(IN THE VIETNAM) Where are we? Vietnam We’re at the resort We like risottos more (Lamenting) (Haknyeon’s Sour gag) Stop it Okay (Embarrassed) Vietnam Our country’s name
in English is Korea People from other countries
call our country Korea But we call it
Dae Han Min Kuk Yes (Let me hear you) Vietnam is Vetnam in Korean But in English they call it Vietnam VIETNAM Exactly I don’t know I can eat that all by myself (Hungry The Boyz) This is Vietnam’s Version of rolls? Which one? Are these Vietnam’s sushi rolls? What is this? Is this catfish? I don’t know It looks very flat It looks like a snake Hold up I thought it was a snake I really thought it was a snake There’s a lot of meat (The Boyz are fascinated
by Vietnamese cuisine) There are two pieces of shrimp (Which dish do they pick?) (Pho) It’s pho
Vietnamese pho (Excited) This is New’s attitude
before eating a meal Yes The food is here The soup is not clear Really It’s real Vietnamese pho This is chicken (Exotic food) Bon apetit! (Swirp) Baam! It’s different from the ones
we eat in Korea I didn’t expect it to look like this This is real pho We’ve been anticipating it so much P to H to O, we’re finally eating it Pho! It looks amazing (Shimmering Vietnamese pho) You need to put this in too Can we eat now? (Vegetables) (They sing and bring in the veggies) You too Oh my God Bean sprouts are healthy Let’s taste it Try the soup Let me taste the soup I thought it would be bland
but it’s actually really good How’s it different from
the ones they sell in Korea? Filming is not important right now This is no joke It feels like it was
made out of only rice Why is this made out of rice? That’s why it’s called pho How’s it clear when it’s made
out of rice? Just like dangmyeon Explain I don’t know I didn’t make it (Slip) (The Boyz enjoy their meal) Did you finish already? Do you want some of mine? Wow (wonder) It’s gone already (Haknyeon, eating machine) It wasn’t in an instant (Surp) Let’s film an ad It’s actually a lot of food I’m eating and eating
and it won’t disappear (Well, that’s not for Haknyeon) (Happy) You got it in you (The taste) Is it good? It’s good It’s good (Pho meokbang over) It’s good Let’s go (The Boyz look around their resort) It’s a Vietnam tour
with Haknyeon and Kevin Yes Frog!
Frog! Wow! (The frogs suddenly join them) Frog!
Frog! Fro… Frog! Hello! (New and Sangyeon
are also touring their resort) (One picture with waiting fans) Xin chao There are a lot of fans here How cute They know how to say ‘cute’ Xin chao (Waiving) Let’s go somewhere else This place is no joke The feel of this place… (New and Sangyeon
find a beautiful bridge) What happens if you fall here? Then I’ll rescue you Don’t lie I can swim well (Believe me) I’m the only who can’t (They’re mesmerized
by Vietnam’s night view) This is amazing It’s so pretty It’s so pretty here I don’t even know where this is I hope fans all visit here
when they come to Vietnam So nice! It’s like a scene in a romantic movie Exactly Don’t they usually kiss in these scenes? I’m bored
Do you want to kiss? I’m alright (New’s suddenly all serious) Never mind then They followed us (New goes back) (Jacob and Sunwoo find
Younghoon on their stroll) Younghoon’s over there Acting all cool Be careful It’s a piranha? (Younghoon lies that there is one) It’s a river here They might just pop up anywhere I’m not scared It’s like a picture here Let go of the camera and take a pose (Younghoon does as he’s ordered) Please take a photo One two… – Click
– Three Click
Click It’s amazing (Sunwoo goes on his way) You informed me of your sins I informed you of my sins? Yes What did I do wrong? Get on your knees
and ask for repentance Anyone who talks nonsense Is going to get
ignored by me Okay (Whatever) Your majesty! (A Korean themed play in Vietnam) What sins have you committed? Nothing! (Play over) (They hear Vietnamese
music getting louder) Today’s music recommendation We will hear TWICE’s
(Time for Sunwoo to show off his talent) (These friends are still
hanging out with the frogs) (Haknyeon and Kevin
trying to catch a frog) Ahhhhhh! (Why clap?) Got it! It’s in! Ahhhhh (They succeed in capturing the frog) Wow! How cute (Now what do we do…) There was a cat
and I saw a frog A frog? I saw a frog in the bathroom It’s this big
I’m not even joking (No way) Isn’t it a bullfrog? Do you know that frogs fall asleep
when you rub their stomach? – Really?
– Yes (Sangyeon and New
meet the frog friends) What’s going on? They caught a frog Let’s rub a frog’s back Why’d you catch a frog? Stay still
It’s okay (Tender to the frogs) It’s okay, it’s okay
We won’t hurt you What is it? Who caught it? I did Really? – How pitiful
– Release it (The Boyz release the frog) Go out to the world (Jump) (They released the frog) How’d you catch it?
Did Haknyeon catch it? – It’s so cute
– Look at it jump Let’s do this
One two three I’ll protect you! (The Boyz participate
in an interview) (A warm ending
to their first day in Vietnam) (VIETNAM DAY-2) (A huge crowd of K-pop fans
waiting for The Boyz) (The Boyz rehearse to be the
best they can on stage) (The Boyz are in the waiting
room after rehearsal) We need to put on
a great performance (Yes sir) We’ve eaten great food We’ve eaten Vietnamese pho (Nod nod) (They act cool
but their legs are trembling) I hear that the performance has started These people are
preparing to get on stage How many have you done? 500 (Overdone) 500 – Your fifth time doing 500?
– We did it together Oh really?
Oh wow I guess that’s possible Oh wow
Your legs Their legs are quite firm (Hard exercise) It’s started The Boyz (Excited The Boyz) There are so many fans We have to blow up the stage (A fully packed crowd) (The Boyz awaiting their turn) (The Boyz enter the stage) Let’s go! (The fans excitedly greet The Boyz) Hello, I’m Hwall of The Boyz (They finish their Vietnam performance
amidst great cheering from the crowd) Hello, good morning from Vietnam
It’s our last day here I was supposed to
eat breakfast with Eric About that You know what they say
‘Be careful what you ask for’ Yes I don’t know if I’ll be able to do so
because we’re running out of time Stay tuned I came down late
but he’s already eating Sunwoo came late
We’re already eating Enjoy your meal Bring your food It’s so good, everyone (Meat and meat and ham) As Hwall came late too We decided to eat first (Thumbs up) Breakfast at a hotel is the best (Thumbs up) Everyone’s tired and sleepy (Yum…) It’s so good I’m already finished (Finishing touches
to Hyunjae’s meokbang) Omelet (Wow) (Yum) We’re done with breakfast And now We’re going to get our stuff (They arrive at their rooms
to get their luggage) After using the card
I have to get to Hwall (Sudden room check) Hwall’s giving me orders I have to do Hwall’s errands Hwall’s asking me to get his stuff (A good friend doing
his friend’s request) There is so many luggages This is the end to
Hyunjae’s morning story Goodbye Vietnam

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  1. seeing them wearing their signature named shirts made me imagine they were brothers forced to wear named shirts because they're too handsome, their mom couldn't even tell who's who :>

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