Michele Bachmann Migraine Headaches – Suspicious?

Michele Bachmann Migraine Headaches – Suspicious?

and this so i have about how michelle
bachman has migraine headaches i have a lawsuit by selling online earlier today
and i thought i get back that later personnel aboard uh… well jr are part of the story and
then uh… hudson course on it i was like uh… allies who are that’s interesting oversaw everybody has migraine headaches and so whatever thirty million americans
apparently suffer a migraine headache this is a guy in number but it’s very
common uh… so what’s the big you know if so what well its stars as just a simple for it okay and the people of the paper
semester migraine headaches a lot well here’s the problem the daily call or has three x michelle bachman uh… insiders people who work for her that came out and talk to the daily call
three of them say stb migraine headaches are quite problem bellamy one of the courts when she s so frankly she can’t function
at all it’s not like a little thing with a
couple battles it’s bad okay well that’s not her fault quota
migraines are sold that is so intense she carries and takes all sorts of pills prevention pills pills or in the migraine pills after the migraine to keep them under control she has to
take these pills wherever she goes oh began not enough by itself but with your
first of all care is one issue right the staffers are saying sometimes is so
bad they knock her out for three days at a time and she says there caused by her high
heel shoes then i was just wearing non high-heeled
shoes bombing get knocked out by migraine
headaches for three days believe me up on our flats okay i don’t care what the situation the staffers say nobody believes is the shoot straight and they believe given what they’ve seen
her reaction distresses cetera maybe it’s the stress now first of all right there that’s a
huge issue you you can’t have a president who’ll get stressed out but i
think three days off they say you can find a single she’s
gone for three days at a time sometimes digger phelps per day but you would you know that i mean like
that’s almost a disqualified i feel bad about it position is really a migraine
headaches and their dispute debilitating it’s not our fault and i still don’t actually really bad
about that i feel that it was a republican or democrat that got disqualified based on that at
but i mean we can have a right we can have a
commander-in-chief be like i get back to three days i’m a little stressed that or all of
stress out to be fair right now the second part of that is one of the staff risky talking about the
pelts then there’s a story about how she got
on an airplane they say it’s stressor out because there
was the way from the flight and then and after the delays there were
six hour flight condemned by the time she got out she
was so sick of husband had it catered to medicare i’m sorry medical facility that also seems a little weird unless she didn’t have a pose with their and she really needs those cuts i don’t know if i’m being totally unfair
here you know and and i feel bad say that maybe she’s
really and massive migraine issue and she’s got a whole condition a center
right and i really don’t know i don’t uh… and i in fact i would by eighty
percent paperwork for side only mistake what i’m saying but it’s what i’m
pointing out is that it’s a curious way for all three of the staffers to bring up this issue to the press great and by the way he is
there’s another third angle to this she’s checked into medical facilities
many times before apparently because of this sometimes this is fiza migraines sometimes a tribute to other reasons thats kinda weird to why would you just
say it’s a myron every time he got a migraine problem so she stayed in the hospitals often
times since there are all these bills get knocked out three days at a time that’s the real issue in terms of how
she would do her job and it seems like anti-media more
reading it but they’re implying that there’s a
secondary issue with a purpose cat of instead of waiting for my over really
you know my bagger but i think it’s worth it they would want whether it’s true or not
and no feel for the first is saying our weapons they want that’s the kind of the out
there is it’s normally this cheese has a severe severe minded i think assortment that this is the general election year this totally frightened amongst
themselves the axle a car was so bachmann startling in some polls you don’t work for these reformer yet another and and by the way we are
one of our reports that this is quite disgruntled and he works with poland to know we have
no idea for that figure so keep in mind and uh… and answers
when i say is that the least eighty percent this is simply
has no regrets this is not enough to go on right it’s
interesting as days exactly jr point out that they’re bringing up this issue and maybe they’re cut off at the news on
this day uh… or maybe she’d does have a problem it’s a and by their
all prescription uh… pills and sheet university she said quote let me be abundantly clear my ability to
function effectively has never been impeded by migraines i will not affect
my ability to serve as commander in chief uh… and but they do admit that if she does take
a lot of prescription medicine so that’s definitely a by though in an
a_b_c_ news reporter asked about it today apparently they per people showed spode they’re very touchy about these

100 Replies to “Michele Bachmann Migraine Headaches – Suspicious?”

  1. Cmon guys stop being haters! >:(
    Everyone knows these migraines are a result of God talking to her directly. Small price to pay to talk to the creator of the universe don't you think?

