PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to talk
with you about PTSD, Or, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What is it? And what are our treatment options? So like I said, Today I’m going to talk
with you about PTSD. Now, obviously,
since this is a diagnosis, I’m going to read it from my DSM. And there is a lot of diagnostic criteria, So, what I’m going to do, Is give you kind of a short
synopsis of what it is. Now, PTSD is
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And it’s exactly like what it sounds. It’s post, after. A traumatic event. And it’s a stress disorder. So it continues on. Now, the following criteria apply
to adults, adolescents, And children older
than six years old. Okay. Now there are, like I said,
there’s a ton of things. But I’m just going to go through them
as quickly and as clearly as possible. The first is, That you have to have exposure to
an actual or threatened death, Serious injury, or sexual violence,
in one or more of the following ways. It says like, you either
directly experience it, You witness it in person, You learn that the traumatic event
occurred close to a family member, Or close to where you were. Or you experienced repeated extreme exposure
to adversity tales of a traumatic event, Like a first responder
to a horrific situation. Any of those ways is how you
can be expose to a trauma. Now, in my experience clinically, Now this is diagnostically speaking, Right, we’re using the DSM, Clinically, I would say that it’s
a little more grey than that. And a lot of people may
experience trauma differently, And it can be life threatening. Now the second is, You have to have presence of one or
more of the following intrusive symptoms, Like, having flashbacks
and things like that. Also dissociative reactions,
that’s another option that they give. Like I said, there are a ton of these, So I’m just kind of giving you
a high overview of what it is. Now the next is persistence avoidance of
stimuli associated with the traumatic event. Like people, lets say they witness somebody
killing themselves jumping off a bridge, They wont go on any bridges
ever for the longest time. Because it really, you know, reminds
them of the traumatic event. And it’s very stressful and can
also trigger some flashbacks. There is also negative
alterations in cognitions, And mood associated
with the traumatic event, Like they wont be able
to remember specifics. A lot of people struggle to remember
what really happened. They say that the duration
has to be at least one month, And it has to have,
and all disorders have this, But it has to have clinically
significant distress or impairment, In social or occupational or
important areas of functioning. If I had to read that one more time, That is in every diagnosis. That it has to, you know, somehow affect
our ability to function in our daily life. That’s obvious, right. So that, diagnostically speaking, Is what PTSD is. The treatment is just like any other
stress disorder, or any anxiety disorder. But there is a trauma focused CBT option
for those of us who struggle with PTSD. And a lot of it, I just made some notes
here so I don’t forget. They say that what they do during this, Because I do not specialize
in trauma based CBT. That they gradually expose you to
thoughts, feelings, and situations, That remind you of the trauma. Then there’s also family therapy. Which I cannot emphasize
enough in general. PTSD or any mental illness, Does not just affect you. For them to know what
you’re going through, And knowing what you’re working on, And them to be working on things too, Can create a much better
and more healthy, And just communicative family situation. Also, medication. And I know a lot of you are like, ‘I don’t want to take medication,
and everybody always says medication.’ But medication is something that is
often prescribed for those with PTSD, Because they also suffer from anxiety and
depression on top of the PTSD symptoms. We know that PTSD leads
to a lot of other issues. And so medication can help with those. And the last is EMDR. And for many of you, you have asked
me to do a video about this. But I’m just going to shortly
tell you what it is. It’s Eye Movement
Desensitization and Reprocessing. You follow someone’s finger as they
have you talk about the traumatic event. And they try to kind of reprogram the
way that your brain thinks about it, And help you heal from the trauma. So just remember, That if you think you’re
struggling with PTSD, If you think you’ve been
in a traumatic situation, Please see a professional and
get properly diagnosed. And know that there are
many treatment options. You’re not alone. This isn’t going to go on forever. This is something that you can overcome. Don’t underestimate your own strength. You can do this. And please share this video. Like it if you like this content,
if you want more information about PTSD. Share your experiences below, Because our community is growing. And we are supporting each other, Sharing experiences, Sharing what’s worked, Sharing what treatment
options were best for you, Because together we are so much stronger, Than me just standing on my own making
videos in my apartment like a weirdo. So share this. Work together with me, Towards a healthy mind,
and a healthy body. [Bottom left video] And you can get into it so you can
start verbalizing those thoughts, And you can start changing them, And turning them into kind of
‘more positive’ or ‘healthy voice’. Subtitles by the community

