of grief. Absorbing grief will have an influence on the soul and the body. There is heaviness and pain in the environment of the house. Now we have to sit back and reflect This is a vacuum which can never be filled But I have to create the remaining realities of my choice. So that everyone else now in the house should be fine, they should be physically healthy, have a healthy mind and our relationships should be good. So we need to choose the future realities. For that what should I create here? I need to create the right vibrations here. I met a parent whose child committed suicide. Her thoughts were not just of pain but of guilt. She said if only I spoke to us once and discussed what was the problem he was facing We were available for him. What was the problem which made him feel we will not be able to solve? The guilt and pain will multiply very quickly. And we have started to live with it. We told them to do a short meditation. That every morning they should sit in silence, connect to God Emerge that child in their meditation Take power from God and radiate to that child And give him a message – wherever you are in your journey right now, you are very happy and very healthy. They were told to do this every day. Connect to the God, visualise the child, God’s power is radiated to you, and going to your child from you. This soul which has taken a new costume as a child in somebody else’s home There is and energy of purity all around him And he needs to be given a powerful message Wherever you are and in whichever your family you are born into You are very happy and very healthy. We are fine here. We have to give this thought also to that soul. When that couple heard this they asked how to do it every morning. They were told to do it every morning. Nothing else is changing – unable to control tears, pain is not reducing, unable to remember anything else. So they were told to do it every morning and every night. And they can also take care that if they are going into pain, they can immediately do this short meditation. Wherever you are, you are happy and healthy. We are fine here. They were told to connect to God and give the thought to the child. Within a few months they were able to create stability here. The environment at home started to change. The acceptance of whatever happened, started settling in. Most important, they said – we feel our child is indeed happy and healthy wherever he is. We feel good to think about him now. They said – Because we feel maybe here there was something troubling him, but now he is happy wherever he is. This feeling got created because every day consciously they created that thought in meditation. What is the reality we want, we need to create its vibration. In the biggest and the toughest of situations We can change things by creating the right thoughts. Likewise, when the situation is good, if we create a wrong thought, then the situation turns negative. Thoughts are everything. That is why it said this is Physics. This is pure science. Your health, environment are getting created by thoughts. Universe is talking to you. Let us take a few take small situations in our life today. And let us consciously start writing Which thought to create for each of those situations By which I can change the reality. Changing the reality means, first of all changing the state of our mind. That line said – if you hold onto grief for 3 months you will literally create a disease. Which means I create a disease by holding on to pain. By releasing the pain I can correct my health. It said we need to forgive and let go. When we listen to it we tend to say – I cannot forgive. It was a big issue. He cheated me to such an extent that my life got disrupted. I cannot forgive Okay. I cannot forgive. My pain is not reducing and I am unable to forget what happened. So now what I need to do is, to consciously write down a meditation for myself. We need to create a mantra for meditation which we need to repeat often – in the morning, during the day and at night. We need to create the thoughts which will change the reality. There can be some people who have done wrong to us in such a big way that we are unable to forget the pain. That pain is just not subsiding. Why is it not reducing? Because the vibration we created about that incident every time The vibration was – He did this to me. We told about it to other people also – that he did this to me. When such vibrations are radiated to the wound It cannot heal. So what thought can we create for it right now? I forgive him. How to do it? I am not able to. We can think of the damage we are causing to ourselves by holding onto the pain. Did that also, but it did not help. We can understand that we must have done something wrong to them in the past. This is a return of that Karma. We have all this knowledge with us. I had such a past Karmic account with that soul. Otherwise this would never have happened with me. We know everything, that – this is the Sanskar of that soul. The situation was like that, for such an incident to happen. It was that soul’s perspective. But I am still in pain. Yes, it was my past Karmic account. I have the knowledge. We can even think there could be something good in whatever happened. But I am in pain right now. I am going through a lot of pain and discomfort, that such a thing has happened to me. I need to tell myself – I am God’s child. I am a powerful soul. I have so much power that I can easily get over such things. We need to start doing this. We have the knowledge. Many people who watch this program meet us and say – We know it is a return of the past Karmic account. We have understood that very clearly that it is a return of past karmic account. We also know that we must have done something wrong because of which this has happened. But how to handle the pain we are going through right now? Now we need to do something because of which this pain starts healing gradually. That disease should now start healing so that we gradually move towards health. We have the knowledge that it is because of Karmic account, past Sanskar, perspective of the other person. We tell ourselves all these points of knowledge. Despite giving this information, many times the pain just does not reduce. So now we need to do self-talk. Now if we have any such past wounds in our life. The line in this quotation is very powerful. If you hold on to grief for more than 3 months, you will literally create a disease. One thing has anyone happened because of past Karmic account. But our present Kama can create a disease. He cheated me because of our past Karmic account. But because of my thoughts in the present I can create a disease now. And what happens to the soul power in the present? It starts reducing. However tough the past Karmic account was, however big the betrayal cost to me was. Now I am going to sit with myself and create a meditation. We all need to learn how to do it. Each of our situations are different but we all need to learn And do this sincerely on a daily basis. With the firm belief that whatever is the vibration we create with our thoughts will manifest into a reality. Like you said – I am weak, I am hurt, I am in pain. This was my past Karmic account Now we will do the opposite. The first line in our meditation should be – I am a powerful soul. I am a powerful soul. I am happy soul. I am a blissful soul. Right now I am crying, right now I am hurt and I am in pain. But we have to create a different vibration which will create a different reality. I