  2. Seriously though, how self-centered do you have to be to know that you have possibly serious medical issues and still think about running for POTUS?
    Putting your quest for power over the good of the country. How un-patriotic and unfair to the American people.

  3. @superphi i didnt say that , she is not better , most probably worse , the whole stablishment is corrupt

  4. @xephyr1000-normally i wouldn't pay attention to comments like these but this is waaaaaaay too funny being that this is Michelle Bachman and the situation. LoL

  5. "My ability to function effectively has never been impeded by migraines and will not affect my ability to serve as commander-in-chief"

    Well, there has to be a lower limit to ability and functioning effectively.
    She just admits that she reaches it without migraines.

  6. The Bachman administration that governs least is the Bachman administration that governs best. 3 days in a migraine coma? Things will be better since she isn't in control.

  7. Addiction to certain prescription medication would account for the discrepancy between "intelligent"Bachman and "not even looking into the camera"bachman.

  8. @JimboJ1981 YOU try making the mistake of wearing a high heel shoe on your head all day and see if you dont get a migraine.

  9. To me, Bachmann is probably the most repulsive of the Republican candidates. That said, hyping this migraine thing as something that disqualifies her (especially when there are so many other things) is a low blow. As a migraine sufferer myself, I'm actually a bit offended by it to be honest.

  10. @WatermelonRat I don't see what's so offensive. Would you run for president if your migraines could incapacitate you for 72 hours? The idea of this post is even if her politics and decision-making were the best ever, her medical problems would overshadow her qualifications.
    I guess I feel you since so much of it is speculation, but it didn't seem like a low blow. Close, though…

  11. @mesmokumpeacepipe I love how liberals hate homosexuals, yet they will tell you that conservatives are the homophobes. Liberals are an amazing breed.

  12. What worries me is how can we count on her abilities to lead this country if she already expects Armageddon to be coming? "I will guide us into a bright future- oh, and the end of the world is imminent."

  13. i hope she drops out, we don't need a president popping pills and passing out in front of the entire world, let alone a crazy pill popping, insane religious, Armageddon believing president passing out. But i still kind feel bad for her

  14. As some who has had A headache for 8 yrs, I can say, doctors will often prescribe several meds at a time. If she has a well educated headache specialist, none of these meds are going to be controlled substances, as they will cause rebound headaches. The fact she takes medication is not tremendously suspicious. The suspicious thing is blaming it on her shoes. Clearly if the shoes are the problem she shouldn't wear them. Of course nothing has ever come out of her mouth that wasn't idiotic.

  15. @Beaumagnus Well I still say that her being batshit insane is a better argument against her than headaches.

  16. I saw something about Libs hating homosexuals and calling Conservs homophobes; Now let's all make one thing clear: Not all Conservatives hate homosexuals, not all Liberals hate homosexuals. That's not to say a general percentage of Conservatives are not homophobic, but not ALL hate GLTBQ. And I'm not conservative, BTW. I'm as Lib as Cenk. Let's all calm down and realize it varies from person to person, okay? Y'all are at a five, let's bring it down to one.

    Cenk, cool show, as always.

  17. Having to sleep with a Gay Husband? Well>>>>>>>……, That fucking Buzzzer CENK cut it the F#$k OUT!!!! Screw her and the QUEEN SHE marries. If he was Open and notthe Leader of the Pray the gay Away Movement in Minn, No One WOULD CARE. THE F-ING BUZZZER AGAIN CENK ARE U NUTS!!!!

  18. @r3bol Well, if I was god, and I was loving, caring, all about forgiveness, turning the other cheek and had this whole "feeding the poor" and "whatever you do to the least of my brothers you have done unto me"…and then somebody went and campaigned for all kinds of bigotry and hate and for taking support from the poor and the children…And if I just so happened to be omnipotent…

    Headaches would be the least of what I would give them. We are talking epic levels of fire and brimstone here.

  19. bullshit!If she has that kind of medical problem, she would know the exact triggers & could prevent them. I get migraines too.

