Reading Vlog: Books & Cats vs. Job Interview Stress [CC]

Reading Vlog: Books & Cats vs. Job Interview Stress [CC]

Good morning! Welcome to another reading
vlog! So this week the world is a bit of a mess. Not too bad in New Zealand, we
only have eight cases of coronavirus so far. But I’m not sure whether that’s
gonna end up disrupting my job interview / attempting to get a job process that I’m
currently in the middle of. Because even though it’s not that bad in New Zealand
yet, watching the rest of the world obviously we can see that it can get
pretty bad pretty quickly. So I guess this week, just keeping an eye on what’s
happening in the rest of the world since I’m not working yet. For the most part
self-distancing, self-isolation, it’s not that different from what I normally
do. So it’s not too much of a problem for me really. Anyway, let’s try not to get too
wrapped up in the disasters of the world because that’s how you end up getting
panicked. Instead, let’s talk about reading. So I’m meant to be doing two
readathons. They both started last week and I did terribly at both of them last
week. So this week I’m trying to do much better and in fact,
I started out really well yesterday while I was sorting out my life and when
I came back from the conference that I’d gone to. I actually made some progress on
the readathons. So what did I do? I finished listening to a Pinch of Magic
by Michele Harrison, which was the host pick for the Animal Crossing read-a-thon.
And in the end I actually ended up enjoying it. There was a element added to
the story which is one of my favorite elements. I also liked the way that the
sisters worked together to solve the curse problem and so I probably will
continue the series and see where that goes.
Although, as well I think it did a really good job of like wrapping up the story
within the first book. Which, I read another middle grade series recently and
the first book didn’t wrap up anything so I was really glad that this first book
really was a story in and of itself. You don’t have to continue the series. You
could still feel satisfied just having read that first book. So that’s good. The
other book that I read yesterday, I listened to the entirety of Beneath the
Sugar Sky in one listen. Like it’s like a 4-hour audio book. I put it on 1.75 times
speed and I just listened to it while I tidied up my house and
sorted out my stuff. Listened to the whole thing. It’s kind of a weird experience to
listen to a whole book in one go and it really did confirm that that is a
really short book! It’s also it’s not probably one of my favorites of the
series. I’d give it three stars. It’s okay. And I’m not gonna go into the details of
what either of those books are about because check out my wrap-up if you want
more details at the end of the month. But regardless, I’ve spent a lot of yesterday
listening to audiobooks and so I feel a bit caught up on the readathons,
even though I’ve still got a lot more to listen to. I’ve also started
listening to the audiobook of Illuminae, which I’m enjoying although I still
think I prefer the physical version to the audiobook version, but we’ll see how
I feel as we go along. If you don’t know about Illuminae, it is a book that’s told
in multimedia format. So the audiobook of that is a little bit strange. But
we’ve got these two teenagers who’ve just broken up when the illegal mining
colony that they live in is attacked and the whole colony ends up on the run
through space from another ship. And then things get even worse! So that’s about a
10 hour audiobook and like in my deluded state I’m gonna try and finish
that off today… maybe tomorrow? I still also have the audiobook of Elantris
to read which is like a 20 hour audiobook. So like if I’m gonna finish off
everything for the audiobook read-a-thon I I do need to get through these things.
So physical book wise, these are the books that I need to read this week. I
did start Chosen but then I put it aside to start Come Tumbling Down because
this is due back at the library today. Which is why I hurried reading Beneath
the Sugar Sky last night, so that I can finish this today. I have actually read I
think about 50 pages and it’s only like a 200 page book? Yeah, 200 pages. So I’m
going to finish this off today even though I’m trying to do a bunch of work
stuff today as well. So I’m not sure when I’m fitting that in but it’s due back
today so it’s gonna be read today. And then I’ll finish off Chosen and
that I will move on to Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. This is a thick one.
This is the one I’m probably the most scared about. But I think if I read all that,
I’ll have completed all the readathons. It seems like a lot to read as well as a
sorting out job stuff and life stuff but I’m probably not going to leave the
house very much except for like to do some running and stuff so I should be
able to get a decent amount of reading done. Let’s see how we go. Okay so I just
finished Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire, the fifth book in the Wayward
Children series and I think I’m probably going to give it two stars. I have a lot
of thoughts about it and why this gets two stars when I love like the alternate
books (the ones that are about the portals). I love those so much and these
I don’t enjoy and there’s a lot of reasons for it. So I think I might do a
separate review and talk a bit about all the reasons. But basically like you’re
halfway through the book before you even get back to the Moors where they’re
meant to be saving the day. And then even that action bit doesn’t happen till
right at the very end. Just most of the time not much is happening, so much of
what is happening is unnecessary to the story. The characters are saying things
that don’t really fit their characters, just clearly something Seanan
McGuire I wanted to say. I don’t know. I just, it’s a bit disappointing really.
