[Nizi Project] S1 #4-2

[Nizi Project] S1 #4-2

When I find a weakness,
I’ll drop you.
Rio and Akari perform That wasn’t a compliment. I’m worried about the dance cube. Dance Level Test
Who’s next? Rio, you’re up.
Rio (Nagoya) I’m Rio from Aichi Prefecture.
Thank you. We met in Nagoya, didn’t we? Yes. Nagoya Heat Rio danced expressively Your emotions come to the surface
in your movements. Your dancing is superb. You’ve got amazing talent. Thank you very much. Dance Queen! Rio received rave reviews for her dancing And for Rio’s choice of music? I picked the song “Summertime”. 「Summertime」 by RIRI, KEIJU, Nariaki Obukuro
An R&B track with a stylish hip-hop vibe The reason I chose it is I didn’t think anyone else could pull it off. I guessed everyone else would
copy-cat girl group dances. In the 3-minute dance evaluation I wanted to highlight my own solo routine. So I picked “Summertime”. Rio wanted to set herself apart
with her song selection “Rio’s dance has the most expression, presentation, and skill.” That’s what I want to hear most. “Rio really showed emotion and her dance was the most brilliant.” I really want to make an impression. Rio is confident of her dancing skills 「Summertime」 by RIRI, KEIJU, Nariaki Obukuro Expression and movement
brimming with confidence That’ll do. Thank you very much. Rio has put in a spirited
and forceful performance
Yuna (Tokyo) (JYP trainee) You know… She used a song I never imagined
anyone would do. It was a completely different
song with her own choreography. I thought that was so cool.
Rima (Tokyo) and put on a great performance. That was just the coolest thing. I wanted to be her! Her performance has left
a big impression on everyone But how will J.Y. Park see it? Looking at everyone’s reaction, I bet you’re thinking,
“She’s such a great dancer.”
All together (laughter) Applause You perform like a dancer. Ever since the second grade, I’ve been dancing seriously
for eight years. Wow! I’m not going to praise you. Singers shouldn’t look like dancers. Singers should look like singers. Dancers and singers have different jobs. Just now, when you danced, you didn’t try to
get through to my heart. I understand. I didn’t see any effort
to win the audience over. You’re thinking
what a good dancer you are. You should dance like
we’re connected with a string. But you dance as if you don’t care
whether I watch or not. That’s my impression. Not the reaction we expected! You have to dance for the audience. Because you’re not dancing
for yourself here. You target your performance
at me. But it looks like
you are dancing for yourself. Putting her own performance
before the audience Your shoulders are tight
from start to finish. Dancing like that uses too much strength. Rio clenches her shoulders when she dances You have to lower
your shoulders like this. Before and during your dance communicate with me. I get it. Rather than dancing for yourself, dance for the person in front of you so you appear happy. Okay. I don’t want to dance unless
there are people watching. – Know what I mean?
– Yes. Thank you very much. Park emphasized the importance
of communication He said a “singer/dancer”… is not just a dancer. His words really got through to me. This is not a dance contest. It’s not like the dance
contests I’ve done. It’s to be part of a singer-idol group. That’s the audition I came here for. I’m worried about the dance cube. Good morning. My name is
Erina Hanada. I hope you enjoy. A competitor full of bright energy In my critique today I have to say the same thing again. The fact that I’m forced to say the same thing today
as in the regionals means that you did not practice. First, you’re not in dancing shape. You don’t have enough muscle,
which slows your dancing down. My third point is, you’re not listening to the music. So you’re not in sync.
You’re too fast or too slow.
You’re not matching the beat. You speed up or slow down. Kako Oguri (Sendai) If I got you to dance 10 times,
it’d be the same every time. It should be different. But instead, your dance looks
like something you assembled. I can’t get into it.
It looks so practiced.
More harsh criticism to come It seems you practiced
without attention to small details. Like whether your movements
are accurate or not. In the regional heat, I chose you after locating
your merits. During this training camp, when I find a weakness, I’ll drop you. The reality of how tough
this training camp really is Akari, you’re up. Yes. Hi. I’m 15. I’m Akari Inoue
from Saitama Prefecture. Why did J.Y. Park smile? A candidate who really impressed me
in the regionals was Akari, who I selected in Tokyo. While her technique needs lots of work, her bright energy
was really impressive. Tokyo Heat She had a brightness
that was genuine. An energy seemed to emanate
from her. I was impressed with
her positivity and brightness. Congratulations. Akari succeeded with
bright energy and potential Training camp, Day 1 Akari came to the training studio
with her heart aflutter But… her eyes are red
and she looks pale What happened? Medical certificate handed
to staff before training camp Long term hospitalization after the regionals
Akari could not fully prepare for training camp So you couldn’t practice as usual? She can’t get the words out. That’s right. I couldn’t. Since it was a big room in a hospital and there were other patients around I couldn’t do full dance movements. So, I danced without extending my arms. During my stay I had intended to look in the mirror and check each movement.
She joined training camp
soon after being discharged But in order to become
an idol and make people smile, I knew I’d have to work hard
in every area. She refused to quit inspite
