Mudra For High Blood pressure

Mudra For High Blood pressure

Hello friends. See now a days different types of chronic diseases have been born. Such diseases that do not have any cure. So in them high blood pressure is a big one. People have become very irritated from it. Because of high blood pressure you get anxiety, dizziness, body organs slowly slowly start dying out of sickness. heart attack potential, brain hammerage can happen. It is a very dangerous diseases. So you can control this even without medicines. But when you do these exercises everyday. Very small and easy exercises are there. You do not have to do any difficult yoga practice. You do not have to bend or squeeze any body. These are small small mudras that you can do sitting anywhere. And you will benefit a lot from this. There are 4 mudras by which you can keep your blood pressure in full control. So what you have to do? First yo have to do aakash( sky) mudra. Join the ring finger to the top of the thumb. Sit straight and keep both the hands on the knees. 5 minutes to 15 minutes. The more you can do, the more it will benefit you. Remember, aakash mudra. After this second mudra you have to do which is called as prana(life) mudra. I have made a separate video for prana mudra. You can also watch a separate video for aakash mudra. So what you to do in prana mudra? You have to touch you ring finger and the little finger to the top of the thumb. And keep the other two fingers straight. Keep both the hands on your knees and sit straight. Prana mudra. By this your body gets tremendous energy. 3rd mudra which one you have to do? Apan vayu mudra. What you have to do in apan vayu mudra? Join you index finger and middle finger to your thumb and keep the other two fingers straight. Sit for 5 to 15 minutes. Apan vayu mudra. Makes the heart very strong. Makes the blood pressure normal. Strengthens the digestive system. Removes the toxic oxidants from the body. All the diseases of urinary disorders go away from this. apan vayu mudra. And 4th what you have to do? Most important mudra by which unconsciousness of heart, dizziness,weakness, over sweating, less sweating For all this it is the core cure. Heart mudra. First of all join your hands in the namashkar mudra and bring them near the heart. Then after that fold all your fingers. Open the index fingers Open and straighten the little fingers. Open the thumbs. And keep the ring fingers joined to each other. And middle finger will be folded. Keeping it near your heart do it for 5-15 minutes. Heart will get great support. It gets more oxygen. By this you go into deep meditation. The more you do it, the more yo will get the benefit. If you do it regularly for high blood pressure, then you will never need any medicine. And they do not have any side effect. They are very easy. Definitely try them out. Thank you very much.

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  1. Proper nutrients intake is a necessary part of clearing high blood pressure. Consuming the proper food can help you to keep away from the disease re-occuring and its effects.

  2. Sir jankari upyogi thi,
    lekin aap ne apan vayu mudra ki method sahi nahi batayi he, aap ne jo batayi vo to apan mudra thi…
    apan vayu mudra,
    apan aur vayu mudra dono ko sath mila kr complete hoti he…

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  5. आदरणीय, आप की दोनों महत्वपूर्ण मुद्राएँ, आकाश मुद्रा और अपान वायु मुद्रा गलत है।
    आकाश मुद्रा की जगह आप पृथ्वी मुद्रा दिखा रहे हैं। अपान वायु मुद्रा की जगह आप व्यान मुद्रा बता रहे हैं।
    वैसे भी ब्लडप्रेशर के लिये अपान वायु मुद्रा का उपयोग कम हैं।
    कृपया जानकारी ठीक दें अन्यथा दर्शकों का विश्वास इस चिकित्सा पद्धति से उठ जायेगा।

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  7. sir kindly correct ur self.the first mudra u showed is not aakash mudra its called pritvi mudra.please gather information before u upload a vedio.

  8. A critical step in preventing and treating high blood pressure is a healthy lifestyle. Here A 100% safe and proven way to lower your blood pressure quickly and permanently from 190/120 to 116/74 just in 17 days ->

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  10. Very useful information for good health. But didn't understand that last Mudra as camera didn't cover the position of fingers properly as my understanding.

  11. Dear sir, I am a valued subscriber to your this channel with a request. Plz go through and reply ASAP.

    My dad aged 75 yrs is suffering from Lumbar Canal Stenosis (nerves degeneration in the backbone area). As such is in a immovable position.

    Doctors told, there is only one major operation to correct this condition and are not confident to conduct one due to his age, and
    fearing there is a chance of Total Paralysis, if the surgery fails.

    I want help my father to live back his healthy life again with my own effort. Can you please advice on how to heal my father through Visualization/ Meditation/ Mantra/LOA or any such drug less alternative methods.

    If you make a video on how to heal our near and dear ones, that will be a blessing to many. Thanking you.

  12. Aakash mudra is the middle the finger tip to tip to thumb not the ring finger at all. Could you please confirm? Thankyou.

  13. @usiKFan



    MuusiK Fan

    I have been practicing for almost two weeks now, BP is even higher, headaches worsens. 220/120 was thehighest caught on monitor. Why do some people respond positively to mudras but I don't? Same problems with homeopathy, acupuncuture, Qi Gong etc..I was told that DNA damage and ion channels, that is electrical pulses etc between cells dysfunctional, if true, how to correct? Unable to do pranayama breathing it worsened my health considerably. I have beenpracticing hypertension mudras started with one minute each, then gradually increased to ten minutes for the 4 mudras, and worse, after almost two weeks now,
    desperate to know why. Its hard because I have contraindications for almost most mudras!!

  14. "अपानवायु मुद्रा" ही High blood pressure को normal करता है, यह 100% confirm है लेकिन इस वीडियो में जो मुद्रा बताई गई है वो गलत बताया गया है… और जिसे यह आकाश मुद्रा बता रहे है वो पृथ्वी मुद्रा है ।

  15. Dr Sahab namaste aapka nuska bahut pasand aata hai blood pressure control Ho tab Bhi is mudra use Kar sakte hain

  16. Sir kiya meditation karne se vet kam hota hi mai apna vet bdhana chahta hu sir
    Please reply
    WhatsApp 96565754277🙏

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