Although I knew that I probably wouldn’t like that one as much because I like the
portal world ones better or more specifically I like the ones with people
are discovering their portal worlds better. Because you do go to the
portal worlds in these questy ones, just not as much. Anyway I’m struggling,
for some reason my arm is weak today and I’m struggling to hold this camera up.
I’m gonna go around to my sisters and we’re gonna try and convince her cat to
help me film a video so we’ll see how that goes. So I just had a phone call from the main
company that I’ve been interviewing with and essentially because everyone’s
working from home, they kind of just want to put things on hold for a couple of
weeks to see whether the world explodes. I understand, probably not a great time
to be hiring people. Really not a great time to be trying to find a new job! So I
mean, that’s on hold. I do also have another job possibility but I’m not sure
if that’s gonna work out either at the moment.
So I mean, I guess it’s fine. I’ll be able to play some Animal Crossing when it
comes out, I’ll be able to read lots of books. I’ve got some more time to do my
stuff but I really wasn’t thinking it would take me this long to find a job!
Stupid virus is not helping me! Anyway, other than that I did read a little bit
more of Chosen last night but not very much because I was so tired! I just fell
asleep. I do think that I finally got it into my
head who’s who so that’s helping. But everything that’s happening at the
moment just seems quite low stakes so I’m not too engaged. The other book that
I am reading is, I’m listening to the audiobook of Illuminae, which I am really
enjoying. I wasn’t that sure about the audiobook format and I do think you miss
out on a lot through the audiobook format because there are a lot of
pictures in the book. I suspect that all the people who say that you should
listen to the audio book and read the book at the same time are correct. But
I’m not doing that! I’m just listening to it. I do think it’s making certain parts
of the story a lot more emotional although that could also be the fact
that in Illuminate there is actually a pandemic happening.. hmm, kind of relatable,
right? So I think maybe I’m just feeling a bit more emotional about some of that
stuff because I can relate to it a little bit better at the moment. Wow,
that’s not something I was expecting to be able to relate to. At least
coronavirus isn’t making people be murderous… mmm
not yet anyway! So other than that I just filmed a couple of videos, which I should
edit together. I’m also still trying to, before I get a
job, finish sorting out some of my house stuff. So I started clearing out my
other wardrobe and trying to do some gardening, but I promise you I am the
worst gardener in the world. But at least I can clear out some of the weeds and
then work out where to go from there. haha okay so my package arrived and I
know what it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be the new Animal Crossing and that’s kind
of annoying because my Switch hasn’t arrived. So I ordered Animal Crossing and
I ordered myself a Switch at the same time, because you can’t play it without
to Switch! But they don’t have any stock of the Switch. So now I have a game that
I can’t play. Perfect. Hang on, let me set you up. That light is a bit funny, isn’t it?
Like um I’m standing up. My desk is actually a standing disc but I don’t
use it as a standing desk too often but if I end up working from home more soon
then I might. Anyway, let’s open up this game. Even though I can’t play it I can
still look at the packaging and have the animal crossing feels I guess. Well it
comes with these posters and here’s the game. It’s so little and cute! I forgot
about how little and cute Switch games are. It’s like, look at it! It’s tiny!
Well that’s super cute. I believe according to the website it says that
it’s gonna take until March 31st for my Switch to turn up, which is a little over
a week. It’ll probably take like two weeks for the Switch to turn up and I mean…
hopefully by then I’ll have a job. So I’ve been talking to this other job
possibility and they say they probably want me. They want me to come in to talk
to some people next week but they probably won’t be ready until the middle
of the week and I’m just unsure where the world is going to be at by the
middle of the week. The problem with the the virus is because the growth can
be so exponential, it doesn’t take very long for things to get crazy. So at the
moment we’ve only got 28 cases in New Zealand and
we’ve just closed our borders so nobody except for citizens and residents
are allowed to come in which should like flatten the curve, slow the growth, which
is 100% the right thing to do but what it does mean is that potentially it like
drags it out for even longer. So from a work perspective, I’m not really sure. I’m
kind of concerned that by the time I get a job,
everyone’s going to be working from home so either I don’t get a job, in which
case I won’t have any money and I’m gonna have to be really careful until this
whole thing rolls out. Or alternatively I’m gonna have a job, I’ll be fine with
money but I’m gonna like have to work out how to be a coach and help people
improve and look after people without even having met them in person. Anyway,
we can’t possibly know what’s going to happen so we just have to wait and see.