of hospitalization. Out of practice and uneasy,
but calm and smiling Feel like giving it a try?
J.Y. Park is unaware of her hospitalization 「DALLA DALLA」 by ITZY Intently J.Y. Park stops the music When I was interviewed after the regionals I was asked who made an impression and I gave your name among others. OK. The reason I remember you, Akari was because you are very talented. If I gave you a talent score,
it’d be an A+. Thank you very much.
But… completely disappointed me! Unaware of her hospitalization
J.Y. Park highlights her lack of practice I don’t know why you came here. Aware of her talent, J.Y. Park’s
assessment is cold The feeling I get is that you have superior talent but maybe you’re not
making an effort I guess. The brutal assessment continues So you weren’t really that much
into striving for this chance? She can’t answer immediately Have you practiced hard up to this point? Why won’t she tell him the truth? I practiced on the days I could. Akari won’t give any excuses Even if this were the regionals I would make the same decision. I could see flashes of your talent. But today is not a regional heat. You really disappointed me. I understand. I apologize. You may never get this chance again. Straighten up and try again. Show me how much you want it. Park gives her harsh criticism unaware of the truth J.Y. Park reserves his disappointment
for those he has high hopes for Let’s come back after a short recess. While everyone is taking a break Akari sits silently alone A member of staff approaches J.Y. Park She was ill… and was hospitalized. I had no idea… I just scolded her severely. Why didn’t she tell me
that she was hospitalized? Why didn’t Akari explain the situation? Akari’s hospitalization concerns J.Y. Park He finally gets up from his chair Akari, were you sick and hospitalized? Yes, for 3 weeks, almost a month. Why didn’t you tell me
that you were in the hospital? I didn’t think it appropriate… J.Y. Park is impressed that Akari
made no excuses If you had told me you were sick, I wouldn’t have misunderstood… I’m sorry. The tears she held back began to flow Because I failed to take care of myself I had to be hospitalized because I failed to take care of myself. I could not meet them,
which is hard to swallow. All of that strength I had during lessons, I want to get back, as much as I can. The Dance Level Test resumes You’re up, Mako. You’re up, Mako. Mako Tokyo JYP trainee Members I remember? Mako Yamaguchi. She’s powerful… and is good at self-PR. She raises her hand first.
Training Camp, Day 1 Me! Hello, everyone. I’m from JYP. I’m Mako Yamaguchi, a trainee
for 2 years and 7 months. She got up there first and she’s just bursting with confidence. It’s like she’s already famous… In practice, I heard her dancing earned a reputation. Rumors of her dancing ability
draw all eyes to Mako What did you focus on most? I’m dancing to 2PM’s song, but it’s a male song, so it requires a lot of strength. That’s why I did strength training. It’s not easy for a woman to dance to. I know.
「I’ll be back」 by 2PM. A powerful male dance song As an experienced JYP trainee, I wanted to surprise everyone with an outstanding performance. A bold win-or-lose choice! First day of practice, Maco’s recording Once I make a decision I have this follow-through mentality. So until I clear that step
All for just a one-time performance
Mako will give it her all to the end And… She even coordinates
her hair to match the song I want people to see the transformation in a girl who can talk like this. I want them to think “A girl like her has that kind of aura to her, too? Wow!” Do your best! Give it a go! 「I’ll be back」 by 2PM
-Japanese version- A completely different vibe! All eyes are on her Such super difficult choreography! A routine that encourages applause This has to be the first audition
that made me cry. This has to be the first audition
that made me cry. A crowd pleasing performance
Impressed Super! She nailed it. Time for her hard work to shine! There was something moving about that. Thank you very much. I don’t know you that well, but you seem to be a hard worker. Thank you very much. You try to make every move count and I could feel how hard you practiced! Her efforts convey her devotion You had me when you raised your arm. You were truly spectacular! Thank you very much. You’ve done everything you need
to become a singer. She also has great conditioning. This is what I mean by “body management”. That’s why she has that body. Fast, powerful, and supple! How do you usually manage it? I weigh myself first thing everyday. What about exercise? Stretching, aerobics,
and strength training? I do all three. What’s been your biggest
motivation so far? As a trainee I was awarded a showcase several times. It’s difficult every time,
but once I’m on stage I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I want to taste more of that success. So I work hard! You don’t really know someone
unless you see them a lot but I think you’ll be the same person
even with success. Thank you very much. Admiration generated by devoted effort Thank you very much. The time has truly come for her to reap the rewards of her efforts! You were fantastic! JYP trainee Mako earns a dance cube! I thought, “Wow! Impressive!” When I was Mako’s age, I didn’t have that kind of guts. I really respect her. I sensed an overwhelming
difference in our abilities. I felt nervous tension and pressure at the same time. She’s always really nice
in the waiting room and stuff. I have this image of her
as a beautiful girl. But when I saw that dance, I realized she has a sexy
and a cute side, too. She’s a marvelous girl
with a mix of many personalities. I’m the next Nizi star