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  1. I have C-PTSD and and some other disorders as well. I went to therapy but it didn't help me in any way. I went there cause I have a problem and I would like to work on that and get some tips and tricks on how to deal with certain situations. instead they offer medication and the regular boring how are you talk, they never really listened to what I was saying. I got further on my own with sports and positive thinking than ever with any therapist. however I'm still thinking about going back to therapy and trying it again. I would like to talk to someone… I'm just scared it's gonna be the same bullshit all over again.

  2. I did multiple tours of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. All I want to say is I acknowledge and own my PTSD, you can still have a wonderful life.

  3. I recently been diagnosed with PTSD because of a series of traumatic events and I'm Bipolar 1. Double whammy.. I tried EMDR which is great but I had to stop. Could not ground myself after the sessions and it blew my mind. I emotionally crashed.

  4. I feel like I am reliving my sexual abuse trama. Like I can really feel what my abuiser is doing. Wis this ptsd?

  5. So I have PTSD (diagnosed about a year and a half ago) and I have a very specific set of triggers due to one situation. However, recently I had a different situation occur that made me very uncomfortable.. today I was reminded of that situation while I was at school and I started feeling like I couldn't breath and like I was going to throw up. These reactions are very different to my normal reactions to triggers (dissociation) but they definitely seem to be due to this situation and more extreme than just being upset. I guess my question is is it possible that I've developed a new set of triggers and that this is a new trauma? I really don't know..

  6. i would like some help. i was raped last december, went to therapy for one day and left because i felt uncomfortable. When i feel uncomfortable my stomach hurts. Anyways, my parents dont know about this and i want to see a therapist first to ask for advice and guide me on what illnes do i have and how we can make a family appointment to help explain to my parents. Also i nor my family have money to pay a therapist, one of the reasons I choose not to go. Parents are getting old and need the money. There is more to say but its private. If anyone could offer a really good place or therapist in El paso TX, please let me know. Also this videos are just in time. thank you .

  7. We need a video for those who are close to us… For those of us with CPTSD … Can you make a video that we can share with family and friends b.. say on FB… That shares a little of what we are going thru… Especially thru pstd episodes and what they should and shouldn't say/do and how to help us ??? Can you make that for us ?? Please.

  8. I suffer from more than one mental disorder. Starting with PTSD, OCD, Avoidant personality disorder (e.g., inadequacy, sensitivity to criticism), Addiction (e.g., video games, general media), body image problems, lack of affection and adoption issues. Welcome to my world. This is why I've decided to study both psychology and philosophy in my undergraduate and study medicine (psychiatry) for my graduate. Many people like me suffer from such things and there are very few people out there that can help. Life sucks at times but I know it can be better if only I can heal my mind.

  9. Hi Kati. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Focal Segmental Glumerular Sclerosis. I am getting a kidney transplant from a living donor. I became attached to my previous kidney transplant coordinator. I thought of them as my life link. My husband is in the military and therefore we get treatment from military facilities with an option to go to Johns Hopkins. try doctors and coordinators leave every year and a half to two years as the have orders for a permanent Change of Station. I feel number that I have to have a transplant and am scared how my life will change with my husband and family. I want to resolve the boundary issue with my coordinator but they are not receptive. I am mad, numb, scared, and just can't believe this is happening. How do I cope and fix these issues? Thanks, Amy

  10. Hi Kati. My brother attacked me in 2012 and straight after my siblings snd mother excluded me from the family as i refused to forgive him. My workd turnrd uowide down. The year before he attacked my husband which I'd witnessed. Soon after i started experiecing panic attacks and soon after agoraphobia. I then had intrusive thoughts, and faily high anxiety even ay home. Over time my body became fatigued easily and depression developed. I started to improve and then experienced another trauma when my son was bullird and became suicidal. Evee sinxe then ive been broken and have chronic fatigue and anxiety that has led to agoraphobia and social anxiety i cant see people other than my own family the last year. My gp and therapist said i had GAD, social and agoraphobia. Later depression. My therapist said its ptsd and that all my labels come under ptsd. Does this sound right? Ptsd really can lead to so many anxiety labels?

