New blood pressure guidelines – Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

[DR. ETTINGER] So the new guidelines are quite
remarkable. They look at several things one is redefining what hypertension is
and that’s anything over 130 over 80 millimeters of mercury. They also look at
the patient’s overall 10-year risk for atherosclerosis and vascular disease
defining those at high risk for anything 10 percent or greater over a 10-year
period of time. They also look at a patient’s role in lifestyle
modification and monitoring their blood pressure and the use of two anti
hypertensive agents for patients who have stage 2, which is anything over 140
over 90 millimeters of mercury. They do start by identifying patients who we
know long term with high blood pressure at greater risk for cardiac and vascular
complications and so to identify these patients sooner and to start with
lifestyle modification not not just pharmacological therapy but really
lifestyle modification really ought provides us a great opportunity for
weight reduction as well as smoking cessation as well as better control of
diabetes as well as preserving kidney function long term which we
know is better for the health of our patients. The most recent or relatively
recent guidelines was back in 2003 so 14 years ago and there have been some
adjustments to the guidelines but this I think is the most broad scope as far as
approaching patients with hypertension it also does enhance the role of
lifestyle modification and I think it really allows the individual with
hypertension to take better control of their health and welfare and not just to
leave it in the hands of their healthcare provider. [Music]

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