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  1. JYP really makes me understand the idols' jobs better. "dance as if we're connected with a string" "connect with our hearts" "make others happy", I didn't realize how our idols do it ans we don't even notice it. It's not just singing and dancing, that's really amazing

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  6. Personally I think Rio should have received the dance cube regardless, it was after all a 'dance' cube. She came up with the choreo herself, preformed it with confidence and without mistakes. He could have told her that she lacked communication with the audience but still have given her the dance pendant.

  7. The three jyp girls that auditioned for the regional has to be the three core of Nizi as they have all the things JYP are looking for plus we know Nina will also join that core judging how impressive she was at the regional and the fact we see a lot of her throughout this series. That makes it four already. I wonder how large of group this Nizi will be. With these four it's already stellar. I'm sure I'm going to see several more gems as the series playout.

  8. I really respect Akari for not giving any excuses. Obviously she had a genuine reason that she couldn't practice that much, but she probably didn't want to sound like someone who'll always find excuses when something doesn't work out.
    I'm really excited to see what she can do if she doesn't have anything holding her back. She'll be amazing.

  9. So you have you practice right, but then you also can't over practice, or under practice. You also can't look too much as more of a dancer than a singer. These girls are talented and brave.

  10. Miihi really impressed me because of her talent and how fresh she was. She obviously worked hard but you can tell she was already incredible. Her singing is stunning, and her voice color is my favorite after Nina 🙂

    Riria is adorable, had a great performance, and is taking strides to improve herself. I hope she doesn't fall into bad habits to try to lose weight, those kinds of methods never last long term.

    Yuna is so cute and has great skill, but it's just as JYP said.. She trained each move and expression to the point where it felt manufactured. She needs to loosen up and allow her personality and talent to shine through. You can tell she really wants to debut and is feeling the pressure. I hope we'll be able to see more of Yuna as Yuna in the future!

    Akari is also adorable, and she just shines. She is completely genuine in her performances, and I think she has what it takes!! She doesn't make excuses despite having a valid one, and I think she has great character.

