Mush-Brained Trump Falls Apart in Toilet-Flushing Rant

Mush-Brained Trump Falls Apart in Toilet-Flushing Rant

I have for you today some of the absolutely
strangest video so far of Donald Trump’s presidency and that is a really high bar given that almost
all the video we have of Donald Trump has been extraordinarily strange and bizarre. Donald Trump complained about the flushing
of toilets 10 to 15 times and about certain light bulbs that he doesn’t like. He talked about toilets or maybe it sinks
and showers not getting any water. None of it made any sense. It sort of seemed like it was maybe an attempt
at humor, but Trump really has no sense of humor. Some of it seemed like thinly veiled compliment
complaints rather about energy efficiency standards that exist including around light
bulbs. It was a word salad to end all word salad. It was a three star Michelin rated word salad
from Donald Trump. Let’s take a look at the video, see if we
can figure anything out. Uh, let’s listen to this first one. But together were defending the American workers
were using common sense. We have a situation where we’re looking very
strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms where uh, you turn the faucet
on and areas where there’s tremendous amounts of water where the water rushes out to see
because you could never handle it and you don’t get any water. You turn on the faucet, you don’t get any
water. They take a shower and water comes dripping
out. It’s cripping out very quietly dripping out. People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times
as opposed to once they ended up using more water. So EPA is looking at that very strongly at
my suggestion. You go into a new building or a new house
or new home and they have standards on where you don’t get water, you can’t, you can’t
wash your hands practically. This old little water comes out of the faucet
and the end result is you leave the faucet on and it takes you much longer to wash your
hand. You end up using the same amount of water. So we’re looking at very seriously at opening
up the standard and a, there may be some areas where we’ll go the other route, desert areas,
but for the most part you have many States where they have so much water that it comes
down and it’s called rain that they don’t know. They don’t know what to do with it. We’re looking very strongly at sinks, showers
and elements of bathrooms. They take a shower and water drips. People are flushing toilets 10 times. What is Trump doing that? Uh, he’s flushing a toilet 10 to 15 times
for that. It sounds reasonable or likely to him. That’s one question that this raises maybe
one for a different day. How can any Trump supporter see this stuff
and see strength or leadership or intelligence or cutting or cleverness? How I, I need someone to explain it to me
please. Here’s another clip about the light bulbs and we’re doing other things. The light bulb, uh, they got rid of the light
bulb that people got used to. The new bulb is many times more expensive. And I hate to say it, it doesn’t make you
look as good. Of course, being a vain person that’s very
important to me. Gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange. Has anyone noticed that? So we’ll have to change those bulbs in at
least a couple of rooms where I am in the room. I saw some uh, Trumpist comments, comments
online where they are just fully convinced that this is all comedy. Like it’s all humor beyond just Trump doesn’t
want to look orange. That’s true. But the toilets, the showers, it’s all humor
according to some online Trumpist enclaves. If that’s the case, what’s the joke? Like what is the joke about flushing a toilet
10 to 15 times? It’s like when Trump said windmill wind farms
caused cancer and some supporters said, Oh, that was a joke. That was comedy. Well, like what, what’s the joke? What’s the punchline? I don’t understand how that even qualifies
as a joke. This was the line during the campaign. You might recall every outrageous thing that
Donald Trump said was defended either as, listen, Trump’s just telling it like it is. He’s not being politically correct. You won’t hear this from a lot of other politicians,
but Trump is just telling it like it is. Or the other explanation for equally crazy
comments was he doesn’t literally mean everything. He says, these are jokes. This is humor. You’ve got to stop taking it also seriously,
because Donald Trump isn’t actually speaking seriously. We’ll well, is it [inaudible]? Is it, is it that everything is a joke or
that everything is serious and it’s a truth that nobody else is willing to tell you. But in all seriousness, assuming that this
does all relate to building codes, if we want to try to assess what policy might this actually
be related to, it’s Trump saying he doesn’t like all the building coal codes and he wants
to look at getting rid of them. This is another attack on sustainability. Uh, this is yet another attempt to undo environmental
regulations at every opportunity. Uh, even because of this vague ridiculous
people are flushing toilets 10 to 15 times confusion. And that’s the policy concern that underlies
this, that we shouldn’t forget at every opportunity that there an opportunity to either undo an
environmental regulation or just undo something that Barack Obama did because that’s also
another priority. It doesn’t apply in all of these cases. They are doing it and the list of things that
the next president will hopefully have to undo or redo as the, as the case may, may
more accurate, accurately be stated, is a growing list. And this stuff matters. I mean, I know that, you know, we’ve talked
before Elizabeth Warren, she was asked during a recent debate for the government get to
tell you what kind of light bulbs you use. And Elizabeth Warren astutely said, that’s
the wrong question. A hundred companies are responsible for 70
something percent of all emissions in this country. The pollution, the question of straw, or I
think it was actually not about light bulbs, but maybe it was about straws. The issue of straws is not really the big
issue. What we have here are much, much bigger issues
to tackle. They mostly relate to industry, but if you
look at the entire country’s building and construction industry, and you look at these
guidelines and environmental standards, they do make a difference in the aggregate and
to laugh them off or to pretend that the government wants you to have a crappy toilet that can’t,
you know, that Trump needs to flush 10 times because of whatever he’s doing or whatever
the case may be. It’s another one of these distractions and
it is. Yet another way that this sort of onus or
priority for dealing with the environmental destruction is at the individual level. It’s the toilet I choose. It’s the straw that I choose when there are
much bigger issues and they’re re deregulating there as well. I think it’s important not to forget bizarre
video. Again, just kooky video, but it does connect
to serious issues related to regulation and the environment and climate change. Make sure you’re following the David [inaudible] Pacman show on Instagram at David Pakman show. Make sure you’re also following me on [email protected]

