McConnell, Schumer Address Senate Amid Impeachment, Iran Tension | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

McConnell, Schumer Address Senate Amid Impeachment, Iran Tension | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

100 Replies to “McConnell, Schumer Address Senate Amid Impeachment, Iran Tension | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  1. McConnell is a Crook. He acts like we forgot that he said he was going to vote partisan and NOT
    do his duties as a Senator! I wish there were either no parties and everyone is judged on what they do and say or there were 15 or more parties to remove this concentration of power from these elites.

  2. Thought the rules for this televised event strictly prohibited its use for political puirposes. MCConnell needs to be expelled from the Senate immediately.

  3. POTUS BROKE THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN! And I see he thought of our citizens after the fact…evacuating Iraq now.

  4. Let us not forget that Moscow Mitch announced that his main goal was to make sure Obama was a one term President. I wish he would take the same stand with Trump.

  5. Trump didn't start any War. they started a war they killed an American citizen but I guess you think that's okay. I guess if it was one of your family members would you be okay with that. The Japanese started a war with us by killing hundreds of Americans. In my opinion it doesn't matter if it's hundreds of Americans or just one American they started the war.

  6. Impeach Pelosi for obstruction of Congress and abusing her power as Speaker to do so.

    Good enough for Trump, good enough for her, at least until there's a Republican majority and the rules can be changed back to requiring "high crimes and misdemeanors".

  7. For all the Trump supporters this is just the beginning war with Iran is just the tip of the iceberg. Other countries my follow and than what? Trump is going to hide in Russia under the protection of Putin this is not a joke. America is going to be a battle field it’s in the Bible (the book of revaluation) let’s get him out now and restore our country ..PLEASE……all of our lives depend on it.

  8. While Am troops ready for a possible Iranian or Iraqi revenge attack, and Am families of those troops worry about the safety of their children, and Am cities go into security mode in fear of terrorist attacks – what was the plan exactly? Was the plan to leave Congressional representatives to field Am questions and fears — while our "great leader" sits safely in his Maralogo resort in Florida tweeting an American flag? No briefing from Trump and no briefing from the Pentagon. This is poor leadership.

  9. I remember the video footage on Pelosi and Schumer literally "high-fiving" after trump said he would retaliate after Iran shot down one of our drones. Why the change of heart? I know why…..

  10. Moscow Mitch you or Lynsey Graham are not speaking the same language you did in 1999. What's the problem??

  11. False flag to change public news narrative from the pompeo pence Trump Barr criminal conspiracy to the Israeli rubber stamping of our blood and treasure to rebuild the favidic kingdom, YouTube the Aipac lobby conference ,both parties leadership cheering on netanyahu as he ordered Iran's destruction, (Aipac conference 2027-18)

  12. Honored Mr. C. Schumer,
    Thank you for your speach!
    This one answered where precedingly present was prayed: a prayer to God Almighty, ending in AMEN. Wich is Hebrew for;" So be it, it's done!"
    THIS , mr. C. Schumer, is the equavalent of the Words of the Lord Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the Living God of Israël (in His last earthly living moments) ON THE CROSS: the Lord saying His last earthly Words;" It is finished"!
    Therefore, this was a prayer to the One and ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS. (And He rose from the dead and IS seated on the thrown at God's right hand!!)
    Do not, at the end of this procedure alter ( as in an attempt of so-called tolerance, the Name and Identity of the Lord God Almighty. His Kingdom is NOT of this world!
    For it wIll NOT be me that you greeve, but God Himself. And greeving the Holy Spirit is, through the eyes of God, unforgivable. I do NOT wish that upon you, Sir.
    The Lord God doesn't do politics, for you to be saved in Jesus'Name is what He wishes for you. May God bless you and your extended ones in His Holy Name 💖
    Sincere regards in Christ Jesus Our Lord
    through the Holy Spirit,
    in His service ✝️🌹,
    A. DEE WAI.🕊️


  14. The House of Representative Democrats are biased, liars and corrupt! The minority in the Senate are the same. President Trump did nothing wrong. You Democrats in D.C hate the President, because he's exposing your corruption!

