Playstation Vue Is Dead | Where Does That Leave Live TV Streaming In 2020?

Playstation Vue Is Dead | Where Does That Leave Live TV Streaming In 2020?

(laughing) If I can pull this off,
it’ll be hysterical. If I can pull it off. (breathes out) Okay, well I gotta get
the line out, at least. (laughing) Why is that hilarious? (record scratch) PlayStation Vue is dead. So, let’s pour one out for
all the Kyles out there. (liquid sploshing) (slow dramatic music) (liquid sploshing) Sorry, bud. And let’s all enjoy how
very, very right I was eight months in advance. It’s not so much that this is a funeral as it is kind of putting
a streaming service in hospice care. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m happy to see PlayStation Vue go. It was a perfectly fine service, but it did have two major problems. First of all, the name which sucked and the lack of a differentiating factor. So, I’ll talk about that
more in a few moments. But, the news is PlayStation Vue will stop broadcasting on January 30th, and they’re gonna stop
accepting new sign ups soon if they haven’t already by the time this video is released. So, what happened? Well, simultaneously it’s a complex and a very simple answer. Either way, though, it’s really the story of what’s going on with TV generally, so here’s what it boils down to. You think TV is too expensive? Well, yeah, so did Sony
and so does everyone else. Let’s dive in. (upbeat tech music) Now, don’t forget the subscribe if you enjoy what we do, but today, let’s talk
about the future of TV. Today, I am going to be talking briefly about everyone major live
TV streaming service. So Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live, AT&T TV Now, Fubo, and Philo. But, first, we need to understand the demise of PlayStation Vue and the coming demise of some others. So, let’s have a look at
the general lay of the land. Again, ultimately it boils down to this: linear TV, scheduled, live TV, whatever you wanna call it,
is expensive to provide. Think about how expensive it is to run a single channel. 24 hours of content every single day. Content you either have to
create yourself or license. That’s a lot of content and that’s a lot of people’s salaries to pay for, and that’s just one channel. Then, channels aren’t usually stand alone. You have to pay for a whole bunch of them. Like, how if Dish wants to carry NBC, they also have to pick up MSNBC and CNBC and USA and SYFY and E! and so on. So, those package deals are expensive. Just ask Sling TV, which
lost 22 Fox regional sports networks a few months ago. Much to the chagrin of their subscribers. So, now picture you’re Sony. The cord-cutting revolution
is just starting, and you want it on the action. Is it any surprise that four years later they decided that the
headache, the red tape, and the massive, massive expense wasn’t worth it for a pay TV product that, in the end, as they implied
in their press release, was never as revolutionary
as everyone hoped it would be in the beginning. Of course PlayStation Vue folded. And, while we should always
take press release statements with a grain of salt, I
absolutely believe them when they say that they want PlayStation to concentrate on its
core business of gaming. Makes total sense to me, and as a PlayStation gamer myself, I’m not sad about Sony
putting more resources toward that experience instead. That’s not to say there’s nothing left to be gained from pay TV. It made sense for Sony to get out, but there are still tens of millions of cable and satellite
subscribers in the U.S. Not to mention the
millions of cord-cutters using other over the top services like Sling TV, Hulu + Live,
or YouTube TV and so on. So, now the question is, what will become of all these other providers? Well, let’s leave aside
cable and satellite for a moment and just
concentrate on streaming, and in the spirit of #CraigIsAlwaysRight, (rock music) I have some predictions for each of them, and, as always, I look forward to you all yelling at me in the comments. (yelling) So, let’s start with AT&T TV Now, the big fan favorite. Honestly, AT&T’s TV situation
is just a giant cluster, you know what, that
would’ve been indelicate. It’ll actually help if we chart this out, so let’s chart this out, okay? Thank you. Now, AT&T owns DirecTV,
the satellite service. So, it would makes sense if they wanna get into streaming,
they’d create DirecTV Now. The naming convention is
