Our memory is fundamental in our day to day
lives and it’s known over time it can deteriorate as well. In order to help improve your memory and slow
that process, follow these 5 tips… 1. Train Your Brain
– Much like your muscles, your brain needs regular exercise and needs to be pushed to
maintain its peak performance – Try doing different activities that will
help your cognitive skills, such as puzzles, crosswords or other brain games you can find
on your mobile device – Studies have shown that people who do 15
minutes of brain training exercises 5 days a week improve their short term memory, working
memory, concentration and problem solving skills significantly
– So test yourself and exercise your brain daily to help improve your performance 2. Drink Less Alcohol
– Not really too shocking, but drinking too often can have a significant impact to your
short and long term memory – Studies have show that drinking a high content
of alcohol that raises your blood alcohol levels to 0.08 grams per ml can alter the
brain and result in memory deficits – This is because alcohol is shown to have
neurotoxic effects on the brain, meaning it impairs mental cognition and performance
– …which in the long term can damage the hippocampus, the part of the brain that plays
a critical role in memory 3. Get Proper Sleep
– Not getting enough quality sleep can have a detrimental effect on your memory, as sleep
plays an important role in memory consolidation – …which is a process where short term memories
are transformed into long term memories – In a study done with children, one group
of children was trained for a test in the evening and then tested the following morning
after sleep, with another group trained and tested on the same day
– The group that had slept between training and the test performed 20% better on the memory
tests 4. Maintain Your Weight
– Perhaps coming as a surprise, maintaining a healthy body weight is fundamental to keeping
your mind in best condition – In fact, a number of studies have found
a correlation between obesity and cognitive decline, which impacts your mental performance
and memory – This is because being obese can cause changes
to memory associated genes in the brain, which impacts your memory
– …and obesity can also lead to insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which
have negative impacts on the brain 5. Meditate
– Meditation has been found to reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure and improve
memory – This is because meditation has been shown
to increase grey matter in the brain, which contains neuron cell bodies helping improve
mental performance – When you get older, grey matter declines
and negatively impacts memory and cognition, which is why our mental performance declines
as we get older – According to studies meditation techniques
have been shown to improve your short term memory, regardless of your age Thanks for watching, please Like, Share and
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  2. I definitely agree with getting enough sleep because when you don’t get enough sleep and you’re feeling drowsy throughout the day, your mind feels so clouded and you cannot think straight. Getting adequate amounts of sleep improves clarity and helps you focus better hence helping with memory.

  3. I agree about brain training to keep you sharp. My problem is I get addicted to them lol. Good nights sleep is also key 🙂

  4. Hello good morning this is so useful and it would help people who also have diseases where they lose there memory love this technique will try it out see if it works for me thanks for always giving us ways to improve or lives have a wonderful day

  5. I feel my memory improves a few points now already. Thanks #PracticalInspiration! #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires

  6. Great advice on improving one's memory. I know a few people that drink alcohol and never seem to remember anything. 😂 . I totally agree with all of the above. Great share. Have a wonderful evening. 💛💕💙

  7. DEV I've missed you brother! I haven't posted in a while, but I'm getting back into it. These Memory improvement techniques are on point. I need to work on the sleep one without a doubt! Keep up the awazing work my good friend! 😎😎✌✌😁 Family for LIFE!!!

  8. I didn't know that about the process in sleep where the short term memory is turned into long term memory. Interesting!

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