Q & A: Is it true that statins cause diabetes?

Statins may cause diabetes, is it true?
Actually, that’s a very good point. Statins will push you down that insulin
resistance highway. All of them except one, and that one is very expensive.
It’s called pitavastatin. Pitavastatin has not broken, has not lived through it.
Some got its patent. Yet so again, very expensive. We didn’t use it for the first
couple of years It was out because it wasn’t clear that it had that
pleiotropic effect of decreasing inflammation. The research is out now out but
pitavastatin or Livalo does decrease inflammation. And here’s what else. It
actually… it’s the only statin now that that decreases insulin resistance as
well. So the final barrier is cost. I had a patient who was on Livalo
who found a great price at a Canadian online pharmacy. He shared that with
other patients at the event this past March in Orlando. They all wanted to
go that route. So that I’ve got dozens of people now on pitavastatin from
Canadian online pharmacy.

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