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  1. I like the scene where Julie is ironing Max's pants and he is in the kitchen leaning on the counter in his yellow undershorts!! YUMMY!!!! I forgot this scene was from "The heart attack"!

  2. I never liked the character of Schneider. For anyone to use their pass key to constantly enter at any time someone's apartment is just creepy and in this day and age that would not fly. It didn't fly then for me then either. I just found it very creepy and this man would be out on his keister very rapidly in real life.

  3. OK, 'Schneider' – defense time!

    YES, I've been perusing the comments about the original 'One Day..' TV series, and, it seems a LOT of people have an issue with the 'Schneider' character, 'coming into apartments' unwarranted, and being VERY hands-on with the lives of Three women living together, etc….

    …THAT was why the character was created, and STAYED! Any Actor would've played Schneider as how WE see him, if it were US…. lascivious, skeevy, leery, with NO privacy boundaries, and TOO 'into the lives' of Two young, nubile teen girls….but, Pat Harrington added a sensitivity, and 'Father figure' type aura thru the years of playing the character; Pat DEFINITELY had the chops to add more dramatic turns to the character, but because of the time period (..moreso '77-'84), Pat had entered Fonzie / Mork / Ted Baxter territory…the 'Super' with a Heart Of Gold….

    He was SLEAZE-Y when the show started, but it was a SEND up of what we THINK that type of person WOULD be….I only had an issue with the 'buffoonery' of the character; it shows CLEARLY in this ep… Schneider should've had the Heart Attack….it would've shown PAT'S dramatic skills, and showed WHY Ann & The Girls would've rallied to be by HIS bedside…..he's their 'Schneider' …..and THAT'S because of Pat. …so, Godspeed, Mr Harrington! ; )

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