  11. Well here I go again, when I listened to Kati Morton's video on complex PTSD I left a comment. Please go to National Center for post traumatic stress disorder. There will be a section for the Public, the Professionals, PTSD awareness and PTSD consultation. I suggest to go through all of these sections to learn. Please understand the National Center is connected to the V.A., so they talk about Veterans. Trauma is trauma however it came about. It is the same PTSD for all. Also one of the things Kati goofed on is PTSD is a anxiety disorder. If you wish to go to in the search window type PTSD, in the search window type in PTSD. There is a lot of good information at these three places.

  12. I was in a cult, and it was very traumatic. Sometimes I hear certain phrases and tense up in fear and feel like I'm warped back into the fear. I have GAD also. I always feel afraid of things the cult taught me, trouble sleeping, nightmares every night, etc. i also have ocd.I wonder if I have PTSD.

  13. PTSD sucks. I've lived with it for 6 years, but it DOES get better. I found that EMDR to be an incredibly helpful tool paired with support and continued counseling. Has anyone else here ever tried EMDR?

  14. Kati, can you please tell me why my family feels like I do not have PTSD? I'm even disabled.. their horrible lack of support is hindering my growth, but I'm still healing. 😒

  15. The way you talk about difficult things while being quirky and whimsical like you are makes these videos easier to watch and think about. You seem genuine yet professional. If I were to see you I feel like I could actually open up in a way that Ive never been able to

  16. I have been asked to See my flachbacks on Purpose I was mentally abused for 7 years trough bullying and people not caring and looking over it I cant remember Much Of these years

  17. Is it possible to have PTSD after a bad relationship break up, even if there wasn’t any physically abusive things? I went though a break up 4 years ago that effected me massively. I’m just getting into a new relationship now and I’m constantly having thoughts of the same thing happening, or him leaving me for someone better. Obviously this is a very long story cut very short, but is it at all possible it’s PTSD or just anxiety and paranoia?

  18. What kind of meds? I always get put on anti deprresamts but I find that my stress just leads to panic attacks and xanxa or clonipin work better what should I say to my docotr

  19. Katie I've had the EMDR therapy and it was life changing!! I'm in my 40's and was sexually abused at a very young age and had my life and families lives threatened. Needless to say I've suffered from PTSD my whole life. It's downgraded quite a bit with the EMDR. No more nightmares of the events and constant recreations to remember the worst parts so that I could prove to my family that I didn't imagine it. I still have some work to do on the PTSD and so much collateral damage on my psyche but I am so greatful for that huge leap forward!

  20. I suffer from PTSD from past events and due to how the world is going, I barely leave the house because constantly think there will be a terrorist attck. I am scared to travel but my sister is moving to Canada I'm terrified I won't see her again. My sister is my world. But I can't even go near an airport or have never travelled on a plane. My fear is stopping me living. How do I deal with it? L.

  21. 4:15 Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is what my therapist and I are trying, we were doing EMDR, it is similar.

  22. For three years I have had the same wake up dream after a hard time in hospital. Sights pain smells the lot. Gradually it is fading but having never had a nightmare before at 55 o find it more odd and intrusive than scary. Still leaves me sweaty and fast breathing though. NB great channel.

  23. I did emdr….It helped…. I would find myself constantly rehashing what happened to me non stop and it was really interfering with my life….I started to get suicidal and nonstop berating myself in my head all day….after emdr all that significantly changed…I only occasionally berate myself…and rarely have flash backs…however, I still freeze up when it comes to potential confrontation….my body goes into flight mode. Keep in mind im 5ft11. Even if it's a potential confrontation with a 5ft6 girl…my body still does this… Its very annoying. Logically I'm not scared but physically my body just goes on the fritz…mind you I'm a trained fighter lol….so…even more annoying lol…if it came down to it i can protect myself but I bet id be able to be a hell of a lot more efficient at doing so if I were calm cool and collected…

