Multilingual Ahn Hyo-seop makes Park Bo-young’s heart race | Abyss Ep 6 [ENG SUB CC]

Multilingual Ahn Hyo-seop makes Park Bo-young’s heart race | Abyss Ep 6 [ENG SUB CC]

I’ll have an employee send you an email on last month’s sales
and the estimate for next month. Thank you. Hey, how are you doing? Yeah I made a call to the marketing manager in China. Yes, you can finalize the rest. Okay. Let’s grab a drink next time. Alright. Take care. Bye bye. I’m sorry for being so loud on the phone. Work got piled up
while I was out of commission. I only have one more call to make.
If I’m bothering you– No, it’s fine. I’ve tried calling in that room. The reception is bad for some reason. Just take it here. -Are you sure?
-Yes. Thanks. Who’s that? Beats me. I’m not expecting anyone. Thank you. I cooked the dishes Min used to like. I hope you still like them. Auntie. Are you kidding me? You have
no idea how much I missed your food! Go Se-yeon… I mean, Lawyer Lee
only fed me crap this whole time. Look how much weight I’ve lost. Goodness gracious. Your tummy is so flat. It’s not because I starved you. Your soul was just skinny, you prick. Whatever. Let’s eat.

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  1. I believe he just memorized it. If he really able to talk in multi languages. Yep. That is very cool. But most actors memorized their lines in what ever language. I think many of the non speaking English actors in Korean dramas could take a lesson from him. It's hard to make speaking another language look easy.

  2. I was just gonna comment how good his Mandarin is and why nobody was commenting on it but then I realised that it was actually a voice-over xD

  3. He is every girl's dream boyfriend that we can't have 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I mean he is too good and too perfect to be true ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I really love Ahn Hyo Seop… like lock us in a room together alone for a night and something mught happen HAHAHAHA bad me

  5. as i said before, him speaking english just makes him that much more hot. i understand why she looked at him that way. don’t think it was acting im sure lol

  6. I already liked Park Bo Young but after this drama, I realised how good of an actress she was and I like her even more 😀

  7. His English is perfect (makes sense, since he's Canadian). I would love to know how his Mandarin is. It sounded pretty good to me, but I don't speak it…

  8. im sorry, while the english seens natural, the chinese didn’t come off as well. i wonder if that was dubbed

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