If You Have a Metatarsal Stress Fracture… WATCH THIS

In this video, I’m going to show you some great exercises to get your body ready to run again after a Metatarsal stress fracture. So you’ve been told that the foot pain you’re suffering with is a metatarsal stress fracture. This is one of those injuries that I can unfortunately speak about from personal experience….

Kingdom Hearts III – E3 2018 Frozen Trailer | PS4

It’s cold. Guess he’s too used to the beach. Hey islander. What can I say? Look. Even the sea’s turning to ice. Wow. A walking, talking snowman. You really are alive. Hello. Olaf, are these your friends? Nope. Never met ’em. Don’t know anyone blue, green, or who’s oddly spiky. [MUSIC PLAYING] Give me strength….

Does cannabis help with stress and anxiety?

Does cannabis help with anxiety or stress? It does. I think it depends on what brand or strand that you get. I don’t really know. Both yes and no. For some people cannabis can make them feel relaxed, sociable or have heightened sensation. But daily use is associated with increased risk for depression and anxiety…

DIY Slime Stress Ball— 5 Ideas

Today we’re going to make a super real looking Oreo cookie and cheeseburger with a slime filling, kawaii pink kitten stress reliever from a soft slime and space stress balls Do you love Oreo and refuse to share? Your friends would be crazy about this incredible cookie with the malleable filling We’ll need brown modeling…