REAGOIDAAN IN A HEARTBEAT (Animated short film) | DGT

REAGOIDAAN IN A HEARTBEAT (Animated short film) | DGT

So what is this? I don’t know. It’s some In A Heartbeat animation. Woah, over 30 million views This is something viral and huge over the internet And someone asked us to make reacting video Others have done already reacting videos Others have done already reacting videos I know this is something sad A pretty big hair It’s like u! And that’s the coolest guy int he school Come on, let’s go!!! I not sure is he the most cool guy A quite shy I would say It’s like ur hair Those two together Just like ur hair That’s like my heart when we met at the first time It’s was short I could have watch a lot longer My head is missing It’s quite obvious with all these pillows The film was super cute What do u think? Yes, really cute And I’d almost got tears Joni is so sensitive I’m much more tough But after this came the video where the older ones are reacting It’s was very touching Some reason it’s super sweets To see how older people reacts to short film which tells about two gay boys Super sweet But this was it Thanks to you who asked to do this video End of story Bye bye! BYEEE!

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  1. I liked the way your faces almost mirrored each others reactions. Glad you had subtitles. I'm from the US, and don't understand a word of your language. You two are cute together.

  2. Thank you very much for the subtitles! 😁 We, Americans, are the polar opposite of a polyglot! 😜 What language are you guys speaking? It kinda sounds Dutch to me. Anyways, thank you for sharing your feelings/opinions with us. 😍🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽

  3. This is a great video and you guys are super cute! 💖💖💖Anyone know what kanguage they are speaking tho?

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