Readingwise, so I’ve been reading Chosen. It’s a little
bit weird like I feel like there’s some inconsistencies because our main character
Artemis… Athena! Has grown up in the Watchers Academy but right now she’s
having a dream where she’s talking to Faith. She doesn’t know who Faith is and
like, I just, it doesn’t make sense. There’s no way that she wouldn’t know
who Faith is! The Watcher Academy would know about Faith. They have to, it just
doesn’t make sense. And there’s a bunch of other stuff that she doesn’t know
about that I just feel like the Watcher Academy would definitely know about. That said
the big bad demon in this book. He’s hilarious and I love him. In quite a
dark way. So there’s this bit where he pulls out someone’s eyes and then, I probably
won’t be able to find the tab about it but, oh yeah here it is! He pulls out this
person’s eyeballs and then he says “Ruined. I cannot see through these.
Everything gets ruined.” and I just I love it. And then there’s all sorts of eyeball jokes
after that and it’s hilarious, even though it’s kind of icky at the same
time. But if you like that kind of humor then you might like this book. A lot of
the things Athena does are really stupid but that said, like in the original
Buffy series, a lot of the things that Buffy did were stupid. And so the plots
aren’t always that sensible, so this isn’t exactly that different from that. So I’m
enjoying it okay-ish I guess overall. I’m nearly finished. I’m gonna finish it
straight after this probably. And the other things that I’ve been doing. So I
finished off that Illuminae, I really enjoyed it. I think I’m gonna have to
listen to the rest of that series in audiobook form as well I’ve already read
the whole series before but listening to. it’s definitely and a different
experience and I enjoyed it. So then, I got to the last book that I
need to read for the audiobookathon and it’s Elantris and I’ve been saying
it’s a 20 hour audiobook. No no no no no. It is a 30-hour audiobook. So
so far I’ve managed to listen to seven and a bit hours. I think technically the
audiobook readathon finishes tomorrow. I could argue that if I go based on
someone else’s time, like UK time, then I get myself an extra day. So then I’d have
Sunday as well but I’m still not sure whether I’ll have time to finish this. I
am gonna probably go to Jason’s tonight. It should be fine. He told me I had to
stay two meters away but we’ll see whether that happens. I don’t know. I am
enjoying Elantris, of course, because it’s one of my favorite books. The audio book
is great. It’s just a great story. I love how everything’s coming together
and I’m really enjoying like Raoden’s leadership style when he comes into
Elantris and he has to work out how he can make things better. I just love it
because it’s such a difficult situation and I love seeing people in really
difficult situations overcome that and figure out how to make things better.
Kind of a situation we’re all gonna be in soon so it’s inspiring. Anyway, I
feel like I just talked for way too long for a vlog. I’m gonna go and finish off
Chosen. It’s a really rainy day but I’ll probably watch lots of Netflix with Jase
tonight and then I don’t know what’s gonna happen from there. Good morning! So I actually, like I’ve
put on some makeup so I don’t look too bad but I feel so tired! My neighbours
decided last night to have like this bad karaoke patty, which was annoying because
I had to listen to it until like half past midnight. But also annoying because
I was picturing them passing around this slobbery microphone and like why?! Why are
people doing such stupid things? Because they’re people. Anyway,
then this morning just before 6 o’clock my neighbour cat decided to run down the
little pathway that’s right outside my bedroom window. And he often runs down
there but normally he doesn’t like light and graceful. But this morning he
decided to be like a heffalump and be a pomp pomp pomp. It woke me up.
And so I haven’t had much sleep and now it’s Sunday. What is happening? Today
mainly trying to keep my head together despite all the dramas of the world. I
think I’m gonna try and film some videos which is why I did this. Primarily TBRs,
I need to do my TBR machine for April and then work out what I’m gonna read
for the OWLs in April. I was actually planning for the OWLs to rely on the
library to get some of the books that will meet the prompts, but unfortunately
the libraries and the art galleries are now closed until further notice. So I’ll
have to see what I can get in like ebook and audiobooks I guess. I really wanted
some like short graphic novels but I guess I can possibly read them on my
iPad. Other than that I did finish off Chosen and in the end I was a bit
disappointed. Like that demon, the big bad that I was talking about that I
really liked, the final battle seemed like for most of the battle he was just
standing around while they had other dramas. And there was so much going on
but it was very incohesive. Is that even a word? Anyway, a bit disappointed in the
end but overall I think it it was fun. You just have to not take these books
too seriously and then they’re kind of fun. So I gave it three stars in the end but it
was… it just made it in there. So after that I’ve
pretty much got two books left for the animal crossing readathon and the
audiobookathon. However, both those readathons are officially finished
now so I guess I didn’t quite make it. But I’m gonna try and finish off the
books today even though I think that’s kind of impossible. But we’ll try.