  24. Is anyone familiar with the UK treatment process for PTSD? I have been diagnosed and I'm now taking sertraline for depression, anxiety and pts as well as counselling sessions. But I think this eye movement therapy would be more beneficial than the counseling I'm currently doing as I'm not pushed to relive anything and it's making me worse. If anyone knows how to see a therapist that does this please could you reply? Thank you

  25. Hopefully you're not confusing the the public with the word medication. North America will see a huge shift because Canada's troops are now allowed to use cannabis. There will be a lot more political conversation between us and our neighbors in the north for the well-being of the troops. Don't forget there was a huge sign on America's highways with a bunch of pharmaceutical pills and a bullet depicting "what is killing our soldiers" I will not let my acts in the Espionage field be forgotten

  26. i know you touched on this in the video but i'm confused as to what the event has to be for ptsd to be diagnosed, what defines traumatic? i went through something that i wouldnt classify as traumatic but the way it affected me and the place it put me in was. its a year on and i still feel symptoms and have very specific nightmares. but there was no "traumatic" event per say. so i wouldnt have it or something near it?

  27. I been having really bad problems with my Depressiin and PTSD today. The CBT Therapy treatments used in me made my flash backs worse and through me into them

  28. the hysteria and hate sekund me 1997 and horribel sideffect of antipsyctic "ps" messed up my mind. couldent get anything done without benzo tyoe pills.

  29. That was pretty decent description of PTSD from my unprofessional opinion. I do need to add that PTSD is an anxiety disorder. The must serious problem I have seen with PTSD is depression. EMDR can be done in different ways, the finger going back and forth and a light going back an forth are the two ways I have some understanding of. Exposure therapy is usually the very brutal way to go from what I have observed. Then there is regular CBT. I believe PTSD is the go to right now in life. From my layman viewpoint please make sure you get diagnosed by a therapist who has extensive training in trauma and experience in applying that training.

  30. Kati you are just so wonderful!!!! can you explain a bit more about E.M.D. R.? thank you so much you are of so much help!!!!😗

  31. I believe i have undiagnosed PTSD. My daughter(who has ASD) had a near fatal drowning last year and i struggled and still struggle with that event. I almost have a separation anxiety or paranoia about her being out of my eyesight and i don’t really trust people’s statements on what she’s doing(for example me:”what’s Mia doing? Is she over there?” Them:”yea she’s just playing with toys and watching tv” me:”oh okay, I’m just going to check on her”) it’s rough and I’ve spent many nights sleeping on the floor in front of her bedroom door so she can’t leave without me knowing, avoiding any public places where she might escape and get hurt, or even just sleeping with her so that i know where she is and so i can get a decent night of sleep.

  32. Is it also counted as ptsd when i have been exposed to my dogs constant fighting each other? I have severe anxiety when i see them together so i separate them now. I don't think i could go back to the way it was

  33. My therapist has aid that she may be reconsidering my diagnoses and adding/changing it to PTSD, but I feel as if my trauma doesn't qualify me. I was exposed to verbal/emotional abuse & neglect throughout my life by my mother, but I was never exposed to death or any sexual violence. Do I not qualify for that diagnosis then because my trauma doesn't match the DSM-V?

  34. Kati Morton you are my hero!!! I'm a beginning social worker and I have an intake coming up this monday, and You're helping me get clear on how to screen for PTSD. Thank you so much, you make everything simple and I feel supported. thanks again! woot.

  35. Kati ! Stop it! Once again u say 'involve the family ". U can't even understand. For a kid.. The FAMILY may b causing the PTSD . AND TRAUMA! u live in cuckoo land…thinking its all Happy Family games! Ugh!

  36. Dissociation makes me not listen, or hear well. I miss parts. If someone speaks fast, I miss a lot of it and can’t get their meaning. Can you slow down a bit Kati? When I watch your videos, I constantly back up and replaying parts of the videos. It’s torture and takes 4 times the amount of time. I can feel your excitement to get this out to your audience. I want to understand this but I can’t absorb it quickly. Thank you for your interesting topics!

  37. I was diagnosed with PTSD despite not meeting the first criteria of the trauma having to be violent in the case of real or threatened injury or death. I went through severe emotional abuse at the hands of a close friend who then replaced me, abandoned me, and stalked me online for a few months. I never once felt I was in real danger of being physically injured or killed but it made me an extremely paranoid and depressed person afraid to leave the house or interact with anyone I didn't already know. The psychologist who owned the practice handled my diagnosis and felt I met the other criteria to such an extreme that I received the diagnosis anyway. He was of the opinion that trauma does not have the be physically violent.

