[MV] 100%(백퍼센트) _ Heart(맘)

[MV] 100%(백퍼센트) _ Heart(맘)

People are laughing My heart is crying You can’t hear me Stars are coming out My mind is broken My night is only full of you I think I can tell you
everything tomorrow Everyday I stopped at the same spot The greeting I gave you
so many times The next story is When I quietly call your name It feels different A liar pretending to be your friend That’s actually me All I want is you love me, eh The timing Love me love me, my time is good, eh The timing Love me love me, my time is good I thought I wasn’t
Man and woman can’t be friends Now I’ll take off the mask
and tell you the truth I’ll make you feel
sweet like honey really I waited for the timing, bae I’ll fill my heart with you Yes your scent To the foam on the lips My love is laughing
right in front of me Everyday I stopped at the same distance The awkward greeting The next story is When I quietly look at your eyes It’s a different world for a while A liar pretending to be your friend I want to quit it I thought I was gonna stop it That was my biggest mistake With the word “friend” I’m hovering around you alone again All I want is you love me, eh The timing Love me love me, my time is good, eh The timing Love me love me, my time is good My feelings for you
are just growing The timing My heart to be your love The timing Love me love me, my time is good

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  1. Can you all hear that they said love me, love me my time is now.
    Who else loves 100%

  2. 100percent heart can you reached up to 25 million views on YouTube except grand bleu 15 million views ok reached it please we hate EXO members were ok to 100% members Rokhyun Jonghwan Chanyong Hyukjin Niel Gyujin and Hwanhee thank you for your interesting

  3. THIS IS UNDERRATED 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. can u reaching up to 30 million views on youtube for mv of 100% – heart except grand blue, better day, skecth-u are both 30 million views we don't like EXO cuz the fans so negativity hater activities pretty sure that 100% is good and rediscover perfection fans all over the world so then thank you for comeback welcome home 100% Rokhyun Jonghwan Chanyong Hyukjin Niel Gyujin and Hwanhee nice to meet you guyz so good so fresh as well thank you guyz everything like this on here have a good time god bless you buddies 🙂

  5. I heard this every single day when the sun shined and will definitely hear it the whole summer too
    this masterpiece exactly describes how summer and holidays should feel like

  6. Amei o conceito da música,é bem alegre,animada,vocais ótimo,bom rap line.Todos são bem bonitos,o MV têm bastante cores vibrantes,danças animadas,resumindo,o MV está perfeito.

  7. i love them…truly a talented group…too bad top media doesnt take that very seriously

  8. Me encatoooooo dios que talento :''3 Los ame Les doy 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 por la cancion

  9. Me fascina este video 😍
    Si supieran chicos lo mucho que los admiro ❤,los apoyare siempre y algun dia seran reconocidos yo lo se.
    Love you 100%💕 forever 😘😘

  10. El vocalista es unico lo diferencio con los ojos cerrados que son 100% bellas melodias muy buenos. grupos como ellos deberias ser famosos por su musicalidad y no irse tanto por lo visual.

  11. 100% talentet
    100% visual
    100% good dancing skills
    100% perfection
    100% good vocals
    100% good rap
    100% underrated…

  12. ¿por qué esta canción no tiene el reconocimiento que se merece ?>:v ¡ahh mierda de spam que hacen!!! y no dejan que haya verdadera competencia :">

  13. AAAHHHHH 💕💖💖💕💝💖💕💖💝💕💖💕💖💖💕💕💖💕💖💞💕💖💞💕💝💕💕💖💕💕💖

  14. This is such a bop, but why do the lyrics remind me of a guy talking about the friendzone? I'm still gonna listen the hell out of it tho

  15. Ya casi el millón vamos Figthing TT
    Y porfas nada de emojins por que quitan visitas y gracias ♡♡♡♡ si alguien es nuevo porfas densen la oportunidad de conocer estos grandes Hombres por que son únicos y valen todo TT♡♡

  16. I frigging miss them. I've seen their growth since 100% song debut. I wish they had achieved success. Alas it couldn't happen. But I still wish them the best. Hyukjin is my bias and Rokyun is soo underrated as a vocalist.

  17. anyways , we all know that they're underrated compared to their talent but we can do things for them! make your friends listen to their songs , promote them on social media and just stream and love them all day ( ^◡^)っ ♡

  18. Oooo I love the group name 😀 so cool
    100% and the mv ah blue is my favourite color 💙💙💙
    Such a good group I stan


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