  20. If I want to see a picture of the intolerance all I have to do is go to tyt and read the comments regarding anyone that dares thinks different then liberal sheep…

  21. @yes4me Check Obama's REAL UNDISPUTABLE RECORDS! Quadruples the debt! Reinstates the PATRIOT ACT with even LESS protection for privacy. Crushes the economy with 9% unemployment! GETS HIMSELF AND US INTO THREE WARS! He is George Bush on Steriods. Putting on your thinkiing cap yes4me no need to lie…check records ding dong!

  22. I get migraines, too, and I take meds regularly and have been through so many many many tests. However, I have NEVER heard that high heels could be a culprit and scoff at that. I don't think this is the place to choose to chastise this woman. Believe me, there is PLENTY else wrong with her, and it ain't got nothin' to do with MIGRAINE HEADACHES. Sheesh.

  23. im surprised she didn't blame the headaches on gay people. Don't get me wrong, she cant control her migraines, but she blames everything else on gay people anyway.

  24. Bachmann isn't having migraines, it's just a side effect of that lobotomy she had. The dumb bimbo gives me a migraine.

  25. "My ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief." – Michele Bachmann

    Yes, Michele. You have made yourself abundantly clear!

    RON PAUL 2012

  26. My mother suffered from migraines for years. First there were the visual anomalies, then the sensitivity to light and even the softest sounds. She got so bad sometimes that she couldn't even speak for days. All she could do was stay in a dark room, and everyone had to be quiet. The headaches made her nauseous and sometimes even irrational. If these are real migraines, not just bad headaches, it's a serious condition.

  27. Try drinking water straight up and eat a few oranges for vitamin C. more often than not people are dehydrated and lacking vitamin C. Stop drinking pop and coffee and eat some fruit.

  28. I think the pills are just to talk to God.
    She is gone for three days because she is in Heaven.

    ….oh and she is a pill popper for being depressed.

  29. @blackkakari Your an Idiot! I wrote the comment for others to use! As if she would EVER read this. Also, wanting anyone to die off is "judgmental" on your part! I have no clue as to who this bachmann person is and don't really give a damn in finding out. Try helping people, rather than bringing them down! It says a lot about your character!

  30. @blackkakari Chill out, dude. It was just a joke. Obviously I never expected her to read it.
    P.S. If you actually knew who she was, though, you'd probably want her dead.


  32. IMO pescription drugs can be just as bad as illegal drugs and when abused can cause problems. Perhaps she has become addicted to these drugs and need to take them constantly, or else she gets bad headaches. Migranes are a withdrawal symptom. Sure it probably started out just some headaches but it coould have developed into a serious case of addiction. I would not want a druggie to be president, be it Michelle Bachmenn or Ron Paul.

  33. She has migraines due to pent-up sexual frustration because her gay husband can only stomach sex with her once every 5 or 6 years and because she's killing what's left of her soul with all the lying she does for the Republican Party.

  34. Up front: I'm in Bachmann's district and think she is a loon. That said, I've had migraines knock me out for multiple days too. I WILL say this: Doctors are not great at determining the source, or solving the problem; it's reasonable to suspect she is not being treated well (Percy Harvin?). For her sake I hope she is addicted to pain meds, because that means there is hope for her! Pawlenty is just ridiculous with no excuse, no personality, no idea what policy should be, and no excuse.

  35. Isn't the real issue that she claims she has talks with god, which sounds like some kind of hallucinatory phenomena. That plus the "migraines" is to me an indication of schizophrenia or some kind of mental problems.

  36. If your husband was obviously in the closet all these years wouldn't you have migraine headaches too???

  37. This is a very serious issue. Should Migraine Michele get elected president {God forbid} her splitters will only make her crack under pressure. She`ll just sit there like Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny" and roll those steel balls in her hand while America is facing an Armageddon.

  38. If it wasn't for GOVERNMENT spending..The Bachmann's would not have a salary…There money all comes from..founds for The clinic..The farm..The foster kids..All these are government founds..That's how they get paid…..And I have migraines..You can not think..You take addicting drugs..The mess up your thinking..They are unpredictable..You can't say when they hit or not..You have no controll of your thinking when they hit..Heroin is the best relieve

  39. @LizardWings Hey, I've had a headache for 8 years too. I've tried everything and marijuana is the only thing to ever give me any relief. Now I'm able to actually take care of myself. I highly recommend anyone with chronic migraines try it because it improved my life drastically.