a little bit confusing, but whatever, we deal with it. Well, that kind of crashed and burned, and so they nixed that and
rebranded as AT&T TV Now. But hang on, AT&T is also phone service and they have, on that one,
they’ve got AT&T WatchTV. So, that’s confusing, but
they also own HBO now, and they have, well they
have HBO Now and HBO Go. And now, they’re about the have HBO Max. And then, this is
actually gonna get rolled into HBO Max, and then
these are gonna go away. AT&T WatchTV is going away. Look, it’s just a giant mess. – -At no point in your
rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered
a rational thought.– But hey, bless their hearts, they do seem to want to clean it up. Cord Cutters News has
reported that AT&T WatchTV, like I said, is going to be shut down in the coming months. AT&T TV Now is also,
probably, gonna go away sometime in the next year or so. It’s going to be rolled
into HBO Max eventually. This is according to reports, we don’t have a date on that yet. But here’s my prediction, all of this cleaning up, ultimately, it’s not gonna work. At least as far as streaming TV goes. Now, AT&T will still
have DirecTV satellite service for a while. But HBO Max, which will
try to take advantage of the good will the HBO brand carries, won’t be able to sustain an expensive, over the top live TV offering for long and it, too, will jettison live TV the way Sony has. Then, there are the
smaller live TV providers like FuboTV and Philo. Philo has the advantage
of being jointly owned by several networks, A&E, AMC, Discovery, and Viacom. Soon to be, maybe, CBS if
that merger goes through. So, as long as that remains the situation, ironing out deals for those channel groups will be relatively simple. Now, Philo doesn’t have any sports or news to speak of and those are
the most popular things on TV right now, so they won’t gain huge amounts of subscribers. But it could remain a decent hedge for its owner networks
as the pay TV landscape continues to shift. So, I think Philo will stick around, but it will always be tiny compared to other providers. Fubo, on the other hand, has
a ton of sports channels, and I predict that they
will double down on that. They have one foot in,
“Hey, we’re sports focused” and one foot in the “Hey,
we’re everything to everyone”. But they’ll find, like Sony, that that is an unsustainable model
and they will refocus just on sports, pulling in an audience for whom sports, especially soccer, is the primary, or maybe the only thing, that they care about on TV. YouTube TV will fair better in the “everything to everyone realm”, because of its name recognition and the mountains of cash that Google can tolerate losing, if necessary, in order to compete in the live TV arena. But, even though they do make a nod to having lots of sports on YouTube TV, so do their competitors,
outside of Philo of course. So, YouTube TV actually
lacks any additional draw, any differentiating factor. There’s not much to set it apart from its competitors, other than it being a Google property. So, YouTube TV will be around for a while, but the amazing growth that it had in its first year or so will never be recaptured. That leaves Hulu. And here’s my prediction, in 2020, Hulu will start to pull away from the pack and establish itself as the undisputed king of over the top live TV streaming. It has the channel count, it had the financial support, it has the name recognition, and it has something that
its competitors lack: a unique selling point. Because, when you pay
for live TV with Hulu, you also get Hulu. And with the connection now to Disney+, it’s basically game
over for everybody else. Hulu is gonna be part
of a must have bundle that will become dominant
through 2020 and beyond. Now, I’m not saying this is the outcome that everyone should want. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Maybe one of the other
services is your favorite and you would prefer it
if they came out on top. That’s not my point. Whatever our individual tastes are, I just don’t think there’s
any stopping Hulu + Live from dominating the live
TV cord-cutting arena for the foreseeable future. And now, it’s time for
you to let me have it. On your way down to the comments, make sure you like and subscribe. But go hit those comments, tell me why #CraigIsAlwaysRight. (rock music) Or why you think I’m wrong and we’ll argue in the comments. (beep) (thud)

