Potassium & Blood Pressure: MUST WATCH!

Potassium & Blood Pressure: MUST WATCH!

Hi, guys. Dr. Berg here. In this video we’re going to talk about insulin
resistance, potassium, and blood pressure. Out of all the nutrients that you need, potassium
is something needed in very large quantities. You need 4700 mg of potassium every single
day. What does that mean with food? It means that hardly anyone is getting their
potassium, because you would need 7 – 10 cup of vegetables every single day. How many cups of vegetables do you consume
in given day? Maybe five? Maybe less? I do it because I feel so much different. Here’s the thing. We need four times as much potassium as we
do sodium. Most people consume four times as much sodium
as they do potassium and they have a lot of fluid retention. So, they both work together in relationship
to fluids and hydration. If you look at vegetable content, it’s always
heavy on the potassium and very low on the sodium, but if you’re doing chips and salty
things, that’s going to throw this whole thing off. What happens when you have low potassium is
you get high blood pressure. Potassium is a physiological relaxer. It calms the nervous system. It actually softens the arteries. It actually can prevent strokes. It’s very, very healthy. Healthy mineral. It can also prevent constipation. It also can prevent leg cramps. It’s involved in nerve conductivity and muscle
contraction and relaxation. With a problem with potassium you can have
a lot of cramps, tightness, and tension in your body and you can also have a lot of electrical
problems with your heart. Arrhythmias, atrial fib, that’s all potassium
deficiency because people don’t consume enough. Let’s pretend you have high blood pressure
and you have to take a diuretic thiazide. Well, what that does is it gets rid of fluid. Well, it also gets rid of potassium, so what
happens when you take this diuretic to fix your high blood pressure, you lose more potassium
raising the blood pressure more. So, now you need another medication. And then you’re told to drink more water,
which dilutes the electrolytes more, especially potassium, and your blood pressure goes higher,
because more water is not going to hydrate you. It’s going to get rid of the electrolytes
that you have, potassium specifically, and you don’t get the hydration you once had. So the whole myth of drinking more water to
hydrate you is not quite true. You need the minerals, specifically potassium. That’s the one you need in the most amount. Even magnesium, you need about 420 mg, but
potassium you need 4700. Also, if you’re salt sensitive, especially
with your blood pressure, what that really means is you’re potassium deficient. The way to fix people that are salt sensitive
is just increase the potassium and they’ll do fine. Instead of restricting salt, why don’t we
just increase potassium? It’s a better strategy because you need potassium
for other things. 98% of all the potassium in your body is inside
the cell, not outside the cell. When you get tested from your blood or whatever
testing you do, it’s very difficult to test a potassium deficiency because it’s all inside
the cell. You might think you have normal levels, but
you really don’t because you never did an intracellular test for potassium. The other interesting thing about potassium
is it takes insulin to control and absorb potassium. If you don’t have enough insulin, you can’t
pull potassium in the cells. Insulin regulates potassium. How does that relate to a pre-diabetic, someone
has insulin resistance or diabetic? Well, if they have insulin resistance, the
cells are going to block insulin. So guess what’s going to happen to the potassium? They’re not going to have enough potassium. A lot of times when you have a pre-diabetic
or even a diabetic state, they have a huge, huge deficiency of potassium. One of the things I make sure that they do
is greatly increase the vegetable content to increase the potassium to help balance
this thing out because they’re going to have so many side effects from that. If you actually add more potassium you can
decrease the need for insulin. That’s a really cool relationship. I just wanted to touch on the relationship
between these three items right here. If you have blood pressure start increasing
your vegetables and if you like this kind of information, if you like learning about
nutrition, if you find it interesting I have a health coaching training program that you
might be interested in learning about where we teach you a lot more about nutrition and
how the body works. If you want to apply to the scholarship that
I have, click the link below, check it out, study it, and maybe you can be a health coach
as well. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I think my kidneys are not filtering potassium. My blood test showed high levels of potassium. I get muscle cramps easily. I'm drinking lots of lemon juice everyday to help my kidneys but I want to do more. But I don't know what.

  2. Sir would you like to start an online course for budding Nutritionists here in India 🇮🇳?
    Please let me know

  3. I was just at a conference and we discussed the “standard of care” vs what makes sense. The standard of care is assuming the patient may be non-compliant so it over corrects using pharmaceuticals. Remember there is always a lawyer ready to sue. Dr. Berg is right with the common sense pathway. We just need to do something about the lawyers.

  4. My dad's heart failed. The doctor had him on low sodium low fat diet. When they tested his blood they couldn't even measure the potassium and magnesium it was so low. They tried to fix but was too late.

  5. I, me personally can testify to the effectiveness of this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) plan of action.Another treatment solution I have personally attempted aren`t long-term in preserving my blood pressure level. This is the very first that does what it reveals. I just demand a short period of time, my blood pressure level had gone down to 145/90 and managed it for quite a while. .