100 Replies to “Mush-Brained Trump Falls Apart in Toilet-Flushing Rant”

  1. The reason people are flushing so much is because they've got "Low Flow" toilets now. Which of course is going to affect water pressure in a community, and thus facets and taps will be weak. So it sounds like he wants states and industries to reinstate big old tank crankers and tungsten bulbs to me. Retool the production lines, rehire the contractors. Grandma can unload without embarrassment again! LOL

  2. You're a well spoken intelligent dude and if you exclusively hang out with people like yourself I could get why you have to ask the question how could people think this guy is intelligent or whatever you said. Get your average joe talking about something complex and I bet you they would talk like Trump.

  3. The first clip was bloody excruciating to watch… obviously an incoherent rant over something that just doesn’t make sense… However the second clip was actually pretty funny considering it was Trump..

  4. You aren't the only one who needs someone to explain. I mean I never would have voted for the guy based on what I knew of him aready, but he's gone from bad to outright bonkers in the space of 3 years yet still people defend him and think he's good at 'stuff'.

  5. That's what happens if you can only remember the cartoons which were shown during the briefings on the policy on water quality and power supply. It is obvious, this president has not the ability to comprehend complicated issues. If you can't read a book, if you can't make full sentences, if you do not know how to approach leaders in other countries, then you speak in cartoons, twitter short sentences and cover your inabilities by making ' jokes', insults, or by speaking in front of running airplanes, helicopters or anything else that makes discussions impossible.
    It is a painful nightmare that still isn't finished.

  6. I watched this and also saw a bunch of comments on other videos, Trumps followers are ready to take up arms and support this maniac, I literally cannot wrap my head around how this is the Demi-God they are following into hell. Our country is so headed into the darkest of days. What has happened to intelligence and reasonable thinking. No ethics no true patriotism.

  7. What the heck? Is this really? really? what the president of the United States of America is really working on?????

  8. John DuPont was seeing things coming through his walls. Drove his car into a lake twice on purpose, said that deer were really people. He also said that he had power of the weather. And when he start threatening people with a gun the police ignored it.People covered it up and did everything in their power to prevent him from going off the edge. He actually had to kill somebody to get attention about his mental state.

  9. God this guy is so fucking dumb those things save us money on the city water bill u dumb fuck and does he not know that it takes 11/2 mins to fill toliet up no body in the world is standing there for 15 mins to flush it

  10. Yet here in McDowell county in West Virginia many of his supporters still get their water from a water spring on the side of the road.

  11. I feel bad for Trump’s toilet. With his diet, no doubt he wrecks it on a regular basis. Flushing 15 times won’t help.

  12. Int'l Co's that SELL THEIR products to low WATER countries like the SAUDIS and Afghanis, DON'T care what Trump, who LOST 1 BiLLION $$$ in the 80's AND the early 90's, think about THEIR product
    specifications to save water.

    They need to face the consumer, who actually PAYS the water and electric bill.

    He's addressing his low information political base , who attend his rallies.

    Companies who will succeed will ignore Trump, who plays to his Evangelical base, that believes that the Earth and Universe, was created in ONLY six 24 hour days.

  13. This is not the Trump supporters fault. This is the citizens of this country fault. They will complain but do nothing. Always blaming other and never looking in the mirror at themselves.
    Because I do not see anybody protesting for impeachment, or 25,45.