76 Replies to “Playstation Vue Is Dead | Where Does That Leave Live TV Streaming In 2020?”

  1. why do i even watch these videos – im not american and i don't watch live TV apart from a couple of shows here in the UK – i only use streaming lol none of the services will affect the world anyway – just the usa

  2. You hardly mentioned Sling TV for "live" TV streaming. I have Sling and am happy with it. I tried Direct TV now and Hulu with live TV for a while, but have ended with Sling and have been happy with it

  3. Just wondering when the CW network will start streaming its channel live on any these platforms in the Washington DC area…

  4. I think YouTube TV is the best option, family sharing plan, a user friendly interface, unlimited DVR, it offers nba league pass and it offers specific sports channels such as NBA TV, MLB Network, and tennis channel and lastly Hulu doesn't have AMC

  5. I want to freaking dump AT&T TV Now and go to You Tube TV but they don't have 5.1 sound from live TV. When they add that I will be a customer.

  6. I've got YouTube TV for the DVR, Hulu no commercials and Philo for BET and OWN. Is there somewhere I could get everything? Would Hulu Live be better for me???

  7. hulu jacked their LIVE TV price for 2nd time this year by another $10. i really like it but i decided to cancel for now and see if i can live without live tv. all i really used it for was sports, i'll just watch scores online or use the radio for that now and save $50 a month i think.

  8. Yeah, something you missed about YT TV, and maybe this only applies to some regions, but considering where I am, I would say that it covers most of the US now, local networks. YT TV is the only one that actually offers NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and the couple of sister channels for those, live. Which means you can DVR anything from those channels. That was a major deciding factor for me. Because when it comes to the NFL, 3 of those channels have 95% of the football games. When you add that you get all the ESPN channels, you get all the games. With those same channels, you get the majority of college football games, at least all the big games. None of the other providers have that, when it comes to American Football, that is a huge thing. When I was researching, every other service, only had on demand, or on demand for some/live for others, or didn't have some channels all together. Fubo is missing two of those channels, ABC and all ESPN channels. That's a big deal, when you consider their pricing is a good bit higher. Throw in that you get AMC, HGTV, Disney, and a pretty good selection of other channels, YT TV is well worth it. Honestly, they could charge $5 more, than they are now, and I would still happily pay. Considering I am saving over $40 a month on TV with them, over cable. Hulu is close, but they are missing ABC live, AMC all together, and are already $5 more a month than YT TV, and that's without add ons, which if you want to DVR, you will need. I would say YT TV is going to be tougher competition than you are giving them credit for.

  9. Sir I think you will be doing another video about Hulu take over they just raised their price 10 dollars I will be cancelling Hulu so will my friends and extended family. Hulu can go F off.

  10. Funny. You mentioned every single live TV service EXCEPT FOR SLING!
    Honestly, I think Sling TV will be just as interesting as Hulu due to who it is owned by. If Dish does manage to start up their mobile phone service, then it is highly likely that they will make a bundle that includes Sling TV, allowing you to watch Live TV on the go. That, or they will not charge you as much for data used on Sling TV

  11. What in the world happened to slingtv? That's what I use, but I'm not sure why lol. Just find someone who pays for cable and use their logins for the apps for the channels that you watch.

  12. I have tried all the services you mentioned and I currently settled on fuboTV because I love soccer. My girlfriend loves diy and hgtv so they have us covered. I pay for fubo ultra which currently is 75 a month. It’s pricey but still cheaper than traditional cable and satellite services. Plus I get showtime bundled with that so I’m happy.

  13. Live Streaming is done. Hulu now $55. You tube tv will go up again, Sling has no power and will have to combine Orange and Blue. Just need an Antenna and rotate a couple SVOD.

  14. Poor South Park Craig always being told to shut up. Sorry. That's what pops in my head when I hear the hashtag, but right is right.

  15. so many opinions and so many individual wants/needs. The competition in this space is a good thing. It's a shame there's no one service that has all of the things I want. I ended up with Fubo because they have the most of what I wanted which is probably because they have such a huge number of channels compared to the others. It will be interesting to see how sustainable that giant channel package ends up being in the long run. With the others increasing prices they don't look so expensive anymore

  16. I will sadly be a former customer of Playstation Vue soon. Unfortunately there is no one perfect Live TV streaming service because all of them have their quirks or extra costs:
    1. AT&T TV Now – Expensive for the amount of channels/content you're getting. Limited DVR (20 Hours???). If you love HBO……
    2. Sling TV – Only streams in 720p (No 1080p or 4K). Sure it's a al carte but to get what you want the cost goes up. Cloud DVR is extra and limited (50 hours).
    3. Philo TV – No Sports.
    4. Fubo TV – Nice base price with some nice extras but no ESPN.
    5. YouTube TV – Nice price. Multiple streams with no added cost BUT the unlimited DVR has a quirk. If what you have recorded becomes available YT TV will replace your recording with the on demand version with commercials (no forwarding?). Also, No Hallmark Channels.
    6. Hulu Live TV – The positive is Disney owns this puppy. Some negatives are the extra costs for enhanced DVR and multiple streams. No Hallmark Channels.
    Well, I am still trying to decide which direction I will go with because I do want the Hallmark Channels. Leaning toward Youtube TV or Hulu Live and supplementing for Hallmark with Frndly TV.
    Finally, if were talking future proofing from folding Hulu Live is it because of Disney. They own plenty of the content.

