Measure Your Blood Pressure

Measure Your Blood Pressure

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Jim. – And I’m Denay. Coaches of the Check It,
Change It Reality Show. And today we’re checking in on Rita who is supposed to be
monitoring her blood pressure during the week. Don’t worry, we won’t
be popping in on you. Let’s go see how she’s doing. – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – Hey Rita! – Hey Rita! – Wow.
– How’s it going? – I can’t believe you guys are here today. I’m going to be so embarrassed. Freaking out a little bit here. – Well, you know what we’re here for. – Maybe? – We want to take a look
at that Check It, Change It tracking chart and see how
your progress is doing. – Okay, well you know,
I’ve been really busy. Got these four kids. Just got them down for a nap. And I’ve done the best I can, so hey, I know where it is. So I get points for that, right? – Rita, there’s only
one measurement on here. It’s been four weeks! – I know.
– Rita, Rita. Are you planning to win against
high blood pressure or not? – Yes, yes I am. – Okay, okay. Well, one out of four weeks. I call that sitting on the bench. – I know. – Okay, we’re going to
get this plan into action. Coach Jim and I will
show you some pointers for some better success, so
just show us your normal routine and then we’ll chime in if needed. – All right. Let’s do it then. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – I know I’m supposed to do it about the same time of day, right? So, I do it in the morning before I have any medications. I don’t smoke, I haven’t worked out, and I haven’t had any coffee yet, so I should be good to go, right? – Sounds good to me. – Okay. – Okay, let’s just take a
minute for some quiet reps okay? Feet on the floor, no legs crossed. – We’re ready. – Okay, now Rita. What
are you going to do? – Write it down. I know. And it really is simple to do. – Okay, now Rita. I want
you to do it one more time. – Okay.
– And I want you to write down both numbers – All right.
– okay. Okay, and write down the second number. – Okay. – Exactly right, Rita. And once a week you upload
all of your information to Heart 360. – Okay. – Now tell me something. Why is this important? – Well, I know that too. For better health without heart problems. – That’s right, Rita. It’s really important and your kiddos want you to be around
for a long time as well. – Yeah, I really want that too and you’re absolutely right. Thanks for cheering me on. – Oh no problem, Rita.
– Awesome job, Rita. You have a good day, and remember. You can Check It and you can Change It. – Thanks coach!
– Okay. All right. – Thanks for just dropping in. – Anytime.
– Okay. (upbeat music)

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