  14. To be fair tRump is full of shit so he possibly does have to flush his toilet 10-15 times !! Poor dejected, low energy old fucker !! It must all be so hard for him as he watches his Presidency constantly circling that gold plated bowl !! 😂

  15. Trump obviously doesn’t understand how a toilet works , 😆. Trump if the toilets tank is full, the toilet will flush as good as it can.
    If it won’t flush it’s contents, you need a plunger.

  16. As the great George Carlin would have said, "Holy giant, jumping shit-balls…what is this fucking moron talking about?!!!"

  17. In the Fox BS video it says, "Trump: Regulation cuts have been big" as if that's something to brag about. Well what happens when you cut regulations? Here's a sample of a regulation, "(iii) Flush volume and tank trim component adjustments: For gravity flush tank water closets, trim components that can be adjusted to cause an increase in flush volume, including (but not limited to) the flapper valve, fill valve, and tank water level, shall be set in accordance with the printed installation instructions supplied by the manufacturer. If the installation instructions for the model to be tested do not specify trim setting adjustments, these trim components shall be adjusted to the maximum water use setting so that the maximum flush volume is produced without causing the water closet to malfunction or leak."

    What are they doing there? They are trying to insure that water closets operate at maximum efficiency with the least usage of water. They want to insure that when a new water saver water closet is designed, it will flush properly and efficiently enough to remove a given volume of waste with one efficient flush. That has a lot to do with what regulations are all about, to insure that products are safe, efficient, durable, and such and that they don't injure people when they are used. Water closets that don't flush can and do spread germs. Yes Trump has a point in that a water closet that uses 2 gallons to flush isn't as powerful as one that uses 7 gallons to flush. So what you do is put a little less paper and flush two or three times and you're still saving water. Three flushes of a 2 gallon flush is one less gallon then one flush of a 7 gallon flush. But here is where the water saver water closets were meant to help, urinating doesn't require two flushes unless you're a woman who uses a lot of paper to wipe. A man can urinate 3 times and use less water with a new commode than he could with one of the old commodes. If Trump is using a commode that doesn't flush down urine in one flush then he has a malfunctioning commode or a commode that was designed and not tested to meet regulations. When you cut regulations then shut the hell up when you buy products that are unsafe and don't work. Even the old commodes didn't flush when the trim (like a leaking flapper valve) was defective or when the jet became clogged with lime deposits. Well cutting regulations can result in horrible designs that don't work properly and you can't fix those flaws like you can a clogged jet or a leaking flapper. Like in other things Trump is his own worst enemy when he cuts regulations and expects perfection in design.

  18. I think that first one was him being lobbied to increase the water extraction permits of some company (maybe his own) against public interest, and this is what he thinks is a "clever spin" of the argument.
    We see a lot of these, often he will parrot what he was told but sometimes he comes up with nonsense like this since he is the unrivalled genius of PR, nobody ever better, not ever.

  19. It’s water PRESSURE, trump you jackoff. Fuckin guy wanted to speak on lousy water pressure but had a block and couldn’t remember the term ‘pressure’ so he describes it for wayyyy too long in hopes it will come to him because he’s stupid and ego driven so he wouldn’t bail on it

  20. Please don't forget that when Obama said that one way to save fuel is to have properly inflated tires. Fox News went crazy…. Basically called him a lunatic. (Butt) "pun intended" this guy is strongly looking into toilets. He has found a lost city where people flush the toilets 15 times. POTUS

  21. It reminded me of Bolsonaro who said people should poop every other day in order to save the planet. These far right lunatics are all the same, only change the country.

  22. Trump probably does flush the toilet 15 times cuz he's so full of his own bullshit plus the only time he doesn't look orange is when he's in the dark and as far as brain power goes he's always in the dark and no light bulb will be bright enough to give him a sense of illumination.

  23. That's it. I'm done. I can feel brain cells actually liquifying listening to this idiot for the last 3 years. I'm going to skip over any video with him in it from now on before I end up in a coma.

  24. Makes sense to me. He's basically trying to reduce the amount of waste of water. He said on state has very little of water and other have alot. He's obviously not an expert in this field but still trying to deal with it and explain it very poorly.

  25. Defending the american worker? Thanks to the trade war my machining job got sent to Monterrey mexico. I'm one of less than 20,000 us machinists under the age of 30 willing to work in a shop and trump made sure my job got sent to mexico. Is it any wonder no one my age wants to go into industrial technology? Trump and Republicans murder jobs like mine ot sell them to the absolute lowest bidder. That's the antithesis of protection mr trump. Have someone google antithesis so you know what it means, then get me my job back.