  17. How about sling tv? It’s one of the only cheaper ones alongside philo now since Hulu live is now $55 a month. I canceled Hulu live last month as I don’t watch live tv much now. Getting an antenna is necessary now because the live tv prices are getting higher now unfortunately

  18. I see everyone is not happy about hulu going up an extra $10. well for me its still cheaper then comcast. for internet and cable I was paying $159 a month. now with at&t internet and hulu live, im paying $105

  19. What I think YouTube TV has going for them is unlimited DVR storage at no additional cost compared to Hulu with Live, it’s a $9.99 add on for 200 hours of storage. Both YouTube TV and Hulu with Live have a close to traditional TV Guide, which is a plus for most people. Both have up to 6 different accounts. I do think if Disney decides to bundle Hulu with Live within the Disney+ bundle, a lot more people will choose Hulu with Live over YouTube TV.

  20. i think youtube tv will succeed, they Just need to beef up their addon offerings and channels so it is fairly reasonable
    and Like how ps vue had access to hbo and cinemax, i just think that it would be a wise choice to possibly Increase the amount of prenium channels for Youtube tv, should it gain some strength from its customers , maybe at&t can strike a fair deal with places Like youtube tv where hbo and cinemax were offered are a Low price, and at the same rate as showtime and starz
    and it would Just be the hbo and cinemax channels themselves that would play movies and tv both live and on demand on those channels on yttv, so that yttv basically would take over those channels from Psvue handling them

    they also need to offer other channels and other add on offerings, so it will make it more broader
    like i would love it if they offered past seasons of Older Cbs shows like Macgyver on cable networks in addition to cable offerings of Ota channels without having to go through cbs all access to get them

    also, I think Yttv Needs to also strike a deal with at&t to Get Boomerang added, We need some classic hanna barbera

  21. I canceled Hulu the second I got the notice of $10 price hike, but I ended up canceling my cancel when I noticed YouTube tv is pretty much the same price as Hulu's new price. Such a scam. :/

  22. Your bias against YouTube Tv is astonishing. It has the best interface, the best selection of channels and more importantly the one thing you don’t seem to want to acknowledge, the best DVR, you once said DVR is not important, on Reddit
    , users state that the DVR is the most important consideration when cutting the cord.
    I have to seriously doubt your neutrality in this field.
    Do you even read the comments in your own channel? Most are telling you that YouTube Tv is the best option.

  23. Guess that's why these services are going up in price, just as long as they don't get to carried away with it!! We have YouTube TV and love it….and a IPTV service, what one does not have ….the other does.

  24. 4 years with Vue. Better selection of channels and great DVR. Trying all the others. Not sure why you say Hulu has a lot of channels. Far less than FUBO even if I take out FUBO sports channels. Probably going to FUBO YouTubetv missing too many channels. Some of us would pay more for more channels. Take a while to get back up to my $175 directv bill.

  25. I put my YouTube TV subscription on pause. I think I will cancel it. I'm not into sports and watch very little TV. I was paying 50 bucks per month to scrub through commercials. Why not pay for an ad free experience?

  26. The $10 increase shows they are like the rest. Greedy. They will price themselves out of the marketplace and then go downhill. Sad very sad.

  27. Thanks for the review, it will be interesting to see if your predictions are accurate. You didn’t mention all the options available for live TV streaming. I’m not sure about Comcast but Charter/Spectrum offers a TV Streaming package for about half the price of Hulu or You Tube TV. It isn’t traditional cable and they offer deals on premium channels. I’ve tried all the services mentioned and ended up going back to where I started because it was the only affordable option left for me for a TV package that included local network affiliates. When I did the math on most of the services, I would have been paying the same or more than cable TV and the standalone services such as Netflix and Amazon add up quickly, so I don’t understand the rationale, it defeats the purpose of why people left in the first place. It will be interesting to see who is left standing when all this gets sorted out.