am a powerful soul. This Karmic account is over. I forgive myself. Next let us emerge the other soul Take the vibrations of purity from God And radiate it to that soul and say – this Karmic account is over. We need to start creating this daily. It will not happen in one day. We have to create it every day. And like we saw the other day consciously doing it thrice in the morning soon after waking up. It needs to be done at least 3 to 5 times so that it becomes a part of our system. Very slowly and powerfully we need to tell ourselves each and every line. I am a powerful soul. I am very very happy. The moment we give this message to our mind and the body. So what vibration does it radiate? That I am happy. What is the reality right now? I am crying. When the reality is that I’m crying, if I create a thought that I am sad What happens to my sadness? It increases. Reality is that I’m crying. But every morning and evening I consciously create a thought That I am very happy, that I am very happy. The problem will surely come down from 50 to 40, and 40 to 30. So what is our meditation? – I am a powerful soul. I am very happy. My Karmic account is closed. Both the souls are free from this pain. Both the souls are healed. Both of us are very happy. Then we take Gods power and visualise it and encircling us like a shield. Next we send it to that soul also and visualise it encircling him also like a shield. Sit in silence for a minute and give the message – we both are very happy. Because we are protected by God’s Love. Om Shanti. If this vibration is created 3 to 5 times powerfully with full faith Radiated to the mind, to the body and to that soul. It starts creating the reality. And if we don’t create this reality consciously. Another reality created may be a disease. We have this power. There is a brother who comes to our centre Somebody filed a false case against him in a business related matter. She has been in Gyan for many years now. He has been coming to the centre for many years. So the couple asked – this is from a past Karmic account, is it not? Yes, it is a past Karmic account. But what is to be done now? Somebody has filed case of such a huge amount. First of all it is incorrect, we have not done anything wrong to him. His product was wrong and so on. They narrated the entire background. It is from a past Karmic account, so what is to be done now? The more we keep thinking about it, it will only complicate the reality. The process was going on from a year. We told them – from tomorrow morning, both of you are going to sit down together. And start creating a thought I am a powerful soul. Happiness is my natural state. Everything in my life is perfect. Financially, emotionally and physically I am healthy. And then they need to emerge that other soul With whom that case is going on And first of all, say Sorry to that soul. So the brother asked why he should say sorry to that soul when he has troubled them. I asked him to let it be. If we start thinking of that in the present, then that vibration will create the same reality. It is a return of your past Karmic account, so for the past mistakes you have made, emerge the soul and tell him sorry. And then give him a powerful message Doing all this will only put both of us in more trouble. Come, both of us are settling this. And visualize that both of them are settling it together completely in an easy way. The case which had been going on for a year In 20 days the brother got a message from the other person – let us talk about it and resolve the issue. They were so surprised and asked – It works so fast? We wasted an entire year, getting entangled with him and the case so deeply. And this worked so fast. This is vibration. When we were not giving the message to come and settle it. When we did not say that everything is fine between us What was the message been given to them for a year? Why did you do this to us? We never did anything wrong to you. You made a false claim. With our vibrations we can either aggravate the situation or ease it. We need to start using this power that we have. While shooting the previous episode, many dogs are barking in the nearby area here. We had a choice of chasing them away. But I felt let us use the power of our thoughts. So I created thoughts like – they are quiet, they are not making any noise, we have finished shooting 3 episodes and left happily from here. From that moment until right now, there is no noise. I cannot believe it but it happens. How does it happen? When people say in nature is at our service. I would feel we should not have that level of ego. We should surrender to it in fact. Because such a big Universe or nature cannot be at our service. We have to be at nature’s service. If we had not created those thoughts during the shooting, then what would our thoughts be? Those dogs are so irritating. They are making so much of noise. So these are two sets of vibrations which we need to place in front of us and evaluate. The moment you created the thoughts of their silence, it happened. Let us look at the equation clearly. One is the reality – that it was very noisy because of the dogs barking. One is to think about whatever is the present reality. The other is to think of the reality that you want so that you create that particular reality. Now the equation is fitting well in this. Otherwise we would keep cribbing and complaining and make that a reality. We are sending our vibrations there. Are vibrations would be – It is so noisy here, now we cannot continue with our shooting. The rest so much disturbance that we need to move out of here. They should have checked the location beforehand, the noise is really loud. Those are our vibrations of one quality. The other quality of vibration that we can create is – the dogs are so quiet, they are not making any noise. We should not say – they will become quiet. I visualised that they are very quiet and we completed shooting of 3 episodes. We have got into the car after the shooting and happily going to have our breakfast. So what did we do? The self-talk that we created was a conversation with the Universe. And because it was a conversation with the Universe, we created a reality of our choice with our vibrations. And when all this was happening, it was not only that dogs which remained silent. We remain peaceful and our body remained light because of the vibrations. Each and every thought affects every cell of the body. The line said three months of grief can create a disease in the body. The stress and anger and irritation that we create in our every day life By recalling all the bitter memories of the past, diseases get created. Today let each of us create a personal Mantra. A small meditation depending on their life’s situation in the present. And whatever is the reality we wish, create a thought that it is already there. And before creating that particular thought create the thought – I am a powerful soul. Because first of all we need to make ourselves powerful so that we can do it. I am a powerful soul, I am very happy. My life is perfect, beautiful. And then bring that situation which is going on in your life, and create a thought towards it based on the reality you want as – the situation is like this. Do not say – It will be, it is going to be, or it should be like this. It IS like this – the reality that you want. It is perfectly like this. Thank you, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you so much.

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