    I am still dealing with the ramifications today and cling to the one friend I have as though I'd die without them. I understand the irrationality of this but it doesn't stop the nightmares, the flashbacks, the panic and anxiety, etc. Every day I remember what happened, every day I watch for signs that it's going to happen again. It's exhausting. I used to be a social, happy person that easily made friends. Now I avoid new people as much as possible and regard everyone bitterly. They can't be trusted, all of them will eventually leave me.

    Again irrational, but a single event completely warped my mind and totally changed me as an individual. That is Trauma.

  38. Basically PTSD is just a traumatic event that overwhelms our ability to cope.
    That’s how I explain it to people who ask why I act the way I do without explaining the situation.

  39. Can you have ptsd from an traumatic event that happened when you were around 2 or 3 years old? I’ve been told I was there when it happened and it’s been haunting my family for a while. I have anxiety and depression because of it and today I was triggered when I had a dream and was reminded of it. Plus other situations do the same thing. But I don’t know if it’s necessarily ptsd when I was so young.

  40. I've been curious if I have PTSD for a while and I've wanted to speak to someone but am too scared to

  41. I've been dealing with cPTSD for a while. I was repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped, and I was physically abused. In childhood I was abused by just about everyone in my life in different ways including sexually. I have pretty bad anxiety from it and can't be out by myself for too long without feeling panic coming on. I can't handle large crowds anymore, and I can't be alone with men without feeling fearful. I'd gone to therapy for a while, and it did help a lot. I still have panic attacks occasionally, but they aren't a near-daily occurrence anymore. They are pretty bad when they do happen. I have the occasional flashback. There are too many things I feel I have to avoid now because it will trigger memories, and I can't handle them right now. I struggle with it, but I do try to live a fairly normal life.

  42. I’m 15 and got PTSD when I was 11 (after multiple different traumas) but they can’t really diagnose me fully until I’m 18

  43. #katiFAQ Is PTSD reactions a choice? I have been going to therapy for longer than 5 years, still, struggle with PTSD reactions sometimes with stimulus.

  44. What is even considered trauma? I don’t want to say I have anything like PTSD if my issue came from something that isn’t a trauma

    I also don’t know if I have flashbacks because it’s a collection of events, not one direct event… I know I have some sort of trauma related issue, but I don’t know if it’s “strong” enough to be considered an actual trauma

  45. But can't ptsd cause hulusination's and delusions?

    So can't schizophrenia and ptsd be mistaken ?

    I have had trama growing up because my father was an alcoholic.

    Last time i checked trama can cause a person to hulusinate and have delusions.

    The thing is i was 4 or 5 when i was diagnosed with schizoeffect dissorder.

    But i was exposed to utter hell which could explain my mood problem's and my hulusination's and my other problem's.

    Personally if a person had to go through what i went through they would have head problem's to.

  46. I'm glad that there was an ad that just came up about post concusion syndrome right before I came across the more well known post syndrome witch is ptsd I've been meaning to learn more about post concussion syndrome I know what post concussion syndrome is from the wwe because alot of them get it's a syndrome that some people get after having a concussion just like ptsd is what some people get after going through a trauma getting a
    concussion is a traumatic event though

  47. what is it when i have panic attacks thinking about a past emotionally abusive relationship that happened a year ago

  48. Could someone have a PTSD due to something not physical but some traumatic event that for them was experienced as traumatic but for some other people may not be traumatic at all?