    Mako is my absolute favorite so far. She's soft spoken and hard working, and so so talented, and yet she doesn't rest on her talent. She's kind– you can see that she's truly enjoying the other trainee's performances and wants them to do well– and she has a natural leadership to her and I think she's a shoe in for sure.

    These are just my favs and my opinions tho! I'm definitely not qualified to judge anything, and a lot of it is similar to what JYP was saying. Other than those 5, I think Nina and maybe Rio will debut? I also wish we saw more of Suzu, she was #5 in dance and vocal but we haven't seen anything so far. That's probably a bad sign for her.. 🙁

  11. am i the only one sad about mako's "i weigh myself first thing in the morning" comment?
    god i hope these girls stay healthy ;;

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  14. This it’s my biggest dream,but as a foreign (and not Asian) some people tell me that I should dream something that goes with me,they say that that’s not a dream and just something that I want to do because I see others doing it ,but it’s really something I love ,I love dancing and singing,I never had the opportunity of audition in a company like jyp ,which it’s kinda sad to me because I live in a country that it’s not in Asia so it doesn’t give me high hopes ,I’ve always search for online auditions etc but it’s kinda hard and including that i don’t have enough money and age to go to Korea to make an audition….,honestly seeing those episodes I realize that there’s a lot to things that I need to fix of myself ,dancing and singing,and it worries me …jyp it’s my favorite company ,not just because their artist ,by the treatment they all receive ,I like the honesty in jpark….I wish the best to those girls and a bright future,I hope to make my dream come true some day

  15. Thank JYP once again for uploading this videos to us international fans, best entertainment company❤

  16. Honestly, ever since I first say Akari when she got her necklace, she's been my bias. SHE DESERVES THE WORLD

  17. I feel unfair for Rio tho. This is a dance evaluation and JYP said she looked like a dancer but not a singer? Then why do other girls have to be better at dancing. And they're competing to be an IDOL, which JYP clearly set up for 4 characters that make up an IDOL. There are lots of SINGER who cannot dance, doesn't make them any less of a singer. And there absolutely a lot of SINGER who can dance perfectly, too and that also doesn't make them any less of a SINGER. He is trying to make an IDOL group who can dance and sing. Save the criticism for the Singing part if she can't do it as a Singer.
    I haven't watch any contesting show ever since KPOP Star 3 (I think it's ss3). This is the very first time in a long time I get really interested in a contesting show but just this single part of his comment really turned me off TT____TT
    I love Rima btw

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  19. I am from Peru I always dreamed of being an Idol I am Latina I do not speak Korean … I only write to you in English through a translator … I always dreamed of debuting in a kpop group and I hope it will come true ☺️😁

  20. Akari warmed my heart from the first episode, bc she's so genuine and funny and cute, and she's so eye-catching when she's dancing. She really makes you focus on her, so I feel like she's already one of my biases, lol. I just love her so much, and seeing her put in all her strength during this episode – even though she had been ill – made me emotional, bc she deserves the world. And then seeing that JYP didn't know about her condition, and that Akari didn't say anything either, really got me. She's such a sweetheart for that, and I'm so glad someone told him so that he apologized, bc his comments were so harsh for what she'd been through.

    Even dancing and smiling when you're that weak is difficult, so I'm impressed she was even able to pull it off at all. But I promise you, when she gets energy again and becomes healthy, she will shine! Bc JYP is right, she is so so talented. Anyway, I want her to go so far. And I hope others see her talent and natural aura, and can root for her too! I want her to become popular.

    Oh and of course I love Riria, Mihil, Nina and Mako. They're amazing too. (I mean Mako's performance here?! Come on! She's already a star with a fandom, lol! Just look at the comments 😂)

  21. i felt bad for the other girls when JYP was talking about mako’s body. because i can tell that mako works so hard but i also know that sometimes, no matter how hard you workout, not everyone’s body is able to be slender yet muscular and not bulky like mako is. so i felt bad for the other girls that feel like they might not be good enough because they don’t have that body type.

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    Produce season 2 – Samuel
    Produce season 3 – Chowon and Yoojin and Kaeun
    Produce season 4 – literally everybody : Minkyu,Yuvin,tony,jinhyuk etc

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