So audiobook I’m listening to, Elantris, annoyingly over the weekend while I was
driving to Jason’s and going to the stupid supermarket, I wanted to listen to
my audiobook but audible kept crashing. Why!? Why!? So then there was like hours of
time that I could have used for listening to my audio book and I’m
listening at 2 times speed so I could have got through heaps! Heaps! But no, I didn’t
get through any. So I’ve got 19 hours left. Even at 2 times speed that’s still 9
hours. Do I have 9 hours of audio book time today?
Probably not, but we’ll see what happens/ Then also I started just Anansi
Boys by Neil Gaiman. So so far we’re following this guy named Fat Charlie,i who’s
deadbeat dad, who always embarrasses him, has just died and so he’s traveled over
to America to go to the funeral and there seems like there’s something very
strange about his father. I believe this is gonna get into spider gods so I’m
waiting for that to happen. And I guess that’s everything for today. Not
much else going on other than the obvious, which I’m not going to talk
about anymore. I’ll probably check in at the end of the day and we’ll see how far
we got with reading these things. So I’ve been editing this vlog as I go
along and I’ve just had a glitch with iMovie
which means I have to re-edit the whole thing. That’s a really really annoying!
But never mind at least I didn’t lose all the source
files I guess. Readingwise, so it’s Monday morning now. I was gonna update
last night but I just kind of fell asleep reading Anansi Boys. I’m still
not that far in. Like 100 pages in nearly. I am really enjoying it. It’s
basically there’s this Spider God and then when he dies his sons end up
meeting and one of them is very strange. So I’m excited to learn more about it.
I’m actually really enjoying this which is lucky because I just I know, even
though I really like American Gods, I was trying to remember what are the other
things I read by him that I didn’t like? One was Neverwhere, and there was
another one I’m sure that I didn’t really like but I can’t remember what it
is. I need to look it up, but regardless I was a bit worried I wouldn’t enjoy this
but so far I’m really liking it. So that is lucky I guess. I’ll have to try and
finish it off in the following week. And then as far as Elantris goes so I’ve got
13 hours still to listen to. Oh and I just remembered that I should not be
listening to it today because I’ve got another book due back at the library. But
anyway, I’m really enjoying my relisten of Elantris. I think relisting to it you
pick up on so many more of the clues about what’s really going on. As well
like, I know that Brandon Sanderson eventually plans to make this into more
like a trilogy, and I feel like there’s a lot of hints about where that trilogy
might go, knowing a little bit about Brandon
Sanderson now and also knowing a little bit more about the Cosmere, since I’ve
been reading the Stormligt Archive that just gives you like more context
about what’s going on in this book. So I’m really glad that I reread it. I can
see how things are like building up for what actually happens to happen, which I
know when you first read it like it’s kind of a big… like these big reveals
that feel shocking but they also feel kinda
satisfying because he’d littered all these clues throughout it. So when it
happens, it’s a surprise but it’s like a sensible surprise, if that makes sense.
Anyway, I’m really enjoying my reread of it. I am going to end this vlog here. So
as always, it’s been fun hanging out with you guys this week as our world turns
into a somewhat different place. I hope that you’re all keeping safe, looking
after yourself, and trying to have a good time regardless. So thank you so much for
watching and I will see you next time 🙂

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  1. I almost skipped right past this because I thought it was my vlog showing up 😂 Gotta love books and cats! 😄
    I couldn't imaging listening to Illuminae, it just seems like such a visual book to experience
    That cat tree is so cool!

  2. Wow you read a lot! That's a lot of audiobook for one sitting, Beneath the Sugar Sky. Awww what a disappointment of Come Tumbling Down. Sorry about your job hunt! It does make sense though given the state of the world. Oh no! I hope you get your Switch soon so you can play Animal Crossing! Oh how cool the main character of Chosen is called Athena. I'm glad Illuminae was good as an audiobook. That looks like an unusual old board game! Omg your neighbours having a karaoke party in this state of the world and late into the evening! Wow, the supermarket is so empty and it's not that bad yet with cases in NZ at that time! Aww, sorry about your Audible app crashing. Awww and iMovie crashing so you have to redo all the editing! I really enjoyed Elantris when I read it.

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