  26. Now checking bathrooms is more important than people without insurance, people paying higher taxes and rich people and companies don't, lights bulbs are u kidding me and he wants to take out the food coupons funny don't think so

  27. No wonder Melania lives in not just another bedroom, but a whole another floor. And he looks Orange because he uses too much spray tan, daily. He is such a total loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. He never ever thinks before speaking. I’ve seen this in meetings when people are clearly unprepared and do not know about the topic that they should. Slot of filibustering and it gets embarrassing to watch.

  29. What in the world is he going on about!? He's already undone just about any environmental safety laws which existed before his cursed takeover of the office of the presidency. He'll be dead in the very near future so he couldn't give a toss about the well-being of this planet and its inhabitants.

  30. All I can think about is the King of the Hill episode about low flow toilets……the president of the US talking about bathrooms? WTF…. Im not religious but Im going to start praying…..holy shit.

  31. He is trying to denigrate the importance of the EPA so he can destroy our environment, drill in our national parks, pollute the waterways and destroy everything Teddy Roosevelt tried to save! If he could sell our national treasures and endangered wildlife to the highest bidder, he would do that in a flash. He has no concern for our future as he’ll be dead soon, but he can’t plan for the future and just wants more money NOW!

  32. Hey David, in latest videos, specially close ups, there’s something on the right ala of his nose (his right side), have you heard anything before about that? Even though has layers upon layers of makeup, is very evident that there’s something not normal there.

  33. I would guess that if your main food group was hamdergers for every meal, I would imagine a person would be so constipated his brain would begin to feel crowded. What it sounds like is that Trump's handler was not with him in the bathroom and Trump could not figure out how to flush the toilet and it took him 10 to 15 tries to find that he needed to either push the correct button on the top of the tank or push down on the little handle. His sink did not work, because someone else always turns the water on for him and the same with the shower. With all the problems Trump has caused in the world, he wants to make sure workers in America have working bathrooms. Trump does not see that some of the important things the people need are fair wages that rise with the cost of living, they need access to affordable health insurance, health care and prescriptions. These are items that Trump's wealthy donors do not want to see happen, so he will never go there. He may talk about it at rallies, but he will never make a move to get the legislation passed. This is yet another attempt by Trump to try and divert attention from the Impeachment hearings. Trump spews some half-butted plan, which he will deny saying 10 minutes after the news conference, with the hopes everyone will be overjoyed they will soon have working plumbing. This is just smoke and mirrors, and not a very good one at that, It just makes the argument for why Trump is the laughing stock of the world and should be removed from office.

  34. He wants to sound like he understands the everyday issues of the ordinary person….but is so removed from that life .. .so he's just making something up as he goes that sounds like it could be logical…maybe. I think you're 100% right, this sounds like laying the foundation for some relaxing of standards under the guise of helping people

  35. The reason why his supporters say he’s joking is because they are all too stupid to understand that Trump sounds like a total idiot! We don’t need a comedian in the White House we need a strong leader not an unintelligent lying “snowflake” as a Trump supporter wud say!!

  36. It's based on literal complaints voiced to the EPA not everyone is fortunate enough to have clean efficient water supply.

  37. another great monologue of absolute stupidity. I'm sorry for his voters, too. If that makes any sense. And if you think that it can not get crazier, you will be taught again!

  38. Trump defenders and supporters don't care what he says. It's all about going against progressives and leaving the country in an evolutionary dead end.

  39. Guys, you've got to see how the Q-Anoners are justifying Trump's repeated use of "smocking gun" on Twitter. It's bananas. Imagine having to work that hard to defend the dope you voted for, just to get to be bigoted out loud. Jesus.

  40. Trump just came back from visiting us in europe and led or energie saving lightbulbs are standart here. Maybe he saw again something he didn't really get the idea behind in his world without climate change and now there is a shiny new thing to hunt while not goinf to the impeachment procedings…

  41. Why doesn't everybody look orange if that is the case? It's only him. Not that I need to say it but what a fucking moron.

  42. Because he mentioned protecting the American worker.(How that was even relevant I don't know) That's all his supporters heard out of all of that. Then, earmuffs.

  43. That's tax dollars at work, "we are strongly looking at this…"

    That's an ignorant, grumpy old grouch, that is frightened by anything new, or anything different from the small, and closed, box of the things he knows and is comfortable with.

    "Get off my lawn!"

    "That looks different! I don't like it!"

  44. Sounds like he's saving all his urine and excrement for an end of the day flush. Sorta like taking the garbage out to the can at the end of the day.

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