  6. I have acquired hypertension & having drug treatments from the time When i was 26 years old. This can be a 1st high blood pressure remedy “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) which has ever really been effective to decrease my pressure without drugs. Within a thirty day period of sticking with the advice in the book, there wasn`t any kind of require for me to consume each of my medication.. .

  7. They’ve been telling us not to take more than 99 mg. a day if I remember correctly ?
    This is great info … thank you 🌻

  8. For a long time (about 2 years), I was maintaining my prescription medication to maintain my blood pressure not until this month I found out about this “zοtοsο Yuku” (Gοοgle it) treatment method. Medical professional informed me blood pressure level is returned on track and I don`t really need to place income into medicine for high blood pressure level.. .

  9. this is my personal recommediations that blood pressure cannot cure
    immediately….but there a miracle products in keva for
    hypertension…use triple stemcell and acai juice and CTMD and Q10 drops
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  10. this is my personal recommediations that blood pressure cannot cure
    immediately….but there a miracle products in keva for
    hypertension…use triple stemcell and acai juice and CTMD and Q10 drops
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  11. I was in critical care because of extremely high potassium levels. Check your blood levels before following this advice. I am diabetic, and I eat at least 5 to 7 cups of veggies per day. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Berg does an excellent job of providing critical information. However, we all must become responsible for ourselves. Check, verify and recheck. Everyone is unique. Verify your own information and results.

  12. I keep my BP under control by using potassium/electrolyte powders on a near daily basis. I rarely get enough veggies in. The powders do work. Just hoping to find one without any sweeteners.

  13. Hi dc great info
    I have high bp and triglyceride. Even I am using amlodipine and fenofibrate. My bp is under control now from 160/ 120 . But my heart beat is not going to be normal. It's always above 90 ir hundred. Every time I am feeling my heart beat. Even bp is normal.

  14. My BP has potassium pill in it BUT TO LOWER NOT high! So, how can I reduce my potassium right away , I already drink water.

  15. The dr said if it goes any higher I need to go to the er this really scares me can u please help ?

  16. Sodium and Potassium share a receptor. If the receptor is filled with the potassium there is no place for the sodium to attach… think musical chairs, the music stops and potassium gets the chair. Salt can not sit down 😉 It really is best to get potassium through foods, but if you can not, supplimentation is an option. BUT be careful to not knock your electrolytes out of balance. Sodium, calcium, magnesium AND Potassium all work together! I recently started adding a sugar free sports drink and it seems to be helping me while keeping the electrolytes in balance.

  17. Dr. Berg, please do a video on beets and beet juice. I have found it to lower high blood pressure dramatically and within a few hours! Nitrates!

  18. My doctor has twice told me my potassium was dangerously high so am glad I found that out before assuming from this video that I needed more!!! Just sayin'!!!

  19. I started out following this blood pressure level alternative “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) a few days ago and now have already witnessed a positive improvement in my blood pressure level! It definitely is stabilizing!!! In the short period of time of TWENTY days, my blood pressure level dropped. Five more days and nights passed and my pressure is at the normal level at 120/55… .

  20. Hey Doc….why can't you just open ur mouth n tell taking Banana's is okay to cover potassium ??? If am not wrong

  21. I commenced sticking with this hypertension method “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) a few days ago and also have already found an optimistic enhancements made on my high blood pressure! It definitely is stabilizing!!! In the limited time of TWENTY days, my blood pressure level lowered. 5 more days went by and my pressure is at the normal stage at 120/55… .

  22. I don't know but last few weeks I've learned how to make guacamole and have been eating it every day and I needed to pass a DOT physical this morning and blood pressure was 140/ 96. And I'm on meds. However late afternoon checks of my blood pressure results are 133/ 85.
    I will try more potassium.

  23. Hello Sir I m age of 40 my BP and heart rate is 145/92, 90 plus from last year and l m taking medication also please suggest me how to control it.

  24. Hi! I am overweight and I don't exercise much, but I have LOW blood pressure. I have been working on getting healthy, but my bp is freaking me out. My last reading was 92/58. Also, it is hard for the nurse to hear my bp and machine's don't read it at all. Any idea why this would be happening and what I can do?

  25. Great video, 1000 doctors would not give you this precious information, and save millions of lives. I could say it's worth a billion dollars, but it is truly priceless and worth much more. Thanks Doctor Berg.

  26. I don’t believe what Dr. Berg says. Hypokalemia is not a widespread medical condition, while hypertension is.
    Could Dr. Berg tell me, what percentage of hypertension patients also has hypokalemia ?!
    We don’t know the exact cause or causes of essential hypertension yet; it could have a genetic background.
    It’s not a scientific approach to link a systemic disease to a single and simple cause, as it is the case with hypokalemia !

  27. Question if I take my insulin shot that I take every 24 hours then eat a banana or papya fruit and or kiwi f r uit all have very high potassium levels the insulin from the shot should make the potassium absorbable?