  40. she needs to orgasm. her gay husband isn't giving it to her and i doubt her nutty religion allows her to do it herself.

  41. I have several diseases – Graves' disease, Crohn's disease, syringomyelia… and migraines are the absolute least of my issues. I know some people get severe migraines that knock them out, but I imagine that this is an issue of ignorance. A healthy person sees a bunch of pills and automatically thinks "junkie" or there's a problem. Just because someone needs a nap after a headache, doesn't mean they can't work. I doubt she was really knocked out for three days after a migraine.

  42. @EvilZeroSc Yeah, but my main point was, her claims that she has actual personal conversations with god. That plus the migraines is to me an indication of schizophrenia.

  43. you heard it here yourself, folks! Cenk said that it would take knocking him out to get him to stop wearing high heels!! hahaha!!

  44. A drug addicted right-winger with apocalyptic religious delusions for president. Lets try that. What could go wrong?

  45. We all know what the headaches are from. It's from the denial of her husband being gay. Every time he breaks out in a showtune or names a color using something more descriptive than "blue", she gets a migraine. The pills are to knock her out so she doesn't see it.

  46. @polarbearcrisis After today vote, I am voting republican if nobody is challenging the president for the democrat position, because I think they are a better alternative to have a president absolutely retarded than having an intelligent president who know how to destroy the country. I also rather have the democrats fight back than just sitting and doing nothing.

    And the "Young Turds" are a great source of news.

  47. I have migraines and so does my mom. Mine are called migraines but they manifest as chronic daily headache. My mom has common migraine, which is without aura, and I would not want her as president. Migraines can be triggered by stresses like anxiety or sleep changes, but stress is not the root cause.

    Migraines are a debilitating disorder like epilepsy. Epilepsy would disqualify anyone as president.

  48. @MarioMariaMiloLady That doesn't make any sense. She has migraines that seem to be far less under control than mine or my mother's. Would you want someone with epilepsy as President? Migraines are debilitating conditions that leave one out of commission for a long time. If you just experience 1-2 migraines per year, and they have to be migraines, not bad headaches, then the military will not let you serve in any position. The same should go for the Commander-in-Chief.

  49. she seems a little slow and I'm only saying that because I have had a acouple of brain uhh lets say problems myself.

  50. My point is this. Who gives a shit if she is addicted on some pills , as far as I know JFK was quite a junkie. The problem with Bachmann is that she is a religious fundamentalist and an idiot.

  51. Sweetie – that's just your brain doing something it's supposed to – it's called having rational thoughts – I know it hurts for someone with limited brain capacity like you, but keep thinking, it may do you some good someday.

  52. She's a puppet. A government zombie…..just watch the debates! Listened to how robotic her speech can be. Her reptilian, hypnotic eyes. She's under mind control! No wonder she has migraines and is heavily medicated. Cmon people! Its all there.

  53. Migraines are terrible and horrific you see auras you go blind all you can do to get rid of them is to lay down in a dark room.. for hrs sometimes days weeks months. this is no laughing joke. they are exstremely painful for you to say she just gets a migraine is an understatement its not like just getting a headache!!!!

  54. @annahudson76
    I agree with you. I like Mrs. Bachmann. She is a nice person.Unfortunately people are unkind to her. I read comments about her, and it seems to me that people lack of intellectual capacity. They only say, puppet, zombie, no wonder she has migranes, bitch, rape, idiot, etc. How these people have to manage America? I worry about America's future even though I am from foreign country. I guess some day they vote for Forrest Gumps and Bubbas.

  55. @pgthinker007 yes why dont they leave her alone.this media crap isnt doing her any good' thank you for worrying about our messed up country.because right now it is really messed up .I believe a revalution will be coming soon in america.

  56. I remember even Keith Doberman thought the migraine attack was unfair. It takes a real scumbag to attack someone over something like this.

  57. How so? If someone is physically incapacitated would you want them running your country? *especially* if it's stress-induced, she freaks on stress when she *isn't* in that high-pressure position. She's also an ignorant bigot, so maybe it's her common sense and empathy hammering on the inside of her skull 'let us out! let us out!'

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