  28. I feel YT tv is well rounded for our family with better DVR options than Hulu Live. Would like them to add Hallmark channels but other than that I’m good. I get Disney+ from Verizon – free for a year and then will renew through Verizon if they offer the annual plan. I think Hulu will do better now because of Vue going away and Disney+ bundles but feel there is room for both to do well. If Hulu live adds Hallmark channels then I will change though. You can 😂 but Hallmark channel was the number one cable channel in the 4th quarter of 2018.

  29. Just cut the cord and went with Hulu Live and Philo. I'll keep Disney Plus until the end of Mandalorian then cancel. I'll add HBO when the new season of Westworld is released. I also have Netflix which I got for Jessica Jones and kept after it was cancelled. Now I'm looking forward to the Witcher series. Hulu raising it's price is a concern though.

  30. YouTube TV's included Unlimited DVR service is the key! Hulu Live charges you for a lesser DVR service.
    YouTube TV's guide is much better too. But the DVR is key to me…YouTube's is free and unlimited storage and they
    delete after 9 months!! Hulu Live has a base DVR of 50 hours of recordings and charge $10 a month for 200 hours of recording space.

    I currently have YouTube TV and Philo….very good match for $70 a month.

  31. Disappointed that this commentary has almost nothing to say about Sling. With the Hulu price hike, I'm going to switch to Sling Blue with the news add-on–$30 vs. $55 for Hulu. My main interest is the news channels. I can get local channels via antenna, and I rarely watch any other Hulu programming.

  32. I would say if any it would be YouTube tv with the channel selection and DVR. Between the $10 price hike, the limited DVR and only 2 streams at once. Yea you can up the DVR and streams but you then have to add another $15. Then your up to $70…no AMC…unless they change some things you will have people flocking to YTTV or sling.

  33. I cut the cord 4 years ago and Im not looking back SCREW ALL these pay channels they are not worth it, keep your money and go antenna

  34. Hulu doesn't even carry all the major networks in my area. They want $50+ a month but don't even carry ABC? How about no.

  35. Hey, you didn’t say much about sling. I just switched over to them and even though I like sling TV in theory. A lot of the channels buffer and it’s very annoying when I used to have DIRECTV NOW it never buffered but now it skips all the time I don’t know what I should do. Or should I just switch to Hulu TV? I already have a Disney+ subscription so maybe that will be easier.

  36. I think YouTube tv has the most too gain from the demise of play station vue. I had playstation vue, but the streaming had it share of issues. I'll definitely miss the guide. I left them for YouTube and I'm very happy with the streaming and customer service.

  37. Att tv sucks, they have raised their prices and people like myself that had the original 80+ channels are getting price gouged to force us to change. They will win because I will quit ATT TV and pay for Hulu. I stopped using Directv because they constantly raise prices and now they are doing the same to streaming. I was originally going to go with PlayStation but now that they are going under that’s a no go. I tried YouTubeTV however I hated the way they do recorded content and now that they are doing the on demand for recorded shows you can’t skip the commercials so that is a no go for me too. I also didn’t like the way they have it set up. Hulu wins….for now.

  38. Remember NOW….amazon recast will cause headaches because of the dtv recorder….might get legally an issue of recording live….

  39. Why can't psvue be re-engineered to stream psgames? I recall there was a debate about ps5 architectural backwards compatibility and why Sony can't use mscloud to stream older games allowing ps5 owners to access older games

  40. I feel the rising cost of streaming TV will eventually be close to the same cost as satellite or cable TV. In the future 3-5 yrs. you will have to decide whether you want to watch your TV through traditional cable/satellite or streaming with live TV. Its the same companies providing the content.

  41. I'm rooting for Youtube TV. I also have Youtube Premium/Red, which includes YT Music. If you're a big YT user, that helps with recommendations & integration across the board.

  42. Will either YouTube TV or Hulu Live ever get the rights to Hallmark? That’s a game changer for us coming from PS Vue!

  43. Fubo will be the next casualty. The interface is years behind the competition and they missed a critical moment to catch up to the comp by not working out a deal to buy the PSVues interface. They've also managed to create a double whammy by not having ABC (for the wider audience) and humorously ESPN for the hardcore sporting audience. These two holes cannot be easily filled elsewhere in the same fashion that YTTV/Hulu/Philo provide.
    Also, FWIW AT&T in any shape other than sat (OTT) is already dead man walking and is strangely just hanging on wasting money on ultra cheap grandfathered plans with zero sub growth. Just terrible management there.

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