  28. You are wrong about sodium. Most eat the wrong sodium, table salt and processed food. If you drink sole water made with Pink Himalayan sea salt or Celtic salt, the water is actually used by your cells. Other countries know this and eat WAY more salt but it's healthy salt that has the 84 minerals that your body needs. You cannot get enough potassium with bananas either as it would require eating 15 of them a day. Eat at least 2 though. Taste your blood, your skin. Salty. I can prove the validity of this too. My cat Armand had an enlarged heart and was given at most 6 months to live. I was having to give him saline under the skin from an IV every 2 to 3 days and the vet had me giving him a blood pressure pill AND a diuretic to try and keep water from gathering around his heart. Cats WILL NOT drink water worth a darn anyway. He wouldn't have lasted 2 months had I not started giving him a dollop of sole water in his water bowl. He never got lethargic and dehydrated again and I never touched that saline bag again because he didn't need it. He made it over a year and his quality of life was so much better.

  29. Can you do a video on dieretics. In the early 70's I read that pregnant women should not take them because they take water from your blood and from your tissues. They also make a person dizzy, probably because the blood pressure drops too much.

  30. +Dr Berg: how much cream of tartar is safe to take per day?

    I was warned by the pharmacist about. It… 😳

    Or is it safer to take another Potassium supplement?
    I have startes taking some and started IF and now I seem to have heart racing.

    Thank you!!

  31. I started out following this hypertension treatment “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) recently and also have already seen an optimistic improvement in my blood pressure level! It has stabilized my blood pressure, no question about that. In the short period of time of TWENTY days, my blood pressure level decreased. 5 more days went by and my pressure is at the normal level at 120/55… .

  32. How to lower blood pressure and live longer etc etc …….. leave your desk- bound job; ditch the car; forget the gym; walk everywhere and eat a banana every day. You can thank me later

  33. Doctors should explain this to their patients at length and they do not or at least the ones that I have had did not. Really like listening to you I learn so much.Thank you.

  34. I have been keto for 2 years. My BP is through the roof. 158/105. I don't eat a lot of vegetables. Can a potassium supplement, like No Salt, be as effective?

  35. Eat rock salt (saindha namak) instead of normal white salt ( sea salt) rock salt contains potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride…as white salt contains sodium chloride…in INDIA rock salt is also known as saindha namak which contains potassium…

  36. Hi Dr. Berg – I am talking HBP medication and did consume a green smoothie every day, now my potassium level has gone higher, wondering how to lower potassium and start keto. Please assist.

  37. For people wondering how to get that amount of potassium in each day, just use potassium salt. It's just straight up potassium that starts tasting like salt in big amounts.

  38. I suspected this to be the case but thank you Dr Berg for confirming it.
    Thank you so much for your excellent, hard work.

  39. I wonder if it would be in order to take a teaspoon of Lo Salt salt substitute per day?
    This has 66.6% (min.) potassium chloride 33.3% (max.) sodium chloride.
    Anyway I'm doing it, and my BP has gone down to "normal" on the home BP meter.

  40. For a long time (about 2 years), I was maintaining my medication to maintain my blood pressure level not until this calendar month I discovered about this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) therapy. Doctor explained to me blood pressure level is returned on track and I do not really have to place cash into medicine for raised blood pressure level.. .

  41. Don't waste your money on supplements. Very little potassium in them. Go for potassium rich foods. Add magnesium if you feel anxious.

  42. Dr. Berg, you mentioned Wheat Grass juice as a good source of Potassium. What about some of these other health food store powdered greens like Kale, Celery Juice are these as good for a natural source?

  43. I have had heart problems & getting drug treatments ever since I was 26 years of age. This can be the first blood pressure level method “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that has ever really worked to decrease my pressure by natural means. The medicinal drugs prescribed to me to use were not of used anymore after having a four week period of dependably, ,loyally following this guideline. .

  44. This was very helpful. Recently saw a doc who failed to mention hbp and the potassium link. I was sent on my way so they could wait til it was bad enough for medication.

  45. If you have a 8 oz glass of tomato juice twice a day you’ll get 1700mg of potassium minimum per day , too much sodium and bloating ? Have v8 two times a day 10 hrs apart and you’ll notice a big difference

  46. Coconut water is easiest way to consume potassium. One cup has around 25% of ur daily potassium intake already sorted.

  47. I was pleased with each of the results I discover. The treatment plan “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) that I put into practice has got my blood pressure level to 152/92 at my check up at a medical care clinic. It has then returned my blood pressure to a harmless stage after I had used it. I utilize this to deal with my high blood pressure. It performs exceptional!. .

  48. All this time, “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) is the best fix for people having blood pressure trouble. Easy terminology is used to create it, so this means it is easy to fully understand and perform. People who have high blood pressure can have this guide that I highly recommend for dealing with this issue. I reduced my blood pressure levels beneath 120/80 following this plan.. .

  49. A 20-point decrease in my blood pressure level was the result of the “Zοtοku Weebly” 2-week blood pressure level method which I looked in Gοοgle. Nevertheless, you will need to workout for about THIRTY FIVE minutes every day. The idea I have now is overwhelmingly content for the reason that my blood pressure is under the border line. .

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