MSIA | John-Roger Heartbeat of God Meditation

MSIA | John-Roger  Heartbeat of God Meditation

‘I was aware that the teaching form that has taught through you
for so long, is individuating itself
into other forms, to allow its action to reach to more of the world,
more of the planet, more of what’s going on.’ We’re on the point
of being appointed, that means
we’re getting very ready to have the things
be brought closer to us, and that we will open our consciousness inside,
and be more loving interiorly. It’s like, “well that’s what you’ve been teaching
for all these years.” Well, what else is there? Well, what’ll we do? Let’s just close our eyes
for a few minutes, and relax and listen
to this heartbeat of God. And you can slowly count to ten, and when you come back,
open your eyes and be here. Such small,
simple tools of awareness. Watching, caring,
and be loving. There’s no rush. We can be relaxed, and talk to each other.
We can care for each other. Then you have to watch out
that the Lord of the physical world realm, doesn’t get into you, and what you’re thinking about,
to make it work better for somebody else.
In other words, don’t do what the Angel of God
isn’t doing. And if you are doing
what the Angel of God is doing, you’ve done enough. Because the Angel of God
is also doing enough too, because He’s selecting different people now
to come forward out of the group. So we become the foundation for the resurrection,
for the resurrection of the body. What happens when I get that?
Did I get to it, or not get to it? You have to find that out
for yourself. I can tell you the best way to get to it.
Just walk into your loving. Love the children, love the people,
love your friends. And have it go with that.

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