  49. Hi Kati ! I love your channel and your energy makes me feel so much better every time I watch your videos!
    Could you please please make a video about how to know when / if you have ptsd? been trying to understand that part better…

  50. I was diagnosed with ptsd along with several other disorders about a year ago. I had just turned 30. Years before, I tried joining the military. Unfortunately (and rather moronic) I didn't think about the giant scars on my arms. I was sent to a psych to check for pathology of any kind, and being the socio I am, I managed to full them into just pdq'ing me for self mutilation. The thing that hit deep and began to sink in as the next few years went on was that the inspect doctor told me that my scars showed "signs of deep seeded trauma that had not surfaced yet." Fast forward to 2018, and I find my self contimplating suicide every 5 minutes of the day, and curling up and sobbing every night until I just passed out. I finally broke and realized this was something much more than I could deal with alone. I never thought much of my past was to blame until I really sat down and discussed it in detail with my psychiatrist. Years of mental stress and emotional abuse in a cult played one role, which led to early substance abuse at the age of 12 (I still struggle today but have been sober for 3 years.) which played another role, which lead to the self mutilation and morbid hatred of life, and finally to a 2nd degree felony for aggrivated assault with a deadly weapon. I had lost all control, and to be honest, have yet to regain it. I am still a work in progress. I don't believe I'll ever be normal again. I can't remember what it's like. However, for my close family, I will not give up. I can't, although I have tried. I'm lost in oblivion, and I just want out.

  51. It's awful & severe enough ptsd is hell & reading all the brain changes, sorry but there is no hope for those of us with severe ptsd.

  52. Dude! PTSD..WHY are you so excited? If you're reading DSM-5, that means you're not a professional.

    It ESPECIALLY pisses me off when people like you have NO EFFEN experience but speak like YOU KNOW IT ALL!!!

    JUST stop…

  53. Saw a young child killed right in front of me when I was 9 years old. I didn't even know the girl but I've never forgotten the scene all these years later. I can still see her dying right in front of me. 😢

  54. Hey Kati, can someone develop PTSD from hospitalizations, seclusion, restraints and “booty juice”? I have been through all of these and I can’t get past the horrible fear of being restrained or drugged every time I go to the ER for help with my suicidal thoughts. I have ran from the ER twice and attempted to run from regular Admission rooms. I think I may have PTSD but I’m unsure

  55. I've been through
    Sexual abuse
    Bad car accident
    War plus my recently my cousin died in a bombing
    And my grandmother passed away
    Family drama
    and living with abuser , and someone with depression ,and someone with disabilities
    Plus I have the worry about my family that's still in a war zone
    Also Bad abuse from teachers at school
    Lost all my friends and had to start all over
    I just went to a therapist and she told me I have PTSD now I have to work on it and try to get better 💪
    Please pray for me 💓

  56. I am 15, and I am quite distant from my family. I lost my Dad, who was my best friend, one and a half years ago, and ever since then I changed. I was to be tested but I don’t know how to approach my mom, I don’t even like to tell her when I have panic attacks or when I get triggered. I am starting to get very aggressive, like when my twin sister purposefully annoys me and I will take her hair towards me and tell her to knock it off. I go off on my Mom and want to just tell my niece and nephew to shut up, and this isn’t like me at all. I was social and kind with my Dad, but now I have no friends and I am very angry and sad all the time. I don’t know how to tell my mom I want to be tested.

  57. Hi I have suffered from being jealous and envious around the women my age. And I stopped going to social events where I felt small and like a child around them. I realised I have panic attacks, nightmares, bad dreams and feel sweaty and hyperventilating and flashbacks. When I was around them. As I was mollicoddled by my family as a child. And they weren't. Now in my adulthood I can't stop reliving my childhood as I was mollicoddled and my family didn't have any belief that I can do anything and they use to call me horrible names associated with my health. And my family say I can't do things for myself. And I avoid places and the women my age that bring on memories and flashbacks and nightmares and trembling. And my family didn't let me grow up. And every time I go to a social event where the women my age are I end up having a panic attack at nights after the event when I am a sleep. And if I see them outside I also have panic attacks when I am asleep.

  58. 1: yes (abuse, death, suicide, bullying)
    2: yes (abuse, bullying)
    3: triggers flashbacks but I am not allowed to avoid it so yes
    4: yes
    5: yes

  59. I was just diagnosed with PTSD but I know I've had it for a long time I just started breathing techniques to relax before we go into the trauma.

  60. I’ve seen 5 people I’ve been really close to overdose and it fucks me up to this day and I still get awful panic attacks and can’t sleep for shit (along w depression) Your videos have been really helpful. It helped me realize I needed professional help and that it’s not just normal to see friends and family overdose.

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