  15. OMG was he really just reading the pledge of Allegiance as he way saying it? I had to rewatch it just to make sure I was really seeing it

  16. We Americans need to counter the US military. They’ve become the greatest threat to America and the world.

    The US military is literally the worst kind of illegal immigrant.

  17. All I heard in the house was nothing but hearsay. they brought in no documents no testimony of any criminal act done. the president has the right to executive privilege. if the house didn't think so. they should have let it go to the courts to see if the president was right or not. that's the way they did it with Nixon. that's how they got the tapes. The Senate just goes with what the house brought forward. They are like the prosecutor when they are trying to get an indictment or in this case and impeachment. Now they go to court with the evidence that they brought forth. I believe that's the way it's supposed to work. The house does not get to tell the senate the court how to run the court or Senate. And like in the house the majority got to set up the rules. Now the senate has the majority they get to set the rules. I think that's how it works isn't it.

  18. We Need to DEMAND an Immediate ROLL CALL of every SENATOR, I want ON-RECORD how many Senator he is ACTUALLY speaking for. OK other Senators IF you have BALLS come out TODAY, in Public BACKING or DENY this "So-Called" Address.

  19. The removal (killing) of Soleimani has not been an advantage for us. Though I, for one, will not miss him, his death leaves us with US citizens in great peril anywhere on the globe. Our president seems to not understand that tactical activities must be in concert with some sort of strategy. There appears to be none. As for McConnell, the man is dangerously well-spoken while presenting dizzying spin to a simple story when it comes to the impeachment process.

  20. Republicans " we need first hand knowledge by people and documents"
    Democrats " can we talk with those people and have those documents"
    Republican "NO you may not- we are the party of transparency"

  21. Mr. Solomon and a number of a Iranian leaders has been on the hit list for a very long time. It's funny how we find ourselves fighting against the middle east.

  22. Our founding fathers warned us about people like YOU Chucky, not a president that does his best to put America and Americans first.

  23. I rather trust the documents rather than hear reluctant people or people that want to cash in on being a witness.

  24. Everybody have a nice nuclear war day Because it’s coming soon and it’s all part of the reptilian Illuminati plan, enjoy.

  25. Instead of warning him and sending him taxpayer money we took them out.. and by the, way Obama sent out tons of drone strikes without contacting anybody about it so…

  26. so ah, we understand you Mitch but where are the witnesses that will exonerate your missile loving buddy in the WH? A fair trial means witnesses right?

  27. TRUMP just started a DUMPSTER fire to deflect off of his Criminal Impeachment!!! That is ALL. The Iranian guy could have been taken out at anytime but now that Trump is under the Gun he acted alone in Killing this guy which Now translates into Every American is in Danger. Trump has his Body Guards do you????

  28. Ummm Pelosi doesn’t need to search for talking points. There’s PLENTY to talk about with this buffoon in office. He sucks. He’s guilty and I bet your mouth smells like trump’s b-hole, Mitch. You’re also the worst. Quit

  29. This man has the power to make me hate my own country. He is so corrupt, condescending and hateful. Every time I listen to him I feel that this country is too far gone in terms of integrity to have any hope of saving. He is an evil man who thinks the American people are ignorant. He is the reason the impeachment is held up. He is compromised and needs to recuse himself. Nobody is flinching, we are waiting for you to obey your oath of office.

  30. Mitch McConnell is a lieing slimey snake,nothing he said up on that podium about the current impeachment process was true.

  31. Why is Mitch discussing impeachment? Soleimani and Iran are issues threatening Americans. Typical McConnell focusing on self interest.

  32. chuck Schumer is a complete moron we are in an endless war and this is how we end it. LOL complete lies on impeachment. All of what he say was proven fake before they even started the impeachment. We know the fake impeachment is going no ware. Why does he describe the house and say that is how the senate will be.


  34. notice they didn't say heavenly father and noticed they didn't save Jesus Christ and then they're going to pledge allegiance to a false idol Graven image like a flag that's owned by the Queen of England that flag has gold Fringe around it which is owned by the Queen of England

  35. OU American people need to understand also that all governments work together and all governments are corrupt cuz they're all Freemasons and until you all understand that this is all a big hoax for the American people so they could steal your tax paying dollars why they launder money everywhere and blackmail and use their Ponzi schemes I'm just wondering when you American people wake up cuz you're the government doesn't work for you

  36. This should have been have been addressed BEFORE the house voted on the impeachment! They chose to move forward as quickly as possible before these concerns were addressed. That's on them, not the Senate. They openly admitted that the need to impeach wasnt because a crime was proven, it was because of crime which could happen if Trump was left in office. Impeaching on a possible future crime is NOT grounds for impeachment. They cant make their case and now expect the Senate to do their job! The senate says there is no case, the evidence is flimsy, so they will not convict….its pretty simple! Why is the same rules going into senate trial during the Clintons impeachment not be the same rules going into this impeachment?

  37. oh let me tell you why Mitch McConnell says that they personally know each other on the other side because they're personally related to each other you know like bloodlines so yeah they would be close to each other on the other side

  38. McConnell vs. Schummer. And the winner is? Schummer, democracy, and the American people. No witnesses or documents, then no trial and hold McConnell in contempt of Congress????🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  39. If you listen to both sides you will understand who is in the wrong. Chuck Schumer wants to presume faults on the senate and the president. Mitch McConnell wants to receive the articles hear the evidence then make a decision on witnesses and documents. It’s so obvious Chuck Schumer is corrupt. They are never going to be satisfied. If you don’t have evidence you don’t have a case. Lol Joe Biden brags on a major network about his wrong doings and we are listening to these democrats. Trump 2020 no question. If you don’t like the rules go vote we do.

  40. Excuses Excuses, Moscow Mitch does what he does best………..Spouts outTrump Propaganda. This CREEP will get off side if it blows up into a war, along with other cowardly Republican war dogs, who haven't the guts to put on a uniform, just like the idol FOREST TRUMP.

  41. The only thing that's holding up the articles of impeachment is you, McConnell, because you declared that you won't be impartial and you won't allow witnesses. You know that if witnesses testify you won't be able to just dismiss it.

  42. Schumer just said will we will we will we over and over. His speech was a pondering speech. Will we will we will we. Lol.

  43. Pompeo has wanted regime change in Iran for the longest and has made no secret of it. This strike has his DNA all over it and I'm sure it was easy to persuade a besieged and desperate trump to give the OK. The (R) party has shown, most notably " Moscow Mitch ", in the most egregious manner, their despicable levels of corruption, incompetence, hypocrisy, terrorist and treasonous ways. The (R) party is a waste of political oxygen and the taxpayers money….they do not deserve to legislate for our great nation. Let us do our civic duty and vote them out in 2020, it will benefit both our country and the world.

  44. Horrible Schumer and Pelosi are demanding witnesses (people who were trying to help Trump do a good job for the USA) so they could jail them too just like they did to the people who worked for trump when Mueller jailed them for making errors under questioning. It is possible that everyone would become afraid to work for Trump because of the attacks by Pelosi and Schumer. It is Pelosi and Schumer who should be impeached for destroying a president that the people elected.

  45. We got ourselves a corrupt senate running our country. You know what to do in 2020. Vote them out and lock them up.

  46. Moscow Mitch McConnell knows Kentucky will not vote this hypocrite back in office, over 250 house bills lay on MCCONNELL'S desk. 20 yrs ago Clinton lied about getting a BJ in the Oval Office compared Trump holding congressional approved aid back from Ukraine engaged in active defense of Russian invaders. To force them to announce investigation into THE BIDENS in an attempt discredited the President's biggest political opponent. Another election Trump is trying to sell to a foreign country.

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