Playing Would You Rather With My Friend (Awkward)

Playing Would You Rather With My Friend (Awkward)

With Dang Mattsmith Yeah, okay welcome everybody to Reaction Time. We’re doing the would you rather option A or option B. Wait wait wait, so I’m option A? option A or option option A or option one right no option black or option or option white Today we got a fun game Would you rather if you guys don’t know how it goes very simple. So with would you rather you have the first option or the Second option of what you’d rather do without further ado. You’re ready. I’m ready. Let’s do this, man let’s go, would you rather know exactly what happened in area 51 or accept 1 million dollars. A small loan of a million dollars, okay? What would you rather do what do you want in life? I want cash money. You want that dollar bill? Give me the $1,000,000 I mean just knowing what having an area 51, what’s that gonna do for you? The government would be on you yeah? I’m gonna get a text from my FBI agent, and then you know they’re just gonna be like hey hey we have to decease you Terminate you Threat to your security right but with 1 million dollars, then I can make it rain hey, would you rather only be able to speak via a translator or only speak when asked a question Translator, yeah I’ll probably have to get the translator like you speak like gibberish or something right and use a translater to say what cause you could get like a Anyway only speak when asked the question then I couldn’t I couldn’t talk yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna need via a translator. Okay.Yeah 58% Would you rather have everything you touch turn to dust or Have everything you touch turn to gold This is hard cause you’re pretty much destroying well I mean I you have to go with the gold right you know go down if you have enemies Yeah, just like you just turn him to gold But would they be able to move if they’re like will they be like imma do so where they kind of like turn into Stuff I don’t know Gold 321 – gold yeah 92%what Would you rather eat 300 doughnuts in four hours for five hundred dollars or drink a cup of sour milk for fifty dollars Diarrhea or diabetes anyway, I’m throwing up I need to know like is a small doughnuts like little donut holes, or is it like doughnut balls? Yeah, just regular-sized doughnuts 300. One cup.Yeah, that’s true. Okay. Let’s do it Dang people really see Wow Obesity this is America *in union* like no one wants to go with this This is a stomach. Ache for like 24 hours like yes sour milk cuz I mean you just smell it It’s just this just horrible, but I kind of want a doughnut now All right next up would you rather be white? Or black dang I don’t know didn’t make this I didn’t make this either I don’t even know if I want to click on an answer But like I mean I know what I would rather be like if I get pulled over by the police I want to be like you know if I’m walking through Compton. I want to be black That’s why I’d be good to be half black and half white cuz then you could just you know pick and choose better Oh, no. No. I’m just tan white or you could pick and choose better. Oh, no. I’m just light black sometimes You just gotta use gotta pick a choose man you just got to you know pick and choose make your decisions, and then tal tal huh huh hello? Oh, man Yeah, see right now. I wish I was white For the rest of your life Would you rather marry a new random person every year then or? Marry one random person and stick with it?do you want a sort of Dessert mmm, or just choose one dessert forever I don’t know this this sounds like the first one marry a new random person That sounds like a lot of alimony you’re gonna have to pay That’s a lot of you know a lot of Divorcing a lot of well like it’s a random person one when you can make it work. You can make it work You dedicate your time or a random person every year if you hate that person yeah They’re stuck with her for the rest of your life You know what I would have to go with the new random person every year what you love her then too bad Random person 50-50 chance I’m gonna hate them or love them. I like those odds Would you rather be the parent adolf hitler or be the parent of osama bin laden? Mmm, which one should we choose I might have to say the second option I think i’ma go with the second one because you know the first any more damage inflicted, right? What would you rather control the elements? or control time His earth wind fire water water if you want to be an airbender or like a waterbender Or do you want to just control time I think controlling times more powerful, that sounds pretty powerful control time? But like so you can go back in time Or you can put people in loops you can put people in loops you can put people in loops But if you could control the elements Okay, I can fly on like water. Oh, yeah You click here we go you click For $2,000 reward would you rather stay overnight in a haunted Asylum heck no No, or go on a scary but broken rollercoaster. Oh I hate roller coasters when like especially when you think that they’re broken and their little Effie it unlocks yeah, there’s that one There’s one at Six Flags Kamiya, and then you hang like this and it stops for like a few seconds And you literally like this and then it goes that one oh, I can’t do it, man I think we just have to go positive. Yeah. Yeah, well. It’ll make it together man. We’ll make it together I think would be fine for one night one wont be bad. Would you rather always be overdressed or always be underdressed? Don’t want to be overdressed. Um do I want to be Mark Zuckerberg? Cuz overdressed Yeah, I’d rather be underdressed. I read just be careful that underdressed What if it’s cold outside or like you’re going to a formal place? I’m just I’mma be like Sorry officer. you don’t wear your shirt man put some pants on. I’m sorry. Oh my god I gotta be on the dress. Okay. Let’s go over dress. We got oh my god Yeah, this in case you know would you rather wear pants too high? Like like the white dad’s like yeah all the way up today belly button we’re going to use Samedi today Our past to love to Sagan’s sagging the pants too low. I don’t really sag them too much like nowadays I keep them linked keep about waist more comfortable to having too high but too low too low looks better Yeah, it’s true, but if they said too low that’s like pasture. How low is too. Low how low your hello Can you go so what do you want to do? I’m gonna. Go too. Low? I’m thinking too low Too I would be more uncomfortable of course one way around this would be not to wear pants anymore I’m game for that if they were high. They’d squeezed about Mm-hmm, I like that hoodie man. Oh, so you’re good choose. Oh, No the first option. Okay, yeah True finally last one Matt take away, would you rather always tell the truth or always lie? I’ve always lie you have fun today and you have to say no But you actually have fun know so like you’re offending people I’ve always lie you have a Monday and you have to say no Exactly, but it’s just kind of wait. You know for people if they get you know a little drunk. They start telling the truth more Oh, yeah, so its not bad Exactly, but it’s just kind of wait. You know for people if they get you know a little drunk. They start telling Oh, yeah, so you like drop bad? Guys, that’s gonna wrap it up for would you rather thank you so much for watching Are you ready? Hey, that’s gonna wrap it up for would you rather thank you so much for watching and if You liked the video make sure to check out Dang Matt Smith on YouTube in the description go search him up on YouTube yeah That’s gonna wrap it up. That’s it whoa? Man not bad. I think we did pretty well. I think we got most of them like the majority agreed with us Thank you for watching we will see you next time have a great one and peace out

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  1. Whoever reads this: have a joke.
    Roses are red, there's something new.
    Violets are violet, not freaking blue

    Have a nice day

  2. They didnt say if u had to eat large,medium,small,or microscophic donuts so im going to eat microscophic donuts🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  3. I would rather be BLACK bc I my dad is black BUT OLSO BC when I play hide and seek I will just change it out something black and I will hide in the DARKNESS LOL

  4. would you rather marry a randon person everyone? or marry one random person and stick with it
    me:i will chose marry a random person every year so i can eat cake in the wedding

  5. I know whick one Thanos would pick…TURN TO DUST!!!!!

    Thanos: hehehehe now you can't undo this now…Boop DUST…Boop…DUST…Boop…DUST
    Doctor Strange: We're in the death-game now…
    Thanos: Boop…DUST…Boop…DUST